12 Signs She Loves You and Has Been Craving for Attention

Sure signs to tell that she likes you through those body language

By Evelyn
12 Signs She Loves You and Has Been Craving for Attention

12 Subtle signs She loves you but is hiding in

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There's a woman in your radar that you think may have feelings for you, but you're not a 100% sure. How can you go about confirming your hunch? Expressing your feelings (especially love) is not a simple thing to do (it should be, right?) things would be so much easier... but then you wouldn't appreciate them as much. 

There could be many reasons why she is hiding those feelings for you; it could be she is shy and has a lot of trouble expressing what she feels, or it could be that she thinks you don't like her or she's just wondering if you are the right guy for her. So if you really like her and want to pursue that possibility, you got your work cut out for you. 

Luckily for you, there are some signs that you need to know and understand so the courtship could begin.wink Ready for it? Let's begin.

1. She's there for you...always

Have you noticed that she has been there for you when you needed support or when you had some good news or just there when you needed to talk? That should be a pretty obvious sign that she has feelings for you, granted she could just be a great friend, but you should know that her interest is different than the one from a friend.

If she is there no matter what, talking to you, cheering you on, giving you a hand, you are a very lucky guy and you should go for it. 

2. You are very well known among her friends

When a girl really likes a guy, she's going to talk about him a lot with her friends. Her group of friends knows all there is to know about even though you have only met them like a couple of times. This is another good sign, she's really into you, you're a very popular guy among her friends. 

3. She is saying a lot through her body language

If she has real feelings for you, but can't express it with words, pay attention at her body language you'll see subtle signs in there that can give you the go you need to pursue her. 

First, look at her face, especially at her smile. The smile may not be immediate, don't get discouraged about it, give it another try and smile at her if she smiles back (and look for a big smile), that's a good sign.smiley  

You should be on the lookout for blushing, that's a reaction no-one can stop from happening. Another pretty sure sign that she likes you using body language is the "double glance". It's a human unconscious desire to stare at someone we find attractive, so if she looks at you once, but then quickly looks away just to return the look, there's your sign.

Look at her hair too, if she's constantly touching her hair like flicking it away from her face, it's her way of saying "Look at me!"

Pay attention in the way she touches you, is going to be subtle like in the upper arms or in the small of the back, she will try to be as close to you as possible.

4. She keeps track of your every word

If you matter to her, she's going to remember every word or detail you have said to her, even things you don't remember. She will remember the name of everyone in your family, or who your best friend is or that problem you had at work like a month ago. She'll know how you like your coffee, what your favorite food is... you get the picture. Guys, this sign is pretty obvious. 

5. She thinks you're a stand-up comedian

Do you really think your jokes are that good? Ask anyone else and they would tell you the truth... they're not.smiley But if a girl has feelings for you, she will think that you're hilarious and will laugh at all your jokes. That's got to hit high on your ego, right? She has you in very high regards and she thinks you're funny, do you need any more proof that she really likes you? 

7. She apologizes a lot

Has anyone apologized to you this much? She is always saying sorry for every little mistake she makes. She's very careful not to do anything that could hurt you, she doesn't want to screw things with you so she's very apologetic. You have to give her a break, regarding you, she's on shaky ground, her insecurities are running rampant and you make her nervous.  

8. She's pretty obvious without saying it

Is she complimenting you on a daily basis? It could be the obvious compliment like she likes your eyes or your smile or your hair. She could be more subtle, for example, you tell her of an idea you had at work that turns out great, instead of telling you "You rock!" she will tell something like, "You're very creative, I'm glad your idea worked". 

Watch out for new hairdos or totally hot new outfits, if a girl really likes you but doesn't want to say it, she will try to lure you by other means, like taking extra care in her grooming. Don't be oblivious to this sign.

If she goes out of the way to try and have some quality alone time with you, she's telling you without actually telling you, right? She wants to know you better without any interruptions, a friend might also be interested in knowing things about you, but these conversations will have a different tone. Attune your senses accordingly. wink

9. She gets green with jealousy about your other female friends

Pay attention to her behavior when a cute girl flirts with you in front of her, does she seem jealous? Everyone will get a little jealous if something or someone they want is at risk of being lost to them, and this may be the case with this girl.

It would matter if she's shy, she really likes you and lives in uncertainty regarding you...she's going to get jealous of all the other women in your life. She may even make some snide comments about that girl and not in a subtle way. That's a sure sign, she likes you. 

10. She "forgets" how to act naturally around you

Some girls get so nervous around the guy they like, they stutter and act so silly you'll think something's wrong with her. But you have to give her a break here, she's just nervous and her brain just doesn't know how to process it, her emotions are all over the place and she forgets how to act naturally. Be kind OK? She really likes you, so don't make it hard for her. 

11. She's telling something over text

You have to pay attention to what she's saying when she texts you. Is she the one initiating the conversation? Is she been flirty over text? Sometimes it's not easy to decipher what she wants to communicate, but there are some signs that may clue you in.

You receive texts from her frequently and usually, she´s the one initiating the conversation. She actually keeps the conversation going, it's not some random messages, she can talk to you all over the day.

She sends you pictures or memes of things she thinks you'll find funny or amusing. She also sends pictures of herself, just so you keep her front center.

She's quick to return your texts and not just in one-word sentences, she gives you her full attention. She will use a lot of emojis too, you know like wink orcheeky you'll even get a heart

She will also tease you a lot or flirt with you, if she's shy, doing this thing over text is easier for her because you're not looking at her and make her nervous.

12. She becomes your Social Media stalker (not in a creepy way)

Thanks to technology, now you have another clue as to what her feelings toward you are. She's all over your social media, she's following you and constantly checking your Instagram stories and liking almost all your posts and making cute little comments on them. She becomes your social media stalker (or you may feel that way) but, don't freak out, she's just really interested in you, so she needs to follow your life. 


And now you know what signs to look for. Is she giving clues through her body language, or is it just a coy smile and a long stare or maybe something in her texts? Have you clued in yet? What are you waiting?! She's in hiding but she sure is giving you a ton of signs for you to go for it.

Good luck.smiley 



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