8 Tell-Tale Signs a Man Wants to Be Just Friends With You

If he really wants you, you can tell from all his other actions.

By Michele
8 Tell-Tale Signs a Man Wants to Be Just Friends With You

You must have heard that: actions speak louder than words; well it is very much true when it comes to maintaining any sort of relationship. You can always talk a lot about, how you love and care about your loved ones, but in reality, your attitude will determine the exact degree of regard that you carry for them. 

Here, I will keep my discussion-based and around the idea of a guy liking you somewhat but not being able to reflect that through his actions. It will help in clearing all the confusion that you have in your mind. I will also share 8 Tell-Tale Signs a Man Wants to Be Just Friends With You. So that you have a clue about his intentions whether he is looking for a relationship or just messing around.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Says He Wants To Hang Out But Never Does?

Let me keep it straight here that, guys are not that complex at all, as they are emotionally much more stable than girls. It might hurt a few, but that is the reality. So, it would not be difficult at all to determine what a guy wants.

At some point, he will give clear cut signals and all you need to do is understand them. Being in a relationship for a few months only helps in understanding the personality of the other person to some extent. If you meet on daily basis, hang out, and eat together you will come to know a lot about the preferences of your partner.

But in case, your partner doesn’t meet you for any reason and keeps on skipping for a couple of weeks it means that he is deliberately delaying. He might be afraid or even shy to say no to you directly or he might be taking time to know you better before he meets you.

Hence, there can be only two cases. One that he is not interested in and keeps you waiting so that you get frustrated and move out of the way. And the second one can be that he is investing time and placing effort to know more about your personality. Whatever the case is, his level of interest in you will make you realize your importance in his life. 

So see if he stays in contact, is keen, and makes plans with you then it is okay. If he just keeps on ignoring you or is hiding after lame excuses then, be assured that he is looking for someone else. It’s probably time for you to consider your efforts for him.

Why Does He Do This?

As I have stated the reasons above, let’s do some retrospection.

Guys do not want any sort of complexity in their life. They want to have an emotionally stable relationship with the special one. If he likes you, he will reflect that in his attitude towards you. He will try to make you feel special, loved, and care for. He won't judge you, accuse you, or assume ridiculous perceptions related to you.

On the other hand, he will only cancel plans if you aren’t his cup of tea and he sees no future with you. It can be due to the difference in preferences or any other relevant reasons that stops him.

Is It Possible For Him To Like Me But Not Be Able To Go On A Date With Me? Why?

Well, if a guy likes you he would certainly want to spend some quality time with you. It can be a movie date, a dinner date, or any other sort of outing that enables him to know you better. When a guy is serious about some girl, he thinks of spending time and making that girl a part of his future. There is no short term sort of relationship concept for him.

It is not easy to get up every day and find a new girl and invest time, effort, and money in this process. It can be tiresome. Imagine having no set relationship goals and you think you are going to spend the rest of your life like that. Quite difficult! 

So, if he genuinely likes you he would take you out for a date instead of digging and coming up with not so convincing excuses. Until and unless, he is out of town or is occupied with work or has some health issues or other similar and serious happenings in his life, all other reasons are invalid. So know where you stand.

8 Tell-Tale Signs A Man Wants To Be Just Friends With You

He might have teased you and played around you that might have seemed nice for a while, but with the lack of solid signs of interest. Here are the signs that tell a guy wants to be only friends with you.   

1. Never Asks For A Proper Date

Have you noticed that he has never asked you to go out for a date with him? Though he might suggest grabbing drinks or going for a movie, but as a friendly gesture. See the element of a formal relationship missing here?

2. Always Talks About Other Girls

A relationship worthy guy would not ever discuss other girls in front of you. He won't be telling you that a particular girl has a crush on him or another girl keeps on messaging him, etc. He would be avoiding all other girls if he was really into you.

3. He Doesn’t Stay In Contact

He would barely text you to ask how you are doing or how was your day and did you miss him. Even if he manages to contact, he would keep it to the point and make no move to lengthen the conversation. See he is not trying hard to know you better.

4. He Ignores Your Efforts

Even if you try to make him feel special, he would take that in a cool manner. He won’t appreciate you much or show much excitement, as no matter whatever you do for him is not enough. So invest wisely!

5. He Moves In Groups

If he is not asking you to spend some time with him in private, then he is probably not much keen about you. Does he always make plans with friends and later makes you a part of that gathering? If yes then, it is evident that you do not have that individual place in his heart.

6. He Keeps His Space

Have you ever heard from him that he wants to be alone with you or wants to kiss you or touch you and feel you? If not then he is certainly keeping you as a friend. This physical distance is a clear indicator from his side that he is not looking for a relationship.

7. He Only Talks About A Hookup

Even if he wants to spice things up, he would want a one night stand or random hookup with you. It is just like what he is doing with other girls. Despite all your efforts, he is not the one who deserves you. 

8. He Introduces You As A Friend

So it has been quite a long that you guys are seeing each other, but he still introduces you as a friend in front of others. Is that the case? If yes, then you must assess the treatment that you are being lent.

How Do I Handle The Rejection If It Is From A Guy I Like?

Rejection is better than betrayal. Do you get it? If he tells you after some time that he is not interested in you, due to any reason, try to have a grasp of the situation. If the reason is realistic then you must not press him or yourself for the relationship. As you guys will remain stuck.

There won't be any moving forward. Accept how it is and move on and if the mistakes were on your part try to rectify them. If he rejects you on basis of your looks then he certainly doesn't deserve you. That is the most hideous rejection one could ever throw. If it is about the clash of personality then you must understand that there is little that can be done.

Thank him and move on. Your time has not been wasted.

How Do I Know If A Man Sincerely Likes Me?

A man of his words will reflect it through his actions and treat his woman like a queen. He would try every method to keep you close. He would appreciate the way you talk, walk, and look. He would be eager to spend time with you and plan dates with you now and then.

He won't ever hurt you or compare you with others. He would be your support in every possible manner. So these are just a few things to note, as the list goes on. Don't worry; you will know if he is interested. 

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In the end, I hope that you have got a clear picture of his motives and your stance. 8 Tell-Tale Signs a Man Wants to Be Just Friends With You, are the most precise indicators that tell you about your worth.

If you have made a lot of efforts and still hopeless, it is about time that you make a decision and move on. There is no use in letting yourself down emotionally and physically. A better opportunity is always waiting for you. Be patient and optimistic!