The Best Kissing Tips For Girls

Want to kiss like a pro? Your boyfriend would be flabbergasted by your kissing skills! Read on to know about some great kissing tips for girls.

By Amanda Palmer
The Best Kissing Tips For Girls

Tips for perfect kissing technique for girls

Kissing is the most beautiful expression of the lips and tongue combined together; all the more better if coupled with lust, love, desire, and passion. There are millions of nerve endings on the lips, which when stimulated stimulate your sexual desires. There is so much science behind the different ways of kissing that you can actually use every style to satisfy a different need. All that you need are a few good tips. These tips are invaluable for girls to master the art of kissing. There are some kisses that leave you feeling cold. There are some which only feel dirty and wet, whereas there are some which arouse your senses like never before. A kiss is at times more than just lust. At times you feel the urge to kiss your partner crazy, not out of lust but due to intense love. You kiss your partner when you greet him, you kiss him when you bid goodbye and you kiss him before and after sex. You even kiss during sex to increase the arousal. Kissing has many facets but all of them majorly sum up to desire. You kiss someone only when you find that person desirable. A perfect kiss stirs up your soul and makes you crave with raw desire. A perfect kiss should have the perfect timing and use of tongues as well as lips. It should be dry, but not too much; it should be done with the intention of tasting your partner, whom you desire so much. A kiss is an important part of a relationship. You can kiss away your partner's worries, kiss to rejoice in his joys, kiss to bid him farewell, kiss to greet him good morning and kiss to arouse his sexual desires. There are tips through which girls can make kissing even more fun for their partners. Certain parameters should be followed while kissing. You can be a totally hot kisser if you follow these tips.

Girls, maintain fresh breath for kissing

Your kiss won't last long if your breath stinks of coffee or garlic! Make sure your breath is fresh and gums all clean before kissing. Couples in a relationship often complain of their partner's bad breath and most of the times, they don't even let the other person know for fear of offending them. This leads to less kissing encounters in their relationship. Get your mouths checked periodically by a good dentist if you have a problem of bad breath. Use some mint or mouth fresheners before kissing, so as not to reek of bad breath. Girls can always carry some mint flavored chewing gums in their purses before going out with their boyfriends. This will ensure that your breath smells great. These tips go a long way to make girls perfect the art of kissing.

Tips on right timing are of utmost importance

While you can tease your partner before you kiss him for the first time, make sure you do not delay it for long as it might offend him and he might lose interest in you. If you want to save your kiss until after a few meetings, that is okay, but do not delay it too much. It will also make your partner wonder whether you are interested in him or not.

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Kissing with your eyes open can be rude

While you can open your eyes in the middle of a kiss to see your partner's reaction once or twice, kissing with eyes open all the time takes away the magic of the kiss. Your partner might consider it rude and get anxious about your continuous watching. You too won't feel the pleasure of the kiss if your eyes are open. These tips are sure worthy to learn the art of kissing! Closing your eyes makes you lose yourself to the passionate moment and you enjoy the touch of your partner’s mouth on yours better.

One of the best tips; stay in the moment girls

If you are thinking of all other things while kissing, then you are hardly enjoying the kiss. Thinking of your job, chores to do or other things while kissing will make you lose interest in your current action and make you anxious about ending the kiss. Your partner will take your cue and might feel offended. If you are not lost in the passion of a kiss, your body language shows it and you cannot conceal it from your partner.

Tips for using the tongue well during kissing

Use the tongue with perfect timing. Nobody wants their mouth full of another person's tongue during a casual kiss. The use of a tongue is more seductive while having sex. The proper use of a tongue can make a kiss magical. Use it more to play with your partner’s tongue rather than exploring his mouth everywhere.

Control your saliva girls!

Kissing someone while your saliva leaks out could be dirty. It will immediately make you pull away and you would want to wash your mouth. You need to watch your saliva while kissing. Girls who let their saliva leak while kissing appear as amateurs; you need to learn kissing tips to seduce your partner well.

Choose the setting for a kiss well

One is more comfortable kissing in a secluded or a romantic place. Kissing your guy in the middle of a movie or in front of his friends could make him pull away or feel uncomfortable. A kiss shared in a romantic candlelight dinner or during a walk on the beach feels just about right, and one can enjoy the moment without any worries of people staring at them. Girls need to remember that guys do not enjoy kissing their girls in front of their male friends too much. Good timing and secluded surrounding are amongst the most important tips for great kissing.

Girls, use your body well

A kiss where girls hug their partners, get really close to them and caress could be a very passionate; the awesome arousing kiss. It will have a similar effect on your partner and he will crave for your kisses all the time. But such passionate kisses have to be timed right. You cannot give a passionate kiss in front of other people. Giving a passionate kiss when you both are alone has chances of turning into a passionate sexual encounter.

Catch your partner off-guard while kissing

A quick or spontaneous kiss at times takes your partner completely by surprise and he might enjoy it to the core. Catching your partner off-guard is a wonderful expression of love and your partner might just love your unpredictable act. It could be a perfect little gift for him when he least expects it.

Beware of your erotic zones

Everyone has certain erogenous zones. For some, it’s the neck while for some kissing on their earlobes could deeply arouse them. Some get aroused by being kissed on the chest and some men get aroused by being kissed on their shoulders. Tell your partner about your erotic zone and find out about his; use these zones to stimulate and electrify each other's sexual desires to the highest levels. Learn these tips by heart!

Tease your partner with soft pecks while kissing

Before getting on further with a deep passionate kisses, tease your partner on the cheeks and temples with soft pecks; they will drive him crazy all the way. Soft pecks from your soft lips could arouse him a lot and you both could end up in steamy sex session. You can prolong the foreplay this way by planting soft kisses on his erogenous zones and driving him wild with passion.

Gently teach your partner if he needs guidance

Make great kissing an important aspect of your couple goals. Teach your partner slowly and gradually the art of kissing skillfully if he lacks the required knowledge. You can be his best teacher in this art and there is no better learning than practical sessions. Your kissing classes could lead to frequent and steamy sexual encounters even more than you might have imagined.

Give your partner the time of his life

Use these tips together and become great kissers. Teach your partner the art of kissing, so that you both make couple goals for others as well. Enjoy your kissing sessions to the core. Make the most of this beautiful act of nature which does not require any fees, any tools and any reasons. Just kiss and kiss because it's free!

Kissing is a powerful tool in any relationship. It can end bitter fights, lead to great beginnings and culminate in great sex. A mouth-to-mouth move is different at each stage of sex and has to be used accordingly, if you want great sex. A soft kiss in the beginning of the foreplay with a few pecks here and there can arouse your deepest desires. Being wild and strong in the beginning can trigger your partner a bit too early than you anticipated and your sexual act can end sooner than desired. Tongue play is the best when you both are most aroused; it works like magic when done skillfully. A little lip-biting can also trigger the raw passion inside you and is often done by couples when they want a rough encounter. These tips can make any girl kiss like a professional and make her partner weak in the knees. These tips have been mapped out by professionals who know the science behind the stimulation of nerve endings. These tips are especially for girls, who can use them as powerful tools to keep their partners glued to them forever. Kissing tips cannot be learnt by girls or guys by taking any special classes. These tips have to be read and practiced with your partner, till you perfect them. Girls should remember that they should kiss someone only when they feel the urge to do it and not because it should be done at that time. Such a kiss would be empty and devoid of any passion, which is the most important thing in any relationship. Kissing is an act that should be done only when it feels right and not out of any obligation. Also, while kissing a slight peck initially on the lips can be used as a tool for seeking consent. If your partner shows interest, then you can proceed; else you can back off graciously. Girls, use all these tips and become great kissers! Are you still waiting?