15 Things You Need To Know To Love An Empath Right

If you’re new to this, here’s how to make an empath feel loved.

By Kimmy
15 Things You Need To Know To Love An Empath Right

What are empaths?

There are people in this world exceptionally good at receiving and interacting with emotions. They are what we call empaths. An empath has the ability to dissect human emotions and understands someone's feelings without anything having to be said.

Magical things are created because of empaths' ability to perceive this world. They are sensitive, caring, and loving. Most importantly, they are great listeners because they know exactly what you need when you are upset.

How do empaths understand love?

For empaths, they have so much love to give that they are always giving more attention to their partner than they are receiving. Giving all their love to their partner is their way of understanding love. They are fantastic companions through your highs and lows. They are sensitive to your emotions and know when to celebrate with you and when to cheer you up.

Basically, empaths understand love through the emotions of their partner. That's how they learn.

What are empaths like in a relationship?

Expect an extremely caring and loving partner when you date an empath. They have so much love that they put you first and want to do everything to make their partner happy. You will see your partner getting sensitive over your emotions. They feel what you feel and they often feel the sadness that overwhelms you.

Dating an empath feels like having someone like you next to you. They understand your feelings and you feel the way you feel. They are just the biggest sweethearts.

15 Things You Need To Know To Love An Empath Right

1. Confide in him

Being an excellent soul to receive emotions, empaths tend to enjoy the feeling of being needed and trusted. It boosts their self-esteem. Make him feel he is trusted by sharing your problems with him. Being able to connect with you deeply is how an empath feels the love is real. Through thick and thin.

2. Let him care

He can be seen as overwhelmingly caring. Maybe even when you want to be alone, he is still trying to get in touch because cutting you out is scary as he won't be able to sense your emotions and know how you are doing. Let him care. Even if you want some space, don't talk down on him as if he is trying to probe your privacy. He is just trying to help.

3. Understand that he is very sensitive

Even reading a section in the newspaper or a silly movie can make him cry. That's both a blessing and a curse for empaths. They feel everything and they will easily link everything together. Be patient with him and know that he can be very sensitive. Whenever a movie makes him cry even if it's totally unrelatable to you in real life, be there for him. Hold him and give him a hug.

4. Don't yell at him

Empaths, being sensitive to emotions, tend to avoid conflicts. They don't like arguing or fighting even if they think they're right. They would deliberately lose a fight with you just to have some peace. Knowing what kind of sweetheart they are, try not to confront him in an aggressive manner for everything. Be peaceful and rationally talk through your thoughts and emotions with him even if something is awry.

5. Give him time to rest

Having to constantly process thousands of emotions from people around him everyday, an empath gets exhausted rather quickly. That's when he needs you to be his safe haven, a place where he can come back to and relax. Give him the time and space for him to recharge. Don't push him by demanding more attention because he might have already overworked himself.

6. He likes some alone time with you

Nothing works better than a one-on-one session for an empath. He loves feeling what you feel and having some alone time is how he can get to your heart. It's not always the more the merrier with an empath.

7. Crowds can be overwhelming for him

The reason why crowds don't normally work well is because there are too many emotions and can be hard to process for him. He can't ignore what he feels so it's a lot of pressure if people around him start exhibiting negative emotions all at once.

8. He is not trying to invade your privacy

A lot of people mistake an empath to be nosy and bossy because they are always asking you for information and want to get to know you. First, he is not trying to invade your privacy. He may not know where to draw the line because he is so desperately trying to make you know that everything is going to be okay.

Second, the best way to deal with this is to write up a list to clearly define the boundaries you want to set. Empaths understand that completely if you present it in a logical and caring manner. They are not unreasonable nor are they trying to control you.

9. He enjoys quieter places

Nature brings the most joy to empaths, no fuss, no gossips, no hate. Peaceful environments work better for empaths and also why they enjoy smaller crowds more. If you are also a nature lover, take your empath lover to the woods from time to time to get away from the mess in the society.

10. Trust his feelings

Having an ultra antena for emotions, empaths are often good with their instincts. If something doesn't feel right, they get a bad vibe. Learn to trust your partner's instincts.

11. Encourage him when he feels isolated

It's hard to feel that you a part of a group when you are so different than the rest. Empaths often feel ostracised from society and that no one understands them. They can suffer from severe low self-esteem. That is something you might want to encourage him on and let him know how sweet and caring he is. Anyone would be lucky to have him.

12. Be his bridge with the outside world

Sometimes empaths struggle to build relationships with others despite being able to feel everything others feel. You should be his bridge and show him ways that he can connect with others and how to build relationships with the outside world. You shouldn't be the only one who understands him. You should show him how he can be more for others too.

13. Put yourself in his vision and see his world

You will be surprised by how many new things you will learn from him. His version of the world is different than most. It's unique and it's colorful. Sit down with him and let him explain his world. Feel his world and you will find yourself in a whole new universe filled with emotions you didn't know exist before.

14. He can get very lost in the realm of emotions

The full spectrum of emotions can be endless. An empath can get lost in all the emotions and not sure how to get himself out. Guide him when he feels lost. Pull him out of the dark circle he is in and show him how to process his emotions so he can be healthy and process everything accordingly.

15. People often confide in him too

Before you get jealous, this shows what a wonderful man he is. People tend to trust him and share their problems with him. For you, it's not the best thing because naturally, you would get jealous. But to look at another perspective, it tells you he is trustworthy and you would want people to like him. Instead of trying to get him to cut out others from confiding in him. Help him draw a healthy boundary so he can help others while maintaining a healthy mental state.

Is there a difference between male and female empaths in a relationship?

Most of the time, the difference lies within personalities rather than gender. But in general, a male empath gets overwhelmed by his emotions more easily because society expects men to be calmer. The stereotype can add pressure to a male empath into thinking there's something wrong with him and he might try to suppress the feelings.

Female empaths usually handle the sensory better and are able to communicate on a deeper level, again, because society expects more females to be caring and loving.

As sad as it is, encourage your partner to break those gender stereotypes. Feel what he feels. Don't suppress your emotions because you are expected to not feel.

What NOT to do when in a relationship with an empath?

Never play with their feelings or use it as a weapon against them. You know how sensitive they are and how much they feel. If you use something against an empath, it's the cruelest thing ever because it might take them forever to walk out from it.

Learn to control your negative emotions and understand where they are coming from. Dumping all your emotions on your partner will not heal you. He feels everything you feel. He understands you but he is your not negative emotion bin. Take care of his feelings too.

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Dating an empath can be complicated because of how sensitive they are. They are caring and will love you day and night. Understand where they are coming from and that they are not trying to annoy you or invade your privacy. Once you've figured out how to be with an empath, you will find your relationship blossoming and the beauty in it.


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