15 Girlfriend birthday ideas to surprise love of your life

Girlfriend birthday ideas that makes your partner adore you

By Evelyn
15 Girlfriend birthday ideas to surprise love of your life

15 Best Girlfriend Birthday Ideas in 2019

There's nothing better than receiving a thoughtful and beautiful gift for our birthday, right girls? It means that our guy has taken the time and the money to, first think about what would be the best gift for us, then to go and actually buy it. Those guys are keepers. wink

We really appreciate the thoughtfulness and the effort, most of the time, more than the actual gift. So whenever you think of a birthday gift for your girlfriend, be sure to pour love and time into any idea that comes to you. If you do this, any way you go, the gift will be a hit.

If you're not sure what to give your girlfriend for her birthday, a little investigative work could help you narrow it down. You can gather information from various sources, for example:

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1. Ask her friends and family

Her besties for sure are going to know what she really wants for her birthday. Girls talk about these things among them, so the chances of them knowing are pretty high. The family is also a great source, her parents or siblings will know her pretty well so they'll know what she might like as a gift.

2. What are her hobbies?

You can get some very good ideas about gifts if you pay attention to her hobbies. Does she like to read? Does she enjoy cooking? or quilting? Is she into online games? Just this few questions can give lots of ideas.

3. Check out her Pinterest account

She'll probably have a board of birthday gifts. smiley That way is like asking her without really asking her.

No matter what you come up with, be sure to go the extra mile and include a cute and thoughtful birthday card, so much better if it's hand-written. This will show her you really care and her heart will melt.

Now that you have tapped your sources we'll give you some tangible ideas on the best birthday gifts you can give to your girlfriend for her birthday.

Birthday gifts for long distance relationships

Long distance relationships are challenging. It's hard to maintain a relationship when one of you lives in another city or out of the country. The goal of any romantic relationship is to spend time with the loved one doing things together, like going to the movies or to dinner or just going walking around town. That's not possible when one of you is not physically present.

It gets harder when you have to spend important dates, like birthdays, apart. That's why it's important to choose the right gift for your faraway girlfriend. What could be the best gift idea for your girlfriend? Here are some ideas for awesome long distance birthday gifts.

1. Send her a Telegram

Via TelegramStop


Telegrams are still around? Some of you maybe haven't even heard of them, but they were very popular some decades ago. smiley They have made a comeback thanks to TelegramStop. They use today's technology to bring back this very old way of communication. You just type your message, make the payment and they would send your telegram to your girlfriend on her birthday. This sounds pretty original and we're sure she'll treasure it. You can even include a picture. Go old fashion, give a try.

2. Send her the "other half"

Bold Loft

These gift ideas range pretty high in the cute-o-meter. BoldLoft offers gifts that come in pairs, so you can send the other half to your girlfriend (they have gifts for various themes). If you choose to send her a mug you can both enjoy a cup of coffee while you're skyping. wink You can also choose pillowcases, T-shirts. glasses. Great long distance gift, it'll make her feel like she's right next to you.

3. Give her the stars

The Night Sky

This gift is just so cool and thoughtful. You can send her a map star of her birthday! The Night Sky take any date and location and then they calculate the positions of the stars based on the data you enter (they can do past and future). She'll treasure this gift forever. It's very easy to use, you can create your own designs and you can personalize the map with a special message from you. Check it out.

4. Send her a box full of love and happy wishes

The Note Cube

If you're not with her on her birthday, send her the next best thing, a box filled with warm wishes and all the things she'll need to feel loved and cherish in her special day. You can do this with Note Cube, it's very easy to do and they have all you need to make it special and personal. It's a gift idea that will definitely warm her heart.

Romantic birthday ideas for your girlfriend

You can go the romantic way when it comes to birthday gift ideas. If you and your girlfriend enjoy all things romantic (walks on the beach, candlelight dinners, watching sunsets) then you have a lot of arrows in your quiver. These things to do are super romantic and will make her feel loved.

You can also consider some actual romantic gifts to give her on her birthday. Here are a couple of suggestions.

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5. Red Velvet Roses

Urban Stems

You can never go wrong with flowers, especially with these gorgeous red velvet roses. This kind of arrangement has romance written all over it, so she'll be thrilled when she receives it. Splurge a little and send her this very decadent rose arrangement.

6. Personalized necklace

Bauble Bar

This personalized necklace by Maya Brenner will be a hit with your girlfriend. It's sweet and romantic You can personalize this 14k gold chain with both your initials and make it very special. She can wear alone or with other favorite necklaces.

7. A personal perfume

Skylar Duo Perfume

This perfume is different from any others you have seen and scent, it's a bit more personal. Each sent of the Skylar perfumes is natural and the cool part is that it matches the mood and personality of the wearer. That's guaranteed to smell like heaven. wink Your girlfriend will love it. 

8. A bracelet with a secret

Mark and Graham

This bracelet, apart from being gorgeous, has a secret mission... it doubles as an iPhone charger! It's genius really. It combines a sleek form with an extraordinary function. Your girlfriend won't have to worry about a dead phone anymore. 

Birthday gifts for your Girlfriend who is pregnant

If you're struggling to find the best gift for your pregnant girlfriend, you're not alone. It's hard in normal circumstances, it gets a little harder when "the bump" makes its appearance. You can buy her stuff for your little baby boy or girl, but remember that it's her birthday, so better get her something she can enjoy while expecting your child.

We have a couple of suggestions, take a look.

9. Full body pregnancy pillow

Full pregnancy pillow

Getting comfortable during pregnancy is not easy and so necessary, so your girlfriend will really appreciate this gift. With this full body pregnancy pillow, she'll be able to have a good night's sleep and will remedy all her aches and pains. This is a very thoughtful gift that she can also use when nursing your baby.

10. A Bump Box for the 1st Trimester

Bump Boxes 1st Trimester Pregnancy Gift

With this amazing Bump Box, you'll be giving her things that will help her during her first trimester. This gift set includes a reusable BPA-free water bottle, adorable belly stickers to track the baby's growth each month, organic bath bombs totally safe for pregnancy, No Mo Nausea acupuncture/aromatherapy bands as well as organic Preggie Pop Drops, to help her with morning sickness. And since she had to cut on caffeine and needs lots of energy, it includes a set of Sparking Mama Fizzleixirs. 

11. Mamma Mio The Tummy Rub Oil

Mamma Mio The Tummy Rub Oil

This gift is meant to spoil your girlfriend and she deserves it. This oil can help her prevent and minimized those dreaded stretch marks. She can pamper herself by rubbing it on her tummy or you can help her and make her feel loved.

12. Everly Grey Maternity PJ's

Everly Grey Maternity PJ's

With this PJ set, she'll be comfy when she sleeps and when she goes about in the house during the day, and that's always a priority during pregnancy. This 5 piece set Jj is very stylish and it includes underbelly fit pants with an elastic band, a V-neck top perfect for breastfeeding, an elbow short sleeve robe and a sleep bra for nursing, it all comes in a drawstring bag. She'll love it. 

Girlfriend Birthday ideas if you're on a budget

We know you want to get her the best birthday gift, but sometimes that thing she really wants is way out of your budget, at least for now. Don't worry there are still a lot of other options you can get her that will show her how much you care. 

Here are a couple of gift ideas that are chic and  cheap ($50 or less).

13. A treat for her sweet tooth

Lolli and Pops Birthday Gift Basket

Chocolates are always a hit, but this box is the ultimate sweet treat. You can order it online, they offer various gift boxes so you can choose one that fits your wallet. We're sure that any option will be welcome with a bright smile.

14. A set of tiny woven baskets

Tiny Woven Basket

This set of "catch-alls" is so cute. She can use it for keeping her keys, or some spare change or to host some baby air plants. Just perfect for storing all kinds of small treasures. You'll see a smile on her face when she opens this gift.

15. A cozy and cute sweater

V-neck sweater by H&M

To get by in this cold weather she'll need a very cute and warm sweater, and this one hits all the marks. Get it in her favorite color and you're set.


Getting your girlfriend the best birthday gift just got easier right? You now have lots of options for many circumstances, you just got to pick one and make her very happy on her special day.


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