Break The Routine with 18 New Things to Try in Bed

Shake things up with new tryouts with your partner in bed

By Hana O.
Break The Routine with 18 New Things to Try in Bed

If you’re someone with a long term partner or simply one who feels like they’ve reached an impasse when it came to their sex life, perhaps it’s time to try something new to spark the flames that once was there. Sex should never get boring or repetitive. No one wants that. Yet there are moments when it feels just “meh.”


Here’s 18, yes 18, new things to try with your partner in bed. Guaranteed you both would end up closer and more intimate than ever before.

5 Signs your sex life is suffering

Before we jump into the list, let’s first gauge our sex lives, if it truly needs an extreme makeover. If you can agree to many of the things below, then make it a point to try any of the recommendations because we all deserve the hottest, most amazing sex!

1. It’s the same person always initiating

If it’s always you or your partner initiating sex, things could get dull and dragging, and fast. This could make sex feel like a routine or an obligation, instead of something meant to be savored by both partners.

2. Always doing the same thing

You turn each other on, and he gets on top, you turn around, you finish, he finishes, and repeat. If you realize that a particular pattern has become the default setting of your sex life, then it’s definitely time to try something new.

3. There’s no talking or cuddling after sex

You might be experimenting with different positions and whatnot, but somehow, after the deed is done, there’s no cuddling or talking involved, then it’s time to work on the intimacy part of your relationship when it comes to sex. This is very important and should not be overlooked. For one’s sex life to be truly satisfying, there must be intimacy involved amidst all the steamy sex.

4. You or your partner wants more

Ever felt like something is missing or you want more out of your relationship in terms of sex? Has your partner voiced out this concern? Subtle statements such as “Maybe we should try a new position?” of “Are we boring?” are some warning signs for a change.

Try any of these 18 new things in bed tonight

Without further ado, here are 18 relatable, achievable, fool-proof ways to spice up one’s sex life.

1. Don’t remove the clothes

Sex doesn’t always mean being butt-ass naked. Try something new by starting sex fully-clothed. Tease each other with layers of fabric blocking the way and let your imagination and sensuality take the lead.

2. Extend foreplay

While we’re on the topic of foreplay, why not extend it for as long as possible. Don’t always be too excited about the penetration portion of sex because that’s just half of the whole experience. As you extend the climb, the climax becomes even more satisfying. It’s a nice test on how much restraint and control you both have when it comes to not coming.

3. Shower sex

This may not be on the bed, per se, but shower sex, although proven not to be as earth-shattering as seen in the movies, is still something new (if you haven’t tried it before). Cuddle in the bathtub or try some semi-doggy-style action under the shower, there are many possibilities to try.

4. Go on Top

This one is for the ladies who don’t go on top. What did Beyoncé say? “Who run the world? Girls.” Being on top is an easy way to experience new heights (and depths) during sex. You get to be in control and achieve new levels of pleasure for you and your partner.

5. Lights on or off

If you’ve realized that you’ve gotten used to having sex with the lights on or off, then do the opposite. If you’re going for lights on, you get to watch each other clearly while making love. If lights off, perhaps light a candle or two to make things romantic. Either way, intimacy is heightened in the process.

6. Start with some porn

Porn isn’t just for guys. If you’re not bothered with watching other people getting it on and can get turned on in the process, why not? You can even reenact some positions or scenes and gauge if it’s as good as how the actors and actresses make it seem to be. Who knows, you might discover a new favorite position in the process.

7. Play strip poker

Grab a deck of cards, make sure you have the same number of clothing items on, and play some strip poker. It may start as a game, but if you set the mood right, chances are things are going to get heated as you lose more and more layers of clothing.

8. Eat each other out, and that’s it

Sex deprivation is another way to have better sex. It may sound counterproductive, but it has a psychological effect on humans. While it’s not advised to refrain from sex entirely, you can opt-out on specific techniques such as penetration. Eat each other out, enjoy, climax (or not), and that’s it. This is one effective way to break the routine feel of sex.

9. Play with temperature

Playing with heat or cold temperatures is another excellent way to stimulate the senses during sex. Ice is an easily accessible home item that could double as a sex toy. Let the cold ice clash with the heat and drip on various body parts, lick, kiss, and do other sexual things with it.

10. Wax candles, anyone?

Let’s talk heat. Did you know there is such a thing as candles for sex? Wax candles work like regular ones but are made with safe wax and don’t burn as hot. With consent, you can tap into soft BDSM and get steamy with wax play. Discover new ways to stimulate one another with items such as this.

11. Ejaculate elsewhere

If you’re used to ejaculating in one area or method, why not change things up a bit by finishing elsewhere, say, the face, perhaps? Make sure each one is ok with the idea and watch your intimacy levels deepen because of something as simple as ejaculating in a different area.

12. Try squeeeezing

Ladies, this one is up to us. Practice and strengthen your vaginal muscles beforehand and feel the power and control when you try it out during intercourse. Your partner’s eyes are bound to widen in surprise and close in pleasure when you squeeeeze. Chances are, he’ll repay you promptly.

13. Play a sex game

This one is different from a striptease session because it’s a real game with sex in every turn. Sex games come in many forms, such as board, card, or other fun activities. With every dice, there’s usually a sex-themed reward or consequence. Imagine combining sex and entertainment for game night.

14. Have a threesome

This couldn’t be reiterated enough but having a threesome is only for those who are completely ok with the idea. Even the method is highly subjective, wherein the third party could be a stranger or friend. The choice, approach, setup and everything in between is up to you and your partner. When done with everyone’s consent and understanding, a threesome could open new doors in your sex life.

15. Explore anal sex

Not all women are open to the idea, but if you are, anal sex brings pleasure, unlike any other. It also brings your intimacy to new heights because somehow, this is a more private area for some and to be given “access” requires trust and vulnerability.

16. Record yourselves

Yes. A sex tape. Get all dressed up, add some cosplay or role-playing, and get all sexy in front of a camera. There’s something about “being watched” that makes a particular action more exciting. You can watch it together and even create your own porn stash. Just make sure that your devices are ultra-secure and private.

17. Reverse cowgirl is a must-try

You don’t need to wear a hat for this one. Just get on top and face the other way. The reverse cowgirl has been tried and tested to give new levels of impact and control. While you grind there totally enjoying yourself, your partner is equally turned on with the view. Now, who wouldn’t want a win-win situation?

18. Play with lube, lots of it

Even though you don’t have problems with getting wet, you can still play with lube. There are flavored ones, lube that heats things up or cools things down for new sexual pleasure. Why not add it to your bedside necessities for times when you’re extra kinky.

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Ask any sexually-satisfied couple their tips and trick and guaranteed they would tell you it’s all about trying new things and never settling for a routine. The beauty with sex is that the sky is the limit on the opportunities, techniques, positions, or ideas to try to spice up your sex life. So take a few pointers from the list above and customize it to your liking. Here’s to achieving and maintaining amazing sex lives!


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