6 Understandable Reasons Your Ex Don’t Talk to You Anymore

Maybe “over” means “over” for them, and you can’t change it.

By Madiha A.
6 Understandable Reasons Your Ex Don’t Talk to You Anymore

Why Do Some Exes Never Talk Again?

Breaking up is a painful phenomenon. The people who come together spellbound by love never think about parting ways. Love blinds us and we are unable to see anything beyond worldly beauty. When we step into practical life, we realize that looks aren’t everything. In a relationship with a person, we have to deal with both positive and negative aspects of their personality. Where some of us compromise and try to adjust, it becomes impossible for some to bear the negativity and spend another second with our partner under the same roof. Breakup is inevitable in some cases and no matter how long you have lived together or how much you loved each other; you never want to see each other’s face again.

Most people blame their partners for the breakup. It starts with little arguments that turn into huge fights and it is always the other person’s fault. During those heated up fights, both the partners say things that are harsh and difficult to swallow. Those bitter words leave an impression so deep that no matter how hard we try to forget and forgive the ex, it becomes impossible to even think about them. Some exes never talk again for various reasons and this seems to top all of them. We cannot talk to a person who says things that are hurtful and lack compassion. 

Does Not Talking Mean That Exes Don’t Love Each Other Anymore?

Staying in contact and having conversations is a sign of attachment and affiliation. We talk to people we love or feel connected to. Talking to someone to share feelings, thoughts and ideas is a basic human need. When two persons who were in love decide to part ways, they may feel a connection for several days, weeks, or even years. Love doesn’t fade easily. It takes time to get over the feelings that you had for your partner. If, after a breakup, the exes don’t talk anymore, it doesn’t mean they don’t love each other anymore. They may have grown apart over time but the love cannot vanish suddenly. Two people in love can have arguments and fights but that does not mean they don’t love each other. Several times in a relationship, people makeup after intense fights. Once you have broken up for no matter what the reason, you may love your partner internally until you find another person to love. 

Where in some cases love can exist between exes, in some other cases people can fall out of love as well. If they did not have kids together there is no reason for talking to each other especially if they don’t love each other anymore.  

Why Do Relationships End?    

People get into a relationship for several reasons. It is a basic human need to find a partner and share life with. Relationships can last a lifetime and may end within a few weeks or months. It all comes down to how hard the two persons involved are trying to make things work. When two persons get in contact, they try to impress each other with good behavior and sweet talks. They only share positive aspects of their personality and keep the dark aspects hidden. They say things their partner wants to hear and refrain from saying things that may be hurtful. Once they get into a relationship for real, things start to change.

The mood swings, tantrums, unpleasant habits, and unrealistic expectations come as a surprise. No one is ready to take in any kind of negativity in the relationship but since it is not a movie, you have to deal with it. Relationships mostly end because we expect a movie like romantic life whereas reality is the exact opposite. No one is perfect and when this bubble pops it leaves us disappointed. Relationships end because the two nearly perfect people who fall in love transform into real imperfect persons.  

6 Understandable Reasons Your Ex Don’t Talk To You Anymore

No one breaks up on good terms. People walk out of relationship disappointed and heartbroken. The feelings are so intense at times that they may never want to see or talk to each other again. If you are going through a breakup and looking for reasons why your ex doesn’t want to talk to you anymore, read on because you might find answers here.

1. It is painful

Talking to an ex means reliving old memories and it can be painful. You always break up after some huge unpleasant and bitter series of events and like every heartbroken person you want to get over those feelings. Staying in touch with your ex will keep bringing those hurtful memories that you are trying to get over. So if your ex is not talking to you anymore it means he is avoiding pain.

2. They may feel regret

In the heat of moments, people say things that become the root cause of breakups. Once those feelings subside, people regret as they said what they didn’t mean. Since the arrow has left the bow, it cannot return. Talking to an ex will only intensify the regret feeling and to avoid that people stop talking to their exes.

3. They want to move on

You cannot drive the car while continuously looking in the back view mirror. To move on you need to look ahead. If you think about your ex and talk to them, it will make it impossible for you to find and meet someone else. If your ex doesn’t talk to you anymore, the most possible and understandable reason is they are ready to move on.

4. You had communication issues

If you broke up because of communication issues, the most probable reason for not talking after a breakup is the same. Some people find it difficult to express their feelings and convey their emotions appropriately. They end up parting ways because of the communication gap. Inability to express and understand feelings is a major issue in any relationship. If you could not talk then, talking after the breakup is impossible.

5. They need some space

Breakup is difficult to comprehend and process. For a long time, you keep thinking about the actual cause of the break-up and how you could have done or said things differently to avoid it. If your ex is still processing, they may take time to recover and need space to do so. They need to isolate themselves and detach themselves from everything related to you to understand the entire thing. This is an understandable reason for not talking to you after the breakup.

6. They want to keep things to themselves

When in a relationship, we tend to share everything with our partners. We talk about day-to-day activities, work, and office routine; we talk about friends and gossip about family, we discuss personal and financial issues with each other. In short, we grow a habit of sharing minor to major details of our daily lives with each other. If your ex is not talking to you after the breakup, it may mean they want to break the habit of sharing their life’s events with you. They have certain plans they want to keep to themselves and fear spilling the beans if they started talking to you.

Is It Possible To Bring Back A Relationship That Just Ended?

Relationships don’t usually end on a good note. In most cases, a broken relationship is like broken glass and it is impossible to mend it. Certain damages are irreparable and no matter how hard you try or how strongly you need to bring back a broken relationship to life, you might not succeed. Then again, it comes down to how much you loved your partner and how attached you were may play a role in straightening out the things.

However, in some cases, people after parting ways find out that they have made a mistake and both with mutual understanding may want to give the relationship another chance. It can only happen if both partners are on the same page. If even one of them is not ready, there is hardly any chance to bring life back to normal.         

Should I Try To Bring Back My Relationship That Ended?  

If the relationship was any good, it wouldn’t have ended in the first place. However, if you feel a void or emptiness and consider yourself incomplete without your ex, you should give it a try. There could have been misunderstandings which if given a second chance can be cleared out. Sometimes we make impulsive decisions and regret them afterward; in any such case, one should always try to make things right.     

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Once a relationship is over, looking back is useless. One should always look ahead and move on. Breaking up isn’t easy but once you have parted ways for no matter what the reason, you should get over it. There is no use crying over spilled milk as what’s gone is gone. Waiting for your ex to get in touch or talk again is good for nothing. If they have moved on you should too because that’s the only way to find happiness.