Touch and Play: Keys To The Sexual Satisfaction of Aries Men

Make an Aries man's mind go crazy with just your sensual touches!

By Michele
Touch and Play: Keys To The Sexual Satisfaction of Aries Men

Let us understand an Aries man before we move forward and have a look at their sexual persona. Aries men are naturally energetic and charismatic and that makes them daring enough to explore new avenues. They possess lovely leadership skills and often serve as the prime leader of their household and even colleagues.

But when it comes to a relationship they are not that eager, as it’s difficult for them to connect with their partner. The reason being, an Aries man thinks that no one around him can match his level of enthusiasm and dynamism. An Aries man will appreciate a woman, who is socially active, independent, and financially strong. That will help match his aura. 

But keep in mind that, an Aries man has a big ego and will always need to feel like a king and would want all of his associates to be very faithful, dignified, and loyal. Now we will move towards Touch and Play: Keys To The Sexual Satisfaction of Aries Men.

Who Are Aries Men Attracted To?

An Aries man can quite be a challenge and before taking things any further, you need to understand his preferences. Here, I will put forward some points that will help in figuring him out and keeping him close to you.

Woman With A Strong Character

An Aries man will immediately feel connected with a woman who is somewhat hard and puzzling. He would never fancy a shy or a timid woman. Aries man loves watching games and being adventurous. So you will need to work on that side of your personality to join the race.

An Unpredictable Woman

As Aries men tend to be quite unpredictable themselves, they expect the same from their partner. You will need to show him that you respect his opinion and yet not afraid to speak your mind up. Just don’t get too transparent. Just leave him curious. You should also be ready for surprises and develop the habit of giving him some surprises now and then.

A Mysterious Woman

That is another interesting characteristic that fascinates an Aries man. Make him feel mysterious so that he can go crazy after you. The self-esteem of an Aries is his biggest asset and he cannot afford to lose it by being unable to figure out who you are. If you continue to play the mystery card, he will do everything possible to achieve you.

An Independent Woman

If you are smart and free, then an Aries man will fall for you. Aries man always prefers a woman, who knows what she wants in her life and how she has planned to secure her future. If you have got big dreams, an Aries will certainly feel inspired.

An Active Woman

Are you a potato couch? If yes, then an Aries will never like you. Cause he likes being attractive, healthy, and fit and how can he be with some woman, who is not working on her looks, body, and personality? Now you know why most of the Aries men are into sports. So stay fit and healthy and an Aries man will be right after you.

How Do They Usually Express Interest Or Desire?

So you are crushing hard on an Aries man, but cannot figure out how he will express his interest in you. Here I have collected some helpful hints that will help differentiate between interest and flirt.

If Interested, He Will Ask You Out Straight Away

An Aries man doesn’t linger on things, especially when it comes to asking out a woman that he likes. But that doesn’t mean that you say ‘yes’ right away. Try to play hard and somewhat challenging, give him something to come after so that he never loses interest in you. The sense of winning you will give ultimate pleasure to him.

He Would Not Waste Time

Aries man is an impatient subject and he will try to take things fast. But would never act in a clueless manner, if he likes you he will move swiftly but with a purpose. And that is only possible by spending plenty of time with each other. Stay close so that he can make a decision. Show him that you guys are not wasting time. Be very hopeful if an Aries man asks you a lot of questions and spends several hours with you. Let him put in the effort.

He Would Discuss You With His Loved Ones

It is a big deal for an Aries man to let his future partner be familiar with his friends and family. He would discuss you with them and might even want you to meet them. After knowing you properly, he will introduce his special people to you. He might even ask them that how they feel about you and you can consider it as a test.

He Would Show Physical Interest

He will find the right time to show that he wants to get physical. He will soon move his hands over yours and make you feel warm. Or might even just look for a chance to touch you and feel connected. If an Aries man is showing such sort of gestures then he is probably interested in turning the heat on. So don’t be shocked if he makes a sudden move. An Aries man likes sex and minds it, lots of sex.

What Do They Do If They Want To Have Sex With You?

First of all, it will start with little hints. Like touching here and there and getting close enough. Here, you will need to hesitate but not move away. Make him get you. Act interested but not frustrated. Aries love accomplishments and that fulfills them. Isn’t it interesting? So if he is getting all touchy and close be ready for some amazing sex.

How Do They Behave In Bed?

For an Aries man, the physical encounter is like a mission and sex is their final prize. So he will behave like a king – dominant and ultimate. Don’t worry about who is going to initiate it first. An Aries man knows no patience, especially when it comes to sex so he will make the first move.

He will throw you and toss you. All he wants is sex and on regular basis and filled with hot passionate energy. Get ready to match his fiery libido; you will need a lot of stamina. An Aries man will also look for adventurous sex and never be shy to try new exciting sexual stuff. He will do it all to explore his climax.

An Aries man will always go for a long foreplay session with raging sex later. Are you ready for aggressive and zealous sex to fulfill the sexual appetite of your Aries man?

Where Do They Want To Be Touched?

According to several astrologers, Aries men love it when their head or hair is stroked gently. A fine head massage that also includes the neck and back of ears will leave an Aries man energized. From that point, you can take things to any level that you want.  They also love holding hands and rubbing them. So it is simple enough.

How Do You Keep Them Sexually Satisfied?

Here is how you can keep your man sexually satisfied.

Never Bore Him

Boredom brings down an Aries like anything and that would even kill his interest in you. He will always look for some sort of roleplaying, fantasies, and excitement. Anything that you can do to bring out his sexual demon! He would love watching porn and using sex toys, trying exciting positions, doing sex talk, and even using food.  Keep him sexually alive.

Try Some Kinky Stuff

As you are well aware that an Aries man plays a pure dominant role when it comes to sex so, try to make him feel like a boss. Try bondage. Make him dominate you. Choose the bondage stuff that can excite you both. Keep it light, yet let him take charge of you. Let him conquer your body and do whatever makes him sexually content. 

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You must be thinking of an Aries man to be a sex robot. Well, that is quite true. And if you can match the level of energy, you will never be bored. Whether it is on the bed or off from it! Just make sure that you do not lose your spark otherwise your man will not take a moment to back off.

I hope that you have understood till now that what it takes to win an Aries man and how you need to act accordingly to keep his interest alive in you. It is quite challenging but equally fun.