10 Sex Talk Tips to Make Relationships Fun and Satisfying

Improve and Make Your Relationships Fun With These Sex Talk Tips

By AcaciaJ
10 Sex Talk Tips to Make Relationships Fun and Satisfying

Talking dirty can liven any moment and spice up any relationship. It can also help bring you closer to your partner in the sexiest yet simple way. Talking dirty is not hard and only takes a little passion and imagination. Let's explore amazing tips on how you can spice up your relationship through sexy dirty conversations. 

What is Sex Talk Conversation Like?

As stated before, sex talk is actually easy. Even if you have never done it before, no worries. The best place to start is to think about what parts of your partner's body turns you on the most and describe how it makes you feel. To add fuel to the fire, whisper what you say. Whispering perhaps is one of the sexiest ways to get a hot message across to your partner. By whispering something sexy in their ear, you're guaranteed to send tingles down their spine almost instantly(now we're talking!). 

So what are some other ways you can get things spicy and get the sex talk going? Let's delve a little deeper, shall we?

1. Start by Taking the Lead

Who doesn't like a little dominance in the bedroom? Your partner is certainly guaranteed to! This is the perfect way to tell your partner what you want them to do and what you're going to do to them. Directing them in a sexy stern and sexy way brings out the naughtiest sides of you both while turning up the heat while in the moment. By taking control you're ultimately creating a hot beginning for an even hotter ending;)

2. Remain Creative

When in the moment and talking sexy to your partner, it's important to stay creative. Ensure you don't repeat the same things over and over. While this may sound like a huge challenge, it's not at all. More than anything, remember this: This is your partner, someone who you may even love and you want to ensure is satisfied. That alone is enough to inspire you to make sure you say things that drive them absolutely wild.

Just pay attention to which words make them react the most. Lastly, use your imagination. Create a sexy storyline or add in a few romantic lines. This is sure to really turn up the heat and romance. 

3. Make Sure You're Comfortable

You may feel a sense of pressure as a newbie to dirty talk, but don't feel that way. At that moment it's important you're comfortable with the way you feel, what you say and how you say it. Remember, this is meant to bring you and your partner closer. So, don't feel obligated to say things you're not actually comfortable with. Keep things cool and sexy and remember this is for you and your partner's enjoyment, nothing less. 

4. Merge Romance and Kink

There's nothing better than keeping things sexy, kinky and romantic all at once. When in the passionate moment of making love keep the dirty talk flowing and tell your partner your sexiest thoughts. Turn up the heat by demanding they do things to you (like pull your hair or smack your rear) and even scream their name!

This is a surefire way to keep your partner engaged while turning them on constantly when making love. End things on a sweet and romantic note by throwing in your partner's favorite pet names, the perfect way to connect and strengthen your bond while in the moment. 

5. Practice Makes Perfect

Like anything else, sexy conversation with your partner simply takes practice. The more you do it, it will become even easier and second nature to you. Thankfully it doesn't require a high level of skill, just your love and passion you have for your partner and a little creativity. These can all go a long way when it comes to dirty talk so don't worry. Just keep giving it a go, an even better excuse to get going with your partner even more.

Examples of Sex Talk Conversation Starters

So you're getting ready for a great evening with your partner and you need a little help to get the mood perfectly. As we know steamy dirty talk can get you both there in no time, however, you need some ideas on how to get started. Here are some examples of sex talk conversation starters:

Romantic Starters:

  1. My day was awful, but thinking about coming home to you makes everything alright. I can't wait to wrap my arms...and legs around you, babe!


2. I can't stop thinking of you, you mean the world to me. I can't wait to show you how much I love you. 

3. I want to make you a delicious candlelit dinner. For dessert, I'm thinking about something that tastes a lot like you.

4. I want to make all your fantasies come true, even if it takes all night 

5. I'm going to kiss, touch and lick you everywhere until you beg me to stop!

Bold Starters:

  1. I have a big, hard surprise waiting for you.

  1. I want to feel your juices all over me 

  1. I want to feel you inside of me 

  1. I want to taste and feel you everywhere

  1. I'm so turned on at the thought of last night, let's do it all again tonight

Down Right Dirty Starters:

  1. My day was long and hard, I'd much prefer you instead..

  1. I want to feel your juices all over me 

  1. I need you to go hard and deep tonight

4. Meet me later, we need to talk. Bring whipped cream, wine and handcuffs with you. 

5. I want you to finish anywhere you please, I'm all yours tonight. 

How to Sex Talk Over Text

Sexting has become one of the most popular ways to dirty chat with your significant other. It's interactive and very fun as it allows you to get your partner's attention and get them excited for what's to come. Sexting can be done by sending your partner steamy pics or even sexy videos. However, if you're only opting for text messages this can be tons of fun too. 

There are several messages you can send your lover to get the point across in a sexy and fun way. An added benefit of sexting is the fact that it can create a connection between you and your partner. Whether you're in a long-term relationship or casually dating someone, sexting is an amazing way to break the ice and take things to the next level.

You don't have to be a pro at sexting, either. It's something anyone can do, from the most confident personalities down to the most awkward. If you're a beginner, no need to panic. There's a little something for both the sender and receiver in the world of sexting, everyone can do it. Now, let's check out some ways you can get your partner hot, heavy and in the mood for the next time you're ready to jump their sexy bones. 

6. Be Confident

Don't do things halfway. If you're going to do it, go all the way, especially when it comes to sexting. There's nothing worse or more awkward than trying to turn your partner on but showing little confidence. This comes across as putting in little effort(despite it only being nerves) and well, that's just not sexy. So, take a deep breath and give it all you've got. Your partner and self-esteem will thank you for it later!

7. Don't Abbreviate

Sorry to break it to you but abbreviations while sexting just aren't, well, sexy. While they may be okay from time to time in regular conversation, don't use them while sexting. It comes across as lazy and simply takes away from any message you're trying to get across. You're adults so don't be afraid to take the conversation to an adult place. That's what sexting is for, after all;) 

8. Swift Responses Only

This is a crucial one. Time is of the essence when your partner is in the mood. You don't want to take long replying because sometimes it's hard to get the flames going again once they have died out. So, be sure your dirty chats take place during a time you both can really enjoy and spend time texting. 

9. Exercise the "No Face" Rule

If you plan to send your lover any sort of revealing or naughty pictures, it's always best not to show your face. This is sort of a given in the world of sexting, as things sometimes can get ugly. I'm referring to revenge porn which is when someone takes personal, pictures such as nudes and blasts them onto the internet in an attempt to cause emotional harm to the victim. This is always an unfortunate situation for any victim So, in order to avoid this always choose safe over sorry and leave your face out of any revealing pictures. 

10. Be Bold

Don't be afraid to ask what's on your mind. The main point of sexting is to express your deepest desires in a sexy way, with your lover. This means you can talk about fantasies as well as get curious. Ask what would they want to do to you, or if they would like if you did a certain thing to them. Now is the time to get it all out in the open and really express how you're thinking and feeling. Be bold and go for it, this often makes for the hottest conversations!

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Just keep in mind to be relaxed and have fun when it comes to sex talk. It's something that's meant to take you and your partner to a sexy space and can help you grow closer. Also, do what's comfortable for you both and don't think too much. Now, get to sexting you amazing and confident person you!