30 boyfriend funny memes to send to your other half

Send these funny boyfriend memes for some relationship humor

By Caren M
30 boyfriend funny memes to send to your other half

Memes, what are these?

Have you checked out the latest internet trend to make funny jokes using comical-looking pictures with a few really witty words that just resonate so perfectly you just find yourself nodding your head in agreement or just cracking your ribs?

Welcome to the world of memes. The internet craze that’s on everyone’s tongues. according to the dictionary, a meme is an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations.

When it comes to relationships, memes come in really handy when you need your bae to understand or know something. Whether to appreciate them through a cute and romantic quote or pointing out their sometimes annoying behavior in a humorous way.

Cute and Funny boyfriend memes

1. When he's busy

Nothing makes a girl happier than when her man showers her with attention. When he's busy, you're bored and quite frankly just want him with you... Never mind that he's working. This meme is perfect for that.

Source: pinterest.com

2. Yo da best, Star Wars

You both have a thing for Star Wars, or he does and you just want to appreciate him. What better way to do that than using a meme of the Jedi master himself?

Appreciate him and let him know he really is the best

3. Boyfriend perfection

This might be the cutest meme when it comes to appreciating just how much you value your boyfriend and think he is the most perfect breathing man for you.

Source: pinterest.com

4. My man is mine

We love memes because how accurate they are in our feelings. Ladies you know this, when another girl looks at your man funny, you start seeing red.

Source: ifunny.co

5. Who he kisses

This is too funny and accurate. Girls are territorial and well let's just say that his lips should not be caught on any other person.

Source: oliviabosschick/instagram

6. Mad but still loves you

It's cute when your boyfriend is mad at you but still loves you. There's nothing more satisfying than knowing that he'd still indulge you.

Source:JoellyOwnsThis1/ Facebook

7. He gives you that feeling

Phones are the best, especially when bae's name pops up and that little tingly current passes through you and you can't help but smile in a way only he can make happen.

Source: pinterest.com

Annoying boyfriend memes

Annoying boyfriends are the worst sometimes. Honestly speaking. It's like they make it their personal mission to seriously get under your skin and push all those buttons that just make you feel like pulling out your hair and going aarrgh!

8. He thinks he's so funny

I know all girls have gone through this situation. When your boyfriend thinks he's being funny but you just find him super annoying and you'd just like him to stop. We love them, our boyfriends, but the truth remains.

Source: pinterest.com

9. Bribing you with food

Girls love food and guys love annoying girls and then bribing them with food. It's not fair because they know we cannot say no and they totally use it against us.

Bribe you with food then get upset again. Source:@trendingcurrentevents.com

10. Annoying but you still love him

Boyfriends are annoying, and they know they know they are annoying but they also know that you still love them. A fact that you cannot deny and all you can do is just look at hem like...

Source: pinterest.com

11. Annoys you then pretends he doesn't know

Guys do this all the time. They purposely do stuff that they know will annoy you then pretend they don't know what you're being mad about. 

Source: pinterest.com

12. He should know his crimes

I don't know who is more annoying in this scenario but when he's done something wrong, knowingly or otherwise, an apology is at least expected. 

Source: pinterest.com

13. When he ignores you for FIFA

Boys are sometimes annoying like that. They give their virtual FIFA world more than they do you. All that just makes a girl feel like blowing up something.

Source: pinterest.com

14. Giving you that attitude

You know sometimes when your boyfriend is just in a pissy mood and you're just thinking of how much better things would be if he wasn't? Well, don't worry your dirty little mind, we got something exactly for this kind of situation.

Source: pinterest.com

Boyfriend memes about love

When you fall in love, it's everything and you want to show your boyfriend this all the time. These wonderful memes will melt your heart into a puddle of lovely goo with their messages. Make your bf feel special and loved too with these memes.

15. Future everything

Love is when you don't care about his past and what he did. Only about his present and future with you by his side always. So let him know the plan exactly.

Source: pinterest.com

16. Mine

When you absolutely know that he is the one and there is no going back or second-guessing your love. Guys feel nice when you tell them the little things that are important like how you see the future with them.

Source: pinterest.com

17. Selfish and don't care

Just like how you want his attention on you all the time, you don't want to share his love. You want to keep him all to your self and you don't really care if that makes you look a little selfish. Send this to him and he'll understand,


18. Wondering just how you got so lucky

There are those moments when you just wonder how you could be so lucky to get the perfect guy of your dreams.So you just take a moment and just loo at him and think...

Source:x.euffie/ Facebook

19. Only real relationships

Relationships are ruled by love, trust, compromise, and understanding, among other things. Throughout its course, a strong relationship will endure all sorts of negativity and it's only when you and bae have made it through this that you know what you got is a strong thing.

Source: pinterest.com

20.Let him know he's your everything

Your baby is your everything and letting him know this will make him feel special and loved. Send him this meme when he's least expecting it just to remind him just how much you treasure him and care and love and do all things him.

Source: pinterest.com

21. Let's be idiots together

And then you fell in love with a guy that is just as stupid and dumb as you are and you just do all those things together now and it's so beautiful and childish at the same time. When you get the soul cartoon version of you, you hold on with all your might.


22. Look how far we've come

Everyone understands when I say that sometimes how far a relationship has come surprises you. It's not easy keeping one, especially when you didn't expect it to amount to much, so take a minute to appreciate this with your boyfriend.


23. You're all I ever need

Do you know that Austin Mahone song about being everything a person wants and needs? It's like the perfect song you can just send your bf to let them know... Or you could send them this meme.

Source: pinterest.com

24. Fighting then making up

We can fight because all relationships go through that. But, at the end of the day, we have to make up and reconcile because we just have to. Show your boyfriend that you're willing to fight for him and keep him and he'll show you love the likes of which you've never known before.

Source: pinterest.com

Boyfriend memes for his birthday

Wishing your boyfriend a happy birthday has never been easier than now with the meme platform. Wake him up with one of this wonderful memes- We will not discuss the other ways you want to wake him up.

25. Have a happy birthday, but no wishes

Source: pinterest.com

We have a sense of humor and so do you and we don't see why this special day should be any different. Wish him a happy birthday the only way you know how. With a dark sense of humor.

26. Happy birthday boyfriend

It's your boyfriend's birthday and here we have just the perfect memes to wish him a happy birthday and just get the day rolling.

Source: pinterest.com

27. Happy birthday magnificent

If you and your boyfriend are super comfortable with one another and are wholly comical, then why not wish him a happy birthday like his best friend, lover and crime partner all in one? 

Source: pinterest.com

28. Tried to make cake

Another funny birthday meme is this one... It'll make him laugh and feel special on his special day just like you want him to and will leave him wanting to know just how the cake tastes like.

Funny birthday meme featuring the funny Jack sparrow: source- jokeforfun.com

29. Be his #1 fan

Om his special day, be his number one fan and just go all out. Shout out your birthday wishes till the whole world knows that it is his birthday.

Source: pinterest.com

30. Wish him a scary birthday

This is definitely for those couples that have twisted sense of humor and are not afraid of taking things just a little bit further when it comes to the perfect birthday wishes.

Source: pinterest.com


Memes are the epicenter of the social media world and touch on every aspect of our lives. They help us portray and tell our stories and emotions to those we want to tell them to. In relationships, memes become those texts between you and bae and they add a bit of spice to the relationship just because of their open, funny nature.  Send him one just to see his reaction and to remind him that you are still there.


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