30 Hilariously Funny Proposal Lines You Can’t Say No To

Funny proposal lines that make you say yes and I do - laughingly

By Diana Nadim
30 Hilariously Funny Proposal Lines You Can’t Say No To

The Sweetest, Yet Funny and Cheesy Proposal Lines For Him and For Her

When you intend to propose to a longtime friend and lover, you have to think of ways and means to make it memorable and more exciting. Having confidence is one of the key elements of making a perfect proposal, but creativity defines it much better. Traditionally, a marriage proposal should be packaged as a surprise to your spouse-to-be, you should try to make it unique and teasing as well. Consider making the proposal sound romantic, hilarious and assuring. Here are some of the most hilarious proposal lines that you can’t ignore.

  1. Every time I look in your eyes, I get a peaceful feeling. When am around you, everything seems perfect. I promise that I will always be there for you in whatever you do and support you in ups and downs as long as I live. You give my life meaning and make it worth living. Will you marry me?


  1. My life without you would be like a pointless pencil, I mean pointless honey. I hope you get my point right and add value to my life. Kindly be my point!


  1. You have given me a shoulder to lean on, you are the only person that I can trust and I can count on. As my best friend and love of my life, will you be my one and only or my everything?


  1. I have been looking at you for the last hour and I am wondering what is wrong with my mind. There is something that I wanted to tell you but I can’t recall. In short, you’re damn pretty that I forgot what I was going to say. Will you marry me?


  1. I may not be aware of the type of material that is used to make my soul, but one thing I know for sure is that your soul and mine are cast from the same mold.


  1. I love you dear, and every time I set my eyes on you, I always want to hold you in my arms and keep you warm. You light up my world as you fill on all the little cracks in my heart.


  1. Although I can’t afford to give you the whole world, you truly deserve it, babe. I hope you will try to understand when I give you the best that I can afford. Welcome to my world darling!


  1. I have been wondering how my life would have been if I were blind, because every time I look into those beautiful eyes, I feel the heat in my heart. I would like to look at you forever!


  1. You seem to have everything that I’ve been searching for in my entire life. Are you Google? Oops, you are an answered prayer. I thank God that I finally found you.


  1. Honey, it can be tough if am told to choose between loving you and breathing. But now am certain that if I am pushed to make that call, I would rather use my last breath just to say I love you, sweetheart.

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11. Last night I thought about you and sent an angel to watch over you. To my surprise, the angel came back shortly after. The angel smiled back at me and told me that angels don’t watch their colleagues! Would you watch over me, please?


12. Am glad that we met when we are still young and ambitious. Honestly, I hope that you will grow old along with me. Honey, I promise you that the best is yet to be.


13. Babe, I hope the dozen of roses got to still smelling nice and fresh. Although I bought 11 real roses and a fake one, I promise you that I will keep loving you till the last rose withers.


14. I‘ve been very hard working and taking life seriously, but since I met you I know how one feels to laugh for no reason. I am not a mad man, am deeply in love with you!


15. If I were to give a rating, I would say that you’re amazing, awesome, sweet, warm, and beautiful and the list would be endless. But what suits you best is that you are the most precious of all precious!


16. Babe, don’t get offended but I can’t hesitate to say that your parents are thieves, they stole the best stars in the sky and fixed them in your eyes. I love that sparkle babe! Please be mine.


17. God created everything to perfection, but I suspect that when God created you, He was showing off. I would be honored to show off too by making you mine as well.


18. Every piece of your flesh is so dear to me even in times that you’re feeling pain, sick or you’re feeling mellow and happy. You’re just as my own flesh. Be my better half darling.


19. Strong men have lived and Kings have conquered the world over the ages. I could conquer the whole world with one hand, as long as you held the other one.

20. I can't walk for a mile or two alone, but I can walk a thousand miles or as long as it takes as long as you're walking just next to me. Let's start stepping together. Life is a long journey!


21. Life without you would be like an open puzzle. Your voice gives me butterflies and somehow your smile makes my heart skip a beat. Will you kindly solve my equation? Why do I always feel complete when am with you?


22. Roses are red, snow is white, the sky is blue, New York is yellow, the grass is green and all these colors are bright and magnificent. But with all that glamour, nothing supersedes your beauty. Even the rainbow envy you. Marry me, my queen!


23. Our love journey has not been that easy. As a matter of fact, we’ve through tough times, as we are about to come to an end of the first chapter, let us begin another chapter and get married!


24. Have you ever asked yourself what love is all about? Hope you come up answer soon but as long as I am concerned, love is about finding that someone you feel you can’t live without and not the one you can live with. I just can’t live without you, don’t die anytime soon.


25. Even if we get to die someday, my next life would not be made much easier. All I would do is to come to check on you in heaven, we are such a perfect pair. Let us be joined forever.


26. I have considered myself a winner in my entire life until I met you. I never thought I would give up my heart that easily and without a fight. In fact, you’re a true warrior.


27. Darling if your heart was a piece of land, I would till it every season and plant all kind of crops in it. You have a rich heart and your love is so fulfilling. You are the apple of my eye, keep me in good health forever!


28. Honey, do you know that true believers of a religion would do anything to profess their faith? I just want you to know that you are my true religion and I would die for you. Let’s keep the faith and love alive!


29. I have written your name in the sand but it ends up being washed away… I’ve written your name in the clouds and it ends up being blown… I had to have it as a tattoo in my heart. It’s permanent and glamorous.


30. People try to describe love in different words and phrases. Some compare love with madness, others say it’s an illusion, but ours is like a perfect circle; it has neither a beginning nor an end. Make us complete dear.


As you prepare to surprise your partner with a marriage proposal, bear in mind that your partner will say “yes” to that proposal mainly because she/ he shares a common objective just like you do and willing to dedicate their life and love to you. Although you have to step up your game to meet the expectations, note that for the proposal to be accepted, it’s not based on how epic the proposal idea is. Be original, articulate and timing should be superb. Wish you all the best as you rehearse for your perfect marriage proposal.

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