10 Tips on How to Send Sexy and Naughty Texts to Him

Get your partner attention with these sexy and naughty texts

By Adina Mazilu
10 Tips on How to Send Sexy and Naughty Texts to Him

Text messages have become the staple of online communication and most probably, the world would not have been the same without them. It’s easier and quicker to simply type some words and press send than to call someone who might not even be able to answer and lose a lot more time like this. Long story short, texts are awesome and useful, especially in this time and age where speed is all that matters. 

Thankfully, texts have also become a way to flirt and arouse the one person that you are interested in without you having to talk to them face to face and possibly embarrass yourself. Again, a much easier alternative to the old telephone call that may or may not work, especially when it comes to flirting. However, not many women are aware of the importance of these sexy texts and are not sure whether or not to send some to their significant other. And if they want to send one, how do they do that without sounding too desperate? In this article, we will be talking about some tips on how to send sexy and naughty texts to him so that your integrity stays intact and your success rate increases. Here we go!

How to start sending naughty texts

Before going into detail, there is one thing that you should know before start sending dirty texts to your lover. Sexting, as it is also called, is very personal and intimate. It’s not something that you can do with everyone whose number you have in your smartphone. So, be discreet and keep your sexy talks between you and your boyfriend. 

Now that you feel somewhat safe to do it, you can actually start thinking of cool ways in which you can get his attention to move from his office work right to you in bed. You can start sending naughty texts whenever you feel like you need to spice up your relationship. You can also do this if you are in a new relationship and are looking to make him fall for you even harder. Finally, you can start sexting whenever you feel confident enough to do it. So, this means that if you don’t feel comfortable doing this, nobody can ever force you to. Keep that in mind!

10 Tips on Sending Naughty Texts

1. Create a preview of what’s to come

It’s very important, in case you may want to start sending naughty messages to your significant other, start by previewing what it’s going to happen later that evening. What you’re going to do, what he is going to do, and what would happen once you’re together. This will spark some thoughts in his mind.

2. Tell him what you want him to do to you

Another way of sexting and a rather classic one would be to provoke him and tell him what you want him to do to you once you’re together again. Just imagine the thoughts that will start flying inside his brain once you do this.

3. Make your fantasies known

Some may not want to admit it, but every woman has her own fantasies that she wants to put into practice one way or another. So, why not text your lover about some of them and think about how you could do that at home that night? Don’t hide your fantasies because your sex life might become a lot better.

4. Remind him of past experiences

If you don’t have any inspiration to come up with imaginary scenarios, just send him a naughty text in which you remind him of what happened between you and him a while ago. You can also tell him that you want him to do something specific again because you loved it. 

5. Teasing is key

Tease, tease, and tease some more! This is all those sexy texts are all about. Provoke his imagination, trigger sexy thoughts, give him ideas, and arouse him. Once you go home, you’ll see the results of your efforts.

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6. Descriptions, descriptions

When you are explaining what you’re going to do later in the bedroom, offer detailed descriptions. This will help him imagine clearly what you have in mind and will arouse him a lot.

7. Compliment him

Compliments work on everybody, but especially on men. When they are bedroom-related, they work even better. Tell him that he is the best and that you don’t want anything else but his hands on you.

8. Don’t be too explicit in language

You might think that sexting is all about using explicit language, but that’s not the case. He will become a lot more interested and eager if you don’t use any dirty words or very few of them. Remember, this is not a porn movie. Reality is a lot more complicated than that.

9. You can also be funny

The key is to not struggle too much when it comes to sexting. If you run out of sexy ideas, you can try being funny and telling dirty jokes. He will catch on and you will end up having the best night of your life.

10. Pay attention to his replies

Lastly, when sending naughty texts, you should always pay attention to what he says back. If he doesn’t react, you might be doing something wrong or he doesn’t have the time for games. In this case, you should stop and try another time. If he answers in the same manner, then it’s on!

Naughty Texts to Text Your Boyfriend

Here are some interesting examples of naughty texts that you can send to your boyfriend if you ran out of inspiration:

  • You have no idea what I’m gonna do to you once you get home.
  • There’s a nice surprise waiting for you in the bedroom.
  • I’m already getting naked for you.
  • Do you think of me when you’re playing with yourself?
  • Get over here right now and make me yours!
  • I have this naughty scenario for you, me, and another girl…
  • I’ve been a very bad girl daddy. Punish me when you get home!
  • I keep thinking of that sex scene that we saw in that movie. So hot…
  • Until you get home I’ll be getting busy with my hands.

Naughty Texts for Long Distance Relationships

  • It’s so bad that you’re not here to see me now.
  • I just took a shower and I need you.
  • I’m getting undressed and I just thought of you doing it instead,
  • Just thinking of you makes me horny.
  • This waiting game is too much for me to handle.
  • You turn me on so much.
  • This conversation gets me so distracted and hot.
  • Do you want to talk dirty to me?

What Should You Do If You Sent It To The Wrong Person

Well, sometimes, if you feel too eager to send a sexy text to your boyfriend, you may actually send it to someone else on your list. If this happens, it’s important to not panic and think clearly. Breathe, and start by sending another text to that person in which you explain that it wasn’t meant for them. You should also apologize and ask that person to keep your little secret. After all, they are probably doing it too. It’s not that big of a deal. You are a grown woman who wants her boyfriend near her. Is that so bad?

How to respond when you receive a naughty text?

You may also find yourself in a situation when you receive a naughty text for your significant other. If you feel like playing, you should definitely respond in the same manner. He will certainly appreciate your interest and will like you more for your open-mindedness. If you cannot answer, just wait until you both get home and put into practice everything he told you in that text.

However, if you happen to get a sexy text from a stranger or from someone completely random, it’s most probably a mistake. Don’t get angry or mad and understand that person. Also, never go around telling your friends about what happened. This will only embarrass them and will make you look like the worst person in the world.


All in all, it seems that sending sexy and naughty texts to your boyfriend can be both easy and efficient if you like this approach. It can keep that spark alive and help your relationship grow. It’s healthy to do it but only if you feel comfortable. If you don’t and you’re a more traditional person, nobody should force you into adopting this habit. After all, it’s your life and relationship and it should only conform to your own rules, even when it comes to sex.

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