Facebook Secret Conversations -- A Sign of Cheating?

Facebook Secret Conversations -- A Sign of Cheating?

By Sophia R
Facebook Secret Conversations -- A Sign of Cheating?

What Are Facebook Secret Conversations? Where Can I Find Them?

Messenger is an instant messaging system widely used on mobile devices, gradually gaining ground as it is closely related to the social network Facebook. All Facebook users have at our disposal a tool to chat with our contacts. Even from the social network itself, if we use it in the Web version, we can use the well-known chat to chat.

From a phone, we will need to install the Messenger application to chat with our Facebook contacts. But we can also do it with people who are not users of this social network since it is possible to install and use it without having a Facebook account.

One of the options that almost nobody knows about this instant communication system is the possibility of opening secret conversations. In addition to being completely secret to increase the security level of the transmission, they can be configured so that your messages are deleted in a short period of time.

A secret conversation is end-to-end encrypted, which means that only the sender and receiver can read it. Nobody else could do it, not even those responsible for the service, according to themselves.

We cannot send a secret or self-deleting message in a regular chat. If we want to use this function with someone, we will have to open a new chat with them, so at that moment we will find two very similar with that same person. The secret is identified by presenting a small padlock on the icon that corresponds to it.

Do You Get Notifications For Facebook Secret Conversations?

No, you don’t get notifications for Facebook secret conversations. This is exactly for the reason of making them even more secret, so nobody can see you have secret conversations going on.

Can You Tell if Someone Has Secret Conversations On Facebook?

This option to maintain secret conversations is found in the profile of each of our contacts on Facebook Messenger, so we will have to open directly to our contact in one of these encrypted conversations. So basically, if you want to know if someone has secret conversations on messenger, you need to log into their messenger directly. For that you of course need their password. If you find a way to get in, then you have to search for the secret messenger convos. How is it done? It is really simple.

Access the Facebook Messenger application.
Click on one of the recent Messenger conversations.
Click on the information icon (an 'i' inside a circle) located in the upper right area of ​​the screen.
When you enter your contact's profile, click on "Secret conversation". At that moment you will see how a new dark colored chat window opens.

All messages in secret conversations are end-to-end encrypted. But do not get confused, only messages are encrypted, someone can read the conversations if the other user shows them, and they are not automatically deleted when the conversation ends, so it is still important to be careful with what is shared to through Messenger, or with whom it is shared.

Why Do People Use This Feature?

People might use this feature for different reasons, and they might not all be negative. Of course, some might actually use it for cheating and having secret affairs. But this feature might also be useful for those who are looking to talk on secret work related projects that can’t be risked to be know by anyone, or when you need to talk to someone about a secret of yours that doesn’t affect anybody, but you just want to be sure there is no way anybody can see it.

Are Secret Conversations A Sign of Cheating?

You start to trust because your partner is not afraid to show you his WhatsApp: "look," they say, "you can see my cell phone whenever you want." And although you know that you will not do it because it is not okay to spy on your partner's conversations or know their passwords, you feel reassured by this frank and honest act of your partner regarding your mobile.

There is no doubt that cell phone use is one of the most frequent discussions between couples and anyone would think that a person who is willing to allow their partner to be by their side when they chat has nothing to hide.

But it's not like that!

The technology works for everything and, of course, the cheaters are more than benefited from all the advances of the developers.

Today it is possible to have hidden conversations with all kinds of apps and, as they say, if you start looking ... You will surely find things that may not be in accordance with the concept of respect between the couple.

And there is not much you can do: just trust. But, if you do actually find these conversations and they are of sexual or romantic interests, it does mean that they are cheating.

There is nothing else you can do if your partner is unfaithful, just walk away, since nothing justifies infidelities. If in doubt, some performances by your partner can give you a chance to start the conversation about what they may be hiding.

Other Things To Look Out For To Know Whether Or Not Your Partner Is Cheating

1. They have become reserved

Have you noticed that your partner refuses to talk about certain topics? If so, there may be something they are hiding. If they no longer share their thoughts, emotions and feelings without your knowing why, it may be an indication that something is hidden, since people need space to resolve issues that they do not want to tell their partner or have their minds set on other part.

2. They are nervous about their phone

Another common warning sign that your partner is not being totally honest is when your partner behaves strangely when texting while you are together. And, in addition, when they chat with you they are very concrete and emotionally synthesizes their day whilst they responds to others with emojis and detailed. That could be a sign of loss of interest in you only.

3. They refuse to talk about past relatiosnhip

Are certain topics forbidden, such as your partner's past relationships? If so, it may be because he is hiding something. If they refuse to talk about their past relationship failures from one moment to the next, it is a red flag. It's also revealing how they respond when you ask them about their past relationships. If when you are faced with something that bothers you, your partner gets in a bad mood and expresses annoyance about it, beware!

4. They have become dramatic

Suddenly, you notice that your partner is making a fuss over something that did not bother him in the past. Also, if their emotions also change from one moment to the next, it may be that you are having a hard time dealing with what they are hiding. Or if they are suddenly more affectionate or colder it could means that you’d partner feels guilty about something bad they are doing.

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Although you do not have to become paranoid or jealous, the truth is that if the feeling is strong and long-lasting, you may be right. You should be remembered that no one deserves to be with a person who makes them feel bad, so if you think they are unfaithful ... CHAO.