How To Kiss Perfectly And Sweep Your Partner Off Their Feet

Why Kissing Can Make You Feel Happy?

By Sophia R
How To Kiss Perfectly And Sweep Your Partner Off Their Feet

When we kiss we share a special moment with a person. We all know why we enjoy kissing someone, but maybe we don't know the reasons behind this pleasure. Here we tell you some:

  • The lips have more nerve endings than other parts of the body (same as the fingertips). Through them, we can perceive and transmit significant amounts of information to the brain. That is why kissing feels so pleasurable for pretty much anyone in the right mind!
  • Also with the lips, we can notice the body temperature, muscle tone and even the antibodies of the other. All unconsciously. That is why it is such an intimate way to connect with someone.

  • When someone kisses a known person, the chemical reactions are different from when it comes to somebody who is unknown. If there is previous experience among people, then the mind remembers all the positive or negative feelings that it had previously and the kiss will depend on how they perform in the present moment. This makes us way more attached to the person we are kissing. Its another level of knowing someone. 
  • During a kiss, the tongue transmits testosterone through the exchange of saliva and thus becomes a natural aphrodisiac. An aphrodisiac is a substance that increases sexual desire among people. This hormone is what makes kisses so exciting and sexually enjoyable. 

  • With a kiss, we can measure the pheromones of the person and this will determine if they actually suit us physically and if the kiss is going to be good and in sync. It is literally a chemical reaction.
  • When kissing, the brain releases substances such as nitric oxide, which helps relax blood vessels and accelerate blood flow, which is why men can get an erection during a kiss and blushing.

  • A kiss burns between two and three calories per minute. Time to workout, you guys! It is a win-win. 
  • Kissing releases epinephrine and norepinephrine, which lowers negative cholesterol and inhibits stress. Another health benefit you get by kissing! Kiss more and die older! 
  • Other substances that are released are dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, which generate well-being from pleasure, excitement, and confidence. We literally can not ask for more!

Tips On How To Kiss Perfectly For The First Time, Everytime

Kissing for the first time, whether it's your first kiss or kissing someone you've never kissed before, is an exciting time that can feel full of challenges and difficulties. The first kiss is like the barrier that breaks in a relationship of two people and therefore, that kiss is very important. In addition, the first kiss can determine that both you and the other person decide if you want to kiss again, or not in the future, which can even lead up to building up a relationship.

For many people, kissing is like 'getting to first base', it's like a first step to be able to reach the more intimate ground with another person. In addition, both girls and boys can assess through the first kiss if the other person will be a good partner, a potential partner or if it is better to let them pass.

It is clear that a first kiss does not have to be perfect from the physical point of view, but perhaps it should be a little on the emotional ground to feel those 'butterflies' in the stomach just at the moment when both mouths come together and the tongue begins to play with the other person's tongue. Nor does it have to be a long and passionate kiss. What is important is that it has to be a positive and memorable experience for both. As it is so important, we will give you a step to step guide on how to make that first kiss a great one, just keep reading!

Step By Step Kissing Guide For Beginners

Here we have the perfect 101 step by step guide to make your first kiss your best. Follow our tips and learn how to kiss the right way:

1. Choose the right person to do it with

To learn to kiss it is important that, first and foremost, you do it with the right person; that is, a person with whom you feel comfortable, with whom you can try, test and discover the world of kisses. Only then can you fully enjoy this experience and gradually improve. You should not have stress for not knowing how to kiss, the important thing is that you feel like doing it and that the person is the right one.

2. Prepare

The first advice to kiss is to moisturize and prepare your lips for it; Think dry lips are unpleasant and may crack when you move them too much. Therefore, moisturize your lips, apply lip balm half an hour before the kiss and you will get them soft and ready for the kiss.

3. Make the move

Before giving the kiss you should approach the boy or girl and go bowing his head before reaching his lips. It is important that you make this movement, slightly, to prevent your noses from crashing and hurting you or them. With your face slightly tilted, you can easily access the lips and kiss more comfortably. Remember, don't be to aggressive in this step, just take it slow and gently. 

4. On the actual kiss

To give a good kiss you will have to open your lips a little by getting in touch with theirs. You can simply brush them or, if you want a deeper kiss, you can gradually introduce your tongue into your partner's mouth. Especially if that first wet contact is slow and observing the reaction that the other person has: if you see that they do not respond, do not use your tongue anymore and try again later, they may not be prepared for it yet.

The duration of the kiss depends on your personal tastes: there are couples who with 30 seconds are done with it and others who love to kiss and can spend hours doing it. The trick is to enjoy the experience and when you get tired, part away by separating; keep in mind that you can go back into the kiss as soon as you want.

5. Change it up

Another important factor to kiss well is that you use different techniques during the kiss, that is, you should try new things and vary both in rhythm and movement. For example, the pressure with which you kiss can be modified during the kiss: start smoothly and, as the seconds go by, press more or less forcefully, so you will give intensity to the kiss and get it not to be boring and monotonous.

The speed of the kiss is also important as you can start with a slow and soft kiss to increase the pace and become a more passionate kiss. Be careful: do not go too fast because you could harm your partner or yourself. Ideally, intersperse rhythms without being too slow or too fast.

Also, play with the tongue: if you have already dared to take the step of the tongue, it is important that you also know how to use the tongue in a kiss. You must keep it moving to play and bring pleasure to your partner; first of all avoid leaving it still, the idea is to move it slowly with circular movements that incite fun.

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First kisses can be pretty intimidating and can make us incredibly nervous; and do not worry, that happens to basically everyone. Who says they do not get nervous on first kisses is pretty much a liar. But now, after having read this article, you are set to have the best first kiss, so you should be a little less nervous. Your kiss will be amazing, you are going to enjoy all its benefits and get to know why everyone loves doing it so much. It is time for you to go for it wth that certain person you like and crave to kiss. You have everyhting you need to know, so you are going to be great! Good luck! And haooy kissing!


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