10 Tips On Kissing To Become The Kissing Goddess

How to kiss someone like a pro with these tips and tricks

By Evelyn
10 Tips On Kissing To Become The Kissing Goddess

The art of kissing

Kissing is the perfect demonstration of affection and of course, of love. Take a walk in the park and observe how many couples are there kissing. Quite a lot right? For some it'll be their first kiss, for others it'll be a stolen kiss, for others it'll be a very passionate kiss. There are lots of ways you can kiss and be kissed, What makes you a great kisser? Kissing is an art, it's a form of expression and it can be mastered (who wouldn't want to be a kissing goddess, right?)

If you think of kissing as an art then you get to be the artist behind a masterpiece.wink Would you like that? With each kiss, you have the chance to create something beautiful and unforgettable. You can have him wondering, intrigued on what's coming next, and you don't do this alone. You can co-create this art with him.

There are all kinds of kisses. With a soft and tender kiss, you can melt him away and make him forget. With a hot and firm kiss, you can ignite his passion and make him think of only one thing. All forms of art have some form of science involved and the art of kissing is no exception. 

Why great kissing feels so good? Because in our lips there are lots and lots of nerve endings and they awaken with the slightest of touch and that is a great sensation. If you're kissing someone for the first time and the sensation you have is in the level of "Wow" that means that in your brain the production of chemicals is going overdrive and these chemicals act just like a drug. That is why you crave more of what just happen. Amazing right?

To make kissing an art remember that it involves more than your lips. Kissing is about your eyes, your breath, your hands, your energy and of course, your tongue. You need to make a connection through the eyes and build anticipation. You need to move slowly and take your time. You need to savor it and take turns leading and following. All this combine is what makes kissing an art.

Tips and tricks on how to kiss someone insanely well

Being an unforgettable kisser is something that we should all aim to be, right? Being good at it has its benefits not just for you but for him too. It may sound cliched but a kiss can feel like an explosion of beautiful sounds and colors or it can make you feel nothing, zero, zilch. As we said before, kissing is an art, it isn't just a simple equation of lips and tongues, it involves your whole being and it takes its own time. 

Wouldn't it be great if you can be in his mind for ages just because you happened to be the greatest of kissers? Want some tips and tricks on how to kiss someone insanely well and make yourself unforgettable? Keep reading, 

1. Make sure to look your most kissable

Before anything happens you need to prepare yourself. We're not talking about reading or studying about masters of kissing, we're talking about making sure you look like someone he can't help but kiss. You need to make sure your lips are kiss ready and that means using a lip balm so they look soft and not chapped or dry.

Lipstick can help your lips look enticing and attractive but maybe wearing lipstick for a planned make-up session is not the greatest of ideas because it could end up leaving marks all over your man and smeared all over your lips and that's not attractive at all.

You'll also want to freshen up a bit. When you're inches from someone's face, the last thing you want is for him to inhale whiffs of garlic or stale coffee or cigars... so remember to carry with you a small package of mints.

2. Let him know your intentions

Let your guy subtly know what's on your mind. Work your eyes while you're talking to him, instead of focusing on his eyes all the time, start paying attention to his lips. Every once in a while during the conversation, glance down to his lips for just a second... that's the most effective way of letting him know your intentions. He may not notice it at first but he'll get the message.

You can also start speaking slowly and lean a little bit closer to him. He'll know something's up and if he reciprocates your gestures, you'll know for sure he's keen on kissing you too. So, mission accomplished!

3. Take your time

When he eventually moves closer with the intent to kiss you or when you make your move, don't hurry. Take your time and start with a very soft kiss, almost like a whisper. Purse your lips gently and as softly as you can. Use your lips to massage his, starting with the lower lip and then move on to the top.

Remember that kissing is a team effort, you might have been the one who started it but you need to pace yourself and allow him to do his thing too. Don't try to control the situation or just lead the way. Also, live for the moment, stay in the present, tune out any extra chattering.

Tips on Kissing Someone for the First Time

Kissing someone for the first time could be somewhat of a challenge. You could feel the pressure of knowing that if it doesn't go well, you could miss your chance of having something with this guy. You'll want a quality kiss, one that'll have him wanting more, that'll make him feel more attracted to you. 

Are there any tricks out there that can make that first kiss amazing and unforgettable? 

4. Be polite

Manners are queen on every occasion and when it comes to kissing more so. If you're on a first date and you're staring into each other's eyes and wondering why you're not kissing, you can take initiative and ask. You can ask sweetly with "Can I kiss you?" or you should say something like "Shouldn't we kiss now?" or "Don't you want to kiss me?

Now, if your date leans in before you ask, then go for it. 

5. Go gently and don't be a robot

This should go without saying but bitting on the first kiss is a NO NO. Kissing for the first time is no occasion to get aggressive or be creative. Don't grab your guy's neck on the first kiss like you're trying to weld his face to yours, or suck his tongue with your lips. Be gentle, that goes a long way.

Go with the flow, don't plan your kissing moves, let your intuition guide you. You know...be human. Robots have no place in a first kiss.

Tips on Kissing Someone On The Cheeks

Kissing someone on the cheek is a dilemma that we're sure you've encountered at some point, especially if you travel a lot. What is the acceptable way of saying hi? It could be confusing because you don't know if you should shake hands or hug or kiss on the cheeks.

Kissing someone on the cheeks can be tricky, It pays to know some tips on how to cheek-kiss so you don't end up having an awkward encounter where both of you put the same cheek or where you were expecting one kiss when actually the salute required two. Here are a couple of tips on how to kiss someone on the cheek properly.

6. Set it up correctly

If you're set on saying hello by kissing him on the cheek, then you need to set it up. When you're greeting him, make your approach by gently placing your hand on his upper arm. Emphasis on gently, you don't want him to feel ambushed, then turn your cheek towards him and lean in. Lead with your right cheek and lean to the left (unless you're in Italy, then you should turn your left cheek and lean to the right).

It's not complicated, right? 

7. Be sure to know the protocol on the number of kisses

In Spain, Italy, and France it's customary to kiss twice, but in other places, people will prefer sometimes one, sometimes two or even three kisses. It can get confusing. How can you be sure? This article can help you there. To stay on the safe side, you should stick to two kisses, one on each cheek. 

Kissing Someone You Love Passionately

When you kiss someone passionately you're expressing how much you love him. As you know kissing is the whole experience, not just the lip lock, so you need to get comfortable and take it slow. if you want him to know how good a kisser you are, take note of these next tips

8. Ease into it

Don't rush into it, you've got all the time in the world. Relax your mouth and keep the kisses soft and tender. You can first kiss his top lip then his bottom lip. You can grace your tongue between the lips and add a little tongue. Do a little play with his tongue and when you get comfortable you can start to increase the pressure. Do it smoothly, go with the flow.

9. Do not Overthink your Kissing Technique

Don't get into your head, you just need to be in the present and of course, be passionate. While you're kissing your loved one you're saying "I want to connect with you and build and intimacy". So don't be obsessed by technique, you really need to communicate with him and tell him you love him while kissing him passionately, you need to be in the moment. 

10. Tame your tongue power and use your hands

For a kiss to be passionate, you have to use your tongue, but beware because there's a fine line between using too much or the perfect amount. Follow his rhythm, if he's not using his tongue, then don't use it, Keep it slow and as things progress you'll find that it comes naturally. You don't want to overwhelm him with your thrusting tongue power. To communicate passion, use it gently.

Use your hands too, they add a layer of passion and intensity, especially if you wrap them around him.

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Kissing is an art, through a kiss you can communicate that special someone that you care and that you want to build intimacy with him. To be an unforgettable kisser you don't have to excel in technique, you just have to go slow, be aware of your partner's reaction, take your time and be in the present.



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