7 Best Sex Positions For The Plus Size Man To Get The Ultimate Pleasure

Embrace your size and achieve climax for your partner and you!

By Diana Nadim
7 Best Sex Positions For The Plus Size Man To Get The Ultimate Pleasure

Plus Size Man: Turn Off For Sex?

Men come in diverse body weights, shapes, and sizes. An overweight man faces many challenges in his sex life. However, there’re pointers that such men can use to feel they’re standard in bed and size. How’s your sex life with your plus size man?

Most people are now free to talk about sex and plus-size than in previous years. Therefore, for one to find a remedy to any of these topics is now not as hard as before. For more on this, read this best sex tips for the plus size man.

People must realize sex is a journey. Although most know it’s a destination to hop off once you think you have Meh sex! The earlier you know, the better for your relationship. Nevertheless, nobody wants lousy sex. When it comes to making love, your body size does not count.

The essential thing here's how you do it to achieve satisfaction. With so many styles available, nothing should put you off sex with a plus-size man. What makes you think you're the type; Meh for sex?

Well, there must be many things that make you regret being with your sex partner. The best you can do to help in this situation is simple. Have fun - nothing more, nothing less. Sex begins right from the mind; if your thoughts are away, then no way will you have fun. Take part in the act in all means necessary.

To help you find happiness in bed, check out some of these hot sex methods below.  

7 Best Sex Positions For The Plus Size Man

Are you bothered with your man’s plus size weight during sex? Well, nothing unique here. Why is it so? Because people’s lifestyle has changed and being overweight now trends worldwide. So, you’re not alone in this issue that limits sex life.

However, there’re other favorable and comfortable sex positions that both of you can use and still enjoy. Check out these seven best sex positions for the plus size man. There you go!

1. Standing Pretzel Position

Illustration by Carlee Ranger

Standing is another perfect position for your overweight men. It helps to reduce pressure on you. It's an intimate style where both of you face each other. The standing method is freestyle, where you try to be comfortable using different angles.

For a smooth slide-in, let him support your thighs while the wall supports his back.

2. Reverse Cowgirl

Illustration by Carlee Ranger

This is a brilliant way of lovemaking with exchanged roles. Here, you as the woman climb on top but face the opposite direction. Others call it ‘crab sex.’

The best way to do this style is by having the man face your back. You squat or kneel on the bed or floor. His legs stretched out straight while you can bend backward or forward. The fun comes to a climax when you make some slow riding moves.

3. Lap Sitting

Illustration by LUCY MACARONI

He sits at the edge of the chair or bed, while you sit on his laps. The position of your legs will determine the penetration. Ensure they’re open and placed either side of his legs. You can now take over from there. How?

You direct his penis inside you and control the game! It’s the best when you need deep penetration to hit the G-spot with ease. Make it more romantic with kisses and other moves since its face-to-face style.

4. Doggy Style

Illustration by Carlee Ranger

The doggy style is now a popular sex position among young couples who aren’t plus size. However, whichever the size, anyone can enjoy it. The ‘rear entry’ approach is best for quickies as the man takes a short time to release. It’s perfect for heavier men than their partners.

This is how you do it. You kneel or bend facing away while the man turns facing you from behind. Find something near to support your hands. It can be the bed, chair, table, or even the wall.

Here's where deep penetration happens, and reaching the G-spot takes less time and energy.

5. The Butterfly

Illustration by Carlee Ranger

To achieve the best results with this butterfly sex position, here’s a demonstration. You will lie on the edge of either the table or bed. Use your hands to support your hips up and place your legs on his shoulders. Lean your hips a little upward, though some woman finds it painful for big sized manhood.

It’s another excellent way for deep penetration.

6. Cowgirl Position

Illustration by LUCY MACARONI

The 'woman-on-top' is a crazy method of making love that's famous among Indian couples. For any woman whose man is heavy, this is the style to try. 'Ride my horse,' as known by many, allows the woman to be in control from the start to the end.

Here, your man can use the opportunity to careless those soft boobs, hair, or even face. Let him support you by hold your waist gently as you move back and forth the best way you know!

7. Spooning Position

Illustration by LUCY MACARONI

You can try out this spooning style or turtle position, should you find the doggy one not comfortable. Most fat men find this kind of location great for their size. There’s no need for arms or legs use for movement control. What next!

Place your knees, forearms, and your chest on the bed. Your shape in that position should resemble a turtle or ball! Raise your behind high in the air. Your man can now enter you from behind.

Remember to keep those legs spread for smooth and deep penetration. Should you want the sideways turtle, then follow the above instructions, but lie sideways. If you can’t take pleasure in this, then attempt other exciting styles above. 

Now, with these few sex style adjustments, you can leave your bedroom satisfied. Here’s a chance for your fat man to work on his load. Remember, obesity comes with many other dysfunctions apart from being unhappy in bed.

These include low libido, lack of stamina, little breath issues during sex, weak erection, and high blood pressure. In this case, if you want to have a better sex life, a recommended weight loss program is the way to go now!

How To Assure Your Plus Size Man About His Performance

Do you want better sex or a better relationship? The main thing in such an affair is your reaction after sex in connection to his body structure. Here’re a few guidelines to take. You won’t believe how fun and intimate the act will end should you embrace these tips. Let’s jump in.

Use sweet words to affirm your love for him despite his fat body. In life, every partner loves to hear some encouragement and motivation. However, when you downgrade his sexual performance via words, it then affects him even more sexually. Words like ‘I’m so lucky to have you’ or ‘thank you’ go a long way in strengthening your bond.

Try it next time! Let your lover know how you feel, especially after sex.

Reassure him that his size is average, and nothing is interfering with his presentation. You would bring this up "I was researching about your size and performance and found this…" It confirms that you're concerned about finding a solution to his problem, although it shouldn't come out as a problem in the first place.

Figure out what sex position would work for both of you. Doggy style is lovely and great for such big men. Allow him also to feel the comfort in this method and let him penetrate you whichever way you both feel comfortable. 

Stop seeing sex as a performance, because it’s a two-person effort. Nobody should blame the other for a lousy act. If so, your man will detach away and seek self-evaluation through depression and anger. Therefore, now it’s an excellent opportunity for you to kick out this awkward behavior.

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Anybody can benefit from these styles, not only plus-size men. However, not everyone will enjoy them. Therefore, couples facing a hard time in their sexual relationship must be honest with each other and show love and acceptance. Go the extra mile until you both find that joy in bed.

Start TODAY if not now in trying the different styles for best sex tips for the plus size man.