Top 20 Most Common Sexual Fantasies Guys Have

Sexual fetishes & kinks exist out there - from the innocuous to the weird, from the abhorrent to the terrifying. Here are 20 common sexual fantasies guys have.

By Sylverlne Odili
Top 20 Most Common Sexual Fantasies Guys Have

What the study shows

Typically, a regular male nurses the same thought about sex twice as much than an ordinary female. Funny as it sounds it was established from medical research recently issued in the medical journal of Sexual medicine. Painting the picture clearer, the group of researchers at the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivieres added more lights by asking a pool of 1,516 men and women, living in the province of Quebec, what they fantasized about sexually and came up with surprising results.

Unexpectedly the researchers came out with a surprising finding showing that our brains are funny things, according to the researchers, of the significant participants a percentage reported homosexual thoughts in their fantasies. With these, there is no proof for more substantial evidence that the apparent list of fetishes that are in existence.

What is the difference between a fetish and a kink?

There is a thin line between what precisely a fetish is and what exactly a kink is. However, the fetish is more encompassing than what a kink covers. To be considered kinky comes with a unique taste now and then while a fetish is one that is stock with the desire is a full-blown fetish status.

Some common fetishes are repulsive, hazardous, illegal or unethical but are mostly enjoyed by practicing adults. Most of these fetishes are most likely safe and do not cause any harmful effect in the long run. In as much as this doesn’t have to include kids and animals, they are not bad after all.

Why do guys have fetishes?

Fetishes happen in different forms for guys some of which are common while some are not. The common fetishes happening to guys could come in the form of pains, tickling, and emotions such as humiliation, praises, domination or submission, clothing, simple objects, situations, tastes, fragrance, anything.

1.The common spanky set

This is a fetish that is commonplace among both genders. This involves the man or woman feeling the need to get spanked or be spanked having features of pain, humiliation and noticeably the domination or submission involved in it.


Typically, people would enjoy a little bit of spanking during sex, but the spanky fetishists take it to the next level. They make use of weeps inflicting pain on a partner like a child before or during sex thereby deriving pleasures.

2. Hot for trotters guys

This is a fetishes group mostly devoted to the male group and likely the most popular. The foot fetishists just like what it sounds like can’t just have enough feet. The guy derives pleasure from sucking the toes. The guys in this group find it easy landing a date.

This type of fetish has got a related but a separate type, that involves the women shoes having a foot in it or not. Hmmm, kinky right?

3. The “I spy” Hamlet guys

This is voyeurs are a group of people that secretly enjoys watching people have sex or having fun with themselves. This is done via a hidden camera, and window or through a window, yeah they exist.


Subscribed adults could set this up as a game for their kinks and pleasure while some people take it to a demeaning level of having to peep illegally on partners on routines. They go as far as setting cameras in the toilets. This sends in goosebumps right now.

4. the Tight fit kinks crew

These group of people is found all the time putting in the tight fitting rubber and are never missing in action. These set of people love getting on the latex or rubber suits or a tight-fitting rubber for a dress. You might be wondering how these tight-fitting clothes come on.

However, they may fancy having their partners put them on for them or savor wearing it themselves.

For these group, the looks, the smell or probably the taste works for them how weird.

You might have seen a guy into the Cat woman thingy; you know the reason now.

5. Goo-goo-ga-ga kinks babies

A bizarre fetish bit dominated by the guy folk and common. The guy retains the physical and straightforward actions representing adult babies.

The men who possess this infantilism as a fetish role play as the baby and the partner takes the role of a mummy or the mother/nanny. This includes a baby bubble, cribs, suckers, feeding bottles, and the most common place of putting a diaper. This is hardly brought up by the guy to a new girlfriend.

6. The Common Cute and Cuddly

This gets weirder as it goes. This sect is made up of the males and the females and is more fascinated by humans with suchlike animal qualities. They take carnal knowledge of animals neither are they zoophiles. They stuff themselves with crazy furry animal clothing and have full sex with themselves, scary as it sounds.

7. Don't pop it

This is about the balloon fetish. Some guys like having sex around balloons. They get the urge around balloons which might be due to the smell, feel or the sound.

You might not give out your kids birthday invitation to that folk.

8. Have you met my wife?

Some men would rather have another guy have sex with their wives. They are known as the cuckolding fetish group which involves the husband watching from the sidelines as the wife and her lover humiliates showing him how insufficient the lover is. Your worst misery is another guys fetish.

9.Tickle your fancy

Some guys, have a got a thing for tickling fetishes. The tickling you get and becomes you, natural is actually stepped by some guys using silks and feathers or with rather bare hands. That’s how they derive their fantasies.

10. Welcome to the Dungeon.

This operates with the code word BSDM meaning Bondage, Domination, and Submission, Sadism, and Masochism majorly about power dynamics and pain infliction. In this case, the odd-looking handcuffs are used, mainly pink and the users choice.  Addicts go in entirely into the sex dungeons like what was seen in “50 Shades of Grey.”

11. Water Sports

Urine is beautiful here since this individual loves peeing, peed upon, peeing on others. The fetishists here grab the fantasy probably from the smell, humiliation, and maybe taste that arouses the fetishes.  This might sound embarrassing but a fantasy to fetishists.

12. Hybristophilia.

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This kind of fetishists is in the clamor for partners that are dangerous and heinous criminals that have media coverage. They find persons in trials more attractive and probably the fantasy comes from the bad girl or bad boy inclination. Wonderful.

13. A kick in the nuts

This is not what you expect, but some men want to get kicked in the testicles.  Some of them improve the pain by getting slapped and getting tied up in a vice. They get aroused by this pain.

14. Blood in the water

While there is nothing wrong having sex with a woman while her period is on. Some fetishists take the blood as a delight which is probably the smell, feel or even the taste of blood. How irritated can you be?

15. Flesh Feast

This is a gross fantasy, yes very gross. The fetishists here see fantasy on this and not grossness. Cannibalism represents the best example of this fetishists.  You could be free to look it up google

16. Acrotomophilia

This is another uncommon name for a bizarre fetish: fantasy for amputees. There are individuals whose love for persons with missing limbs are incomparable.

17. Body piercing

Yes body piercing, this could be on the face, genitals, tongue, belly buttons and any other body parts. The fantasy comes from the feel of the cold metal feeling to its sight, and some just like to suck, taste and tug those piercing.

While individuals with this fetish tend to get partners with same fetish interest and obsessions.

18. Crossdressing

Putting on a ladies clothes like blouse, tops and even underwears is a thing of savor for the guys in these fetish group. Though it’s a commonplace for gays and non-gays, the fantasy comes in when they sight such dressing knowing it’s prohibited. Hmmm.

19. The “Bellybutton” group

These ones get attracted to the navel highly referred by this group as “bellybuttons.” They get their appeal from their navel being sniffed kissed, tickled, and sucked by another or done to a fellow fetishist.

20. Tattoo fetishists

This comes in a two-way manner for the fetishist in this case. The tattoos are the center of appeal wherein the pleasure comes in from a fetishist getting tattooed or by seeing tattoos on others. The fantasy has to do with the masochistic feeling and edgy feeling for this fetishist.


There is nobody that can state a reason as to why individuals develop kinks and fetishes; the chances are that the development of fetishes is mostly the outcome of childhood experiences or stale memories. This the brain has converted differently from what you’d expect and associating it with pleasurable desires.

The feeling most people would get from doing things that are casual, annoying, arduous and disgusting; most fetishists derive their pleasures because somewhere in-between their brain get to read and interpret those inputs as wonderful pleasures.

Good luck with whatever yours is.