Camila Cabello and Shawn Medes: Their Dating Story

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Camila Cabello and Shawn Medes: Their Dating Story

Insta source: @camila_cabello

The friendship shared by Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes has been a thing a long time now. Lately what surprised their fans is the change in their relationship status from being best-friends to officially dating. Fans always wanted this but thought of it as an impossible affair. They have been working together for quite a few years but there have always been rumors surrounding them. People started taking them as a couple, a long time ago. Such assumptions from people resulted in numerous statements from both sides, on different occasions, which were meant to clarify that they are only together for their work. Now both have been setting off the dating scene on fire ever since they came out with their single “Señorita” in June, and there’s a lot of proves indicating that when there’s smoke, there’s fire!

It is said that you can never satisfy all people at once and in this situation, rightly so. Now that they have clarified their relationship status, some of the fans think that the couple posting mushy stuff that shows they are madly in love is nothing but a tool for marketing. The others believe this as true & think that the relationship has been building for a long time.  Their story can be trailed back to 2014, September when a flirtatious tweet meant for Shawn was posted by Camila, in which she labeled him ‘ShawnyBoy’. This was followed by Shawn’s appearance on Camila’s Instagram in 2015. Soon afterward they both were seen having fun together at a number of public events and parties.

There were plenty of pieces of evidence that fueled the thoughts of people regarding their sparkling chemistry.

About Shawn Medes

Insta source: @shawnmendes

Shawn Medes is a Canadian singer, songwriter and in addition, a model. His father is Portuguese and his mother is from England. He spent his early years in Pickering. Back in school days, he used to play ice hockey along with soccer. He also attended his high school glee club. In addition to this, he practiced his stage appearances in acting lessons. In Toronto, he also auditioned for Disney Channel as well.  Mendes graduated from high school in 2016. He started gaining popularity back in 2013 by posting song covers on one of the video-sharing applications, vine. He has a long list of awards on his career, 82 awards out of 185 nominations, including American music award and BBC radio 1 teen’s award.

About Camila Cabello

Insta source: @camila_cabello

Camila Cabello is a Cuban American singer, songwriter, and actress. In her early years, her family kept on moving between Mexico and Havana.  Cabello got U.S. citizenship back in 2008. She left her high school for her passion of singing and later acquired a high school diploma.  Cabello once confessed on media that she has a psychological condition known as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Previously she has been in a relationship with Coach and Writer, Mathew Hussy.

In June 2019, Cabello came out with the music video of "Señorita" in collaboration with Canadian singer Shawn Mendes. The song landed at 2nd rank on US Billboard Hot 100 charts. In August, "Señorita" rose up to the position number one, resulting in Cabello's second one to reach the top Hot 100 chart as a lead artist.

How they Met and their Romantic Story

1. The first meeting

Insta source: @camila_cabello

The first recorded evidence of their meeting is in 2015 at Music Awards in Los Angeles. Cabello still was a part of Fifth Harmony then. They posed for the photos together at an after-party of that show that they attended together.

Later they reunited after a few weeks at the iHeartRadio Music Festival that happened in Las Vegas.

2. The stage of denial

Insta source: @camila_cabello

In November 2015, Cabello spoke about their professional relationship during an interview with Elvis Duran, as they both performed together on The Tonight Show, at the release of “I Know What You Did Last Summer”.  Till then Cabello only talked about their relationship as a bond of two professionals.

She said that they have been very passionate about their work and song. She told that the coolest part of working together was that they both were so professionally involved in the making of the song, as artists, and were so consumed in it that it resulted in such an intense experience.

3. Being in a relationship and being out of it

Insta source: @shawnmendes

Well in November 2017 the rumors of Mendes dating Hailey Baldwin broke out. Both were seen together attending the 2018 Met Gala. The rumors dropped down when Baldwin went on in her life by getting married to Justin Bieber.  Mendes confessed about sending her a congratulations text on her wedding. He also talked about their relationship saying this is all that was between us although people wanted more of it even though in reality, there was nothing more.

Meanwhile, it was observed that Cabello had a break up with her boyfriend Mathew Hussey, whom she has been dating for almost one and a half years. After the split was announced, Cabello requested her fans that if they really loved her, they must not send hateful material to people she has once loved.

She told them that this type of activity really hurts her and it only results in adding to the pain and agony to what she was already suffering. She mentioned that people who are facing hate coming their way are by all means real humans and it is not funny at all to send them such insensitive messages. Camila also stated that such hateful acts are against the values that she makes a point of talking about.

4. Workaholics to love birds

Insta source: @shawnmendes

It is not up until June 2019 that Camilla and Mendes shipper’s prayers were answered and the duo came out with the rocking single “Señorita” that was perceived by many as their own story. Their story took a leap with this sexy collaboration that took over the music charts and further strengthened their bond. The rumors were spreading like wildfire and they were put to rest on the 4th of July when both of them were seen publicly spending the holiday together as a couple.

Mendes’s mom added to the already flaring up rumors of Cabello and Mende being in a relationship by commenting with two heart-adorned emoji’s on a post of Mendes and Cabello on Cabello’s Instagram.

Pictures with poses like watching the ocean together while hands in hands were reported. It was also reported that they were mostly smiling and Camila was seen happily laughing at many points. They hardly mingled with other people and were seen most of the time together in the evening telling people that they were a couple. They were spotted together eating and having fun.  A few days later, people saw them together hugging each other in the public.

They looked more like a couple as were seen making out at a table. He had his arm around her a lot of time. Most of the time they were chatting and it was sure from the body language that they were very much in love.

5. Tech love between Mendes and Cabello


A new device “matching bond touch device” is now a new tech device that keeps the couple connected when they are away for long. The bracelet vibrates when the other one wearing the same bracelet touches their bracelet, although miles apart. The couple has now got the bracelet on their wrists so to stay connected even when their profession keeps them apart.

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Insta source: @shawnmendes

Life is strange when we observe how people from different origins meet each other and later come up to be in a relationship. This is on every fan’s tongue what the couple looks like when together and how their chemistry can be observed by their gestures.  The chemistry somewhat proves how the rumors do have some reality in them. So our fingers are crossed! Let’s see what the relationship turns up to.  There have been a lot of things common in their lives except for their actual family roots and the place they lived in. Both have been very passionate about their singing careers since their school days. The relationship that started only as a professional collaboration resulting in some top chart songs spiraled into a love affair! We hope for the best for these love birds.


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