Unpacking All About the Girlfriend Activation System

This could be your answer to finally having a girlfriend!

By Fred S.
Unpacking All About the Girlfriend Activation System

How Easy Is It To Find A Girlfriend?

Finding a loving and caring partner can be one of the greatest joys of life. Many people associate finding a girlfriend with only being desirable enough as a man, but that’s hardly it. You’ll find some men (no offense to them) that are leagues below you in terms of looks and charm but still manage to find a girl for themselves. Turns out, it has more to do with luck and coincidence than you might think. Some people just cross paths with their soul mate and things work out, but unfortunately, that’s not how it goes for all of us.

What Do Men Usually Do To Find A Girlfriend?

Men are desperate beings, and if they lock onto the target of finding a girlfriend, they’re not afraid to take ‘advanced’ measures. Because of this, the internet is filled with memes about their desperate behavior online. Some men try their luck by complimenting random girls in their DMs, while others stoop to the lowest level, and send unsolicited nudes. Trust me, no one’s into that – literally no one.

So what can you do if you’re not as lucky soulmate as the ones who found them? Well, while you cannot control your luck, you can still tune some other variables to find a partner of your type. For this, the most valuable thing you could do is to work on yourself, grow, and improve to become a better version of yourself. You’ll naturally connect with people who are at the same level as you, so if you have certain preferences in mind, make sure you work on yourself to deserve a girl of that caliber.

What is The Girlfriend Activation System?

It’s a course to help men find women of their type, to date, and build a successful long-term relationship with. The course consists of over 10 hours of video lectures and has already amassed an online community forum of over 80,000 members. Among the courses that help you get a girlfriend, the GFAS has successfully made a name for itself.

It’s the brainchild of Christian H; who is The Social Man’s head dating coach. He claims to have taken inspiration from the 50 Shades romantic saga. After all, there must be something to it that makes millions of women read those books and watch those movies – although much of it honestly just has to do with lust.

Christian H, who coincidentally shares the name with the male-lead of 50 Shades, spent the next 12 months indulged in research to study female psychology. Through it, he claims to have unearthed what women want and says that he has included lessons around it in this guide.

What Are The Contents Of The 3 Core Segments Of The Program?

The Girlfriend Activation System, in reality, is a mere pre-recording of a real-life 2-day event of Social Man held in 2014, in New York. By purchasing this course, you get a seat with a clear view sitting at your home.

On the first day of the two, the guide revolves around improving your inner game to become the type of man that women would prefer as their partner – or ‘boyfriend material’.

On the second day, Christian guides the audience through a step-by-step procedure from meeting a woman, to forming and nurturing a healthy long-term relationship with her.

The course can be segmented into three simple divisions, i.e.

  1. How to become boyfriend material
  2. The checkpoints in the dating story
  3. Creating a solid long-term relationship

1. How to become boyfriend material

This part of the course basically lists and describes the qualities women generally look for in men. These include masculine power, charisma, competence, honesty, and genuineness. This segment of the course guides you towards ticking all the right boxes, arming you with the most desirable qualities. Any girl who wants to settle down in a serious relationship with a man will surely look for these before committing long-term – it only makes sense.

2. The checkpoints in the dating story

In this second segment, Christian starts to touch upon the process of meeting a girl, dating her, and forming a committed relationship. It’s specially designed to find you a partner that you can love and respect, and get the same back unconditionally.

There won’t be tricks talked about here to win you a quick one-night-stand, this isn’t the course for that sort of thing. Instead, it helps you tune yourself to find the high-quality person you’ve always wanted to partner with, with a clear aim to make things official with her.

The section covers the issues of approaching a girl in detail, which is often the biggest hurdle many guys face. It’s easy to overlook such minor details, but they add up when it comes to making or breaking your chances with a great girl in the first few moments.

You’ll find tips and lessons on the importance of body language, voice tone, and eye contact in your approach to ladies. Guiding you with modules for the first few dates, the course is aimed at helping you through all key events that take place in a new relationship. Christian even walks you through what to do on a date, where to take her, conversation topics to bring up, and respectfully dropping her off – it’s all covered.

3. Creating a solid long-term relationship

The last part of the course, which in my opinion is the most important one, targets the 2-6 week period of transitioning from dating to an officially committed bond with each other. Most guys screw up here and get right back to square one – after having to deal with the break woes too, of course.

Christian gives important takes on why you should never take a woman for granted, no matter what stage the relationship is in. He shows his audience why it’s unfair to assume that you’ll see her every day, why you need to refrain from using her as a venting listener, and how her boundaries should always be respected.

In this critical stage, these lessons can prove to be of golden importance, as this is where she decides whether she’s ready to make long-term emotional and physical investments in you and her future.

Finally, Christian talks about how to bring up the proposal to finally make it official. He even walks the audience through examples to demonstrate how to casually bring it up in a convo, so that you could finish the ‘sale’ without screwing up at the last moment – and hopefully be able to one day call her your life-partner.  

Is The Program Worth The Purchase? What Do The Users Have To Say?

People generally find positive results through the course, and here are the words of a few satisfied men as advertised by The Social Man on their site; 

“I’ve said this once but I’ll say it again: I think your programs are the real deal. I truly believe I am a new man since purchasing the Girlfriend Activation System about a year ago. I perceive a higher sense of respect from people around me and I am much more at peace with myself and the direction my life is going. What you’ve done for me and what you’re doing for people is incredible.” – Hector M.

“Found my 10 and we happily got hitched last January..partly thanks to the Girlfriend Activation System.” – Mohamad N.

“I ordered The Girlfriend Activation System to brush up on my game. After 17 years of marriage, I divorced at the age of 40. After 18 months of getting my mind right, I decided it might be time for me to explore the dating game. Since I haven’t dated since my early twenties I felt this program would be helpful to give me the confidence to talk to women and not make an ass out of myself in the process. I can say the results are amazing and the program/emails…have completely changed my life. I have noticed a difference in how all people react to me not just women. Without question, this program is worth every penny.” – Aaron S.

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There are countless courses online that help you connect you with the partner of your dreams. The GFAS, or ‘The Girlfriend Activation System’ is one of them. It’s designed to help men increase their confidence and improve their interactive skills with women to be able to build a successful relationship. If you keep your heart and intentions pure and make an honest effort to improve yourself to attract the woman you deserve, you’ll surely succeed sooner or later. All the best!