20 Romantic and love italian phrases to impress your date

Easy sayings to express your love in Italian to your date

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20 Romantic and love italian phrases to impress your date

Italian, the most romantic language of all for love

Human beings are the crown of creation because of their ability to think, interact and socialize. A major part of which is the mode of communication amongst each other. Today, the world has become a global village and the concept of isolation and alienation has long left us. The Italian culture reeks of love and admiration. The sensual and rich culture of Italy has many aspects to it; from architecture to cuisine and clothing to the language itself. Italian is a gracefully beautiful and romantic language. The sound of it is just so appealing and sexy… from the accent to the grace and poise, everything seems like a reflection of love and romance!

20 Easy love sayings in Italian

It is safe to say that anybody who is a hardcore romantic has at one point or another considered learning Italian. And while it may seem hard to master the language in its entirety, you can always learn a few phrases to impress your lover. Here are 20 easy love sayings that you can memorize and win over your date or maybe even add some flavor to your existing long-term relationship.

For your man/boyfriend

For your man/boyfriend; here’s our top favorite love quotes in Italian. Take your pick and garner your man’s interest in you once again. Your boyfriend is absolutely going to love these if he is even the slightest bit of a romantic. Added bonus: They almost always make you sound exotic and sexy!

1. Ti penso ogni giorno - I think of you every day

It sounds awfully sweet and should definitely make him smile. Men pretend to be all rough and tough and act least bothered. But knowing you are thinking of him every single day would even melt the most hardcore of men! 

2. Sono anni che ti stavo cercando - I have been searching for you for years

Letting him know that he is the answer to all your searches would make him feel like the alpha that he is for you. Say this to your man and he is going to feel important. Needless to say, the phrase is beautiful and sensual!

3. Sei la ragione per cui vivo, per cui ogni giorno sorrido - You are my reason for living, for why I smile every day.

This relatively longer love quote in the most romantic language in the world needs no explaining as to why it is adorable. Being someone’s reason of living and smiling is probably the biggest compliment a person is ever going to get… and coming from your significant other, makes it all the more special!

4. Mi piace come mi baci. – I like how you kiss me.

This one is sexy and will make your man want to eat you up! The deliciously romantic quote is flirtatious and sounds more so in Italian. You can tease him with this on your date night or challenge him to more kissing after a make-out session. He will come back in stronger and more passionate- and isn’t that exactly what we want from our men? 

5. Ho voglia delle tue coccole. – I want your cuddles

This is for when you want something warm to say to your boyfriend/lover in the bedroom. Cuddling almost always gives you a warm feeling. Letting him know that his embrace soothes you is a great way to communicate how comfortable you feel around him. 

6. Ti voglio sempre al mio fianco. – I want you always by my side

This will reaffirm him about your love and interest in him. Saying this on a date or even on call would let him know of his importance in your life- and men sure love feeling important, don’t they?

7. Voglio invecchiare con te. – I want to grow old with you

Nothing is as romantic as growing old with the person you love. When you say this to your man; you’re letting him know how deeply invested you are in the relationship. This will assure him you’re in it for life and will scare away any insecurity that he might have. 

8. Sei il migliore - you're the best

Probably one of the easiest to remember and the simplest to convey your heart out. 

9. Sono pazzo di te - I'm crazy about you

Saying this to your boyfriend or husband would draw him uncontrollably towards you. The quote is both playful and passionate at the same time. Just like the Italian language!

10. Ti amerò finchè ho vita - I will love you while I still have life.

Loving someone till your last breath is the dream of every romantic. Saying it in Italian is going to make it all the more special. Convey the most romantic thing you could say to your lover in the most romantic language! After all, they deserve it, don’t they?

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For your female date

When you know you’re drawn towards someone, you always look for ways to impress them more and more. With these beautiful love quotes in Italian, you’re definitely going to make her fall for you…

11. Sei bellissima. – You are beautiful

Let’s admit it, every girl dreams of being called beautiful by her date/love interest. You can start off the evening by complimenting her or simply remind your long-term girlfriend of how gorgeous you think she is… 

12. Dove sei stato per tutta la mia vita? - where have you been all my life?

Ah, somebody hold my heart! This one is just so beautiful and perfect in Italian… Saying this to your date will definitely melt her heart.

13. Sei la mia anima gemella. – You are my soul mate.

The concept of soulmates is the most romantic ideology any lover could believe in. When you know somebody just belongs with you- you’re drawn towards them and it feels like a cosmic connection that was always meant to be! You can say this phrase to your lover and not only will it sound sweet, it’ll let her feel like you connect with her on a deeper level. You probably don’t want to say it on a first date though!

14. Sei l’unico/a per me. – You’re the only one for me.

Saying this to your date will definitely fight off any insecurity she might have had. Win her over by giving her the confidence that you’re only interested in her!

15. Potrei guardarti tutto il giorno. – I could look at you all day.

Oh and I could hear my man say this to me all day! Simply… perfect.

16. Nei tuoi occhi c’è il cielo. – Heaven is in your eyes

Every girl would love to be praised for her eyes. It just gets to the women, trust me. Saying this will win you extra cookie points.

17. Sono dipendente dei tuoi baci - I'm addicted to your kisses

Say this to your date and she’ll definitely kiss you some more…  

18. Grazie amore per sapermi amare - thank you my love for knowing how to love me

This is something you can say to a long term partner. The love quote shows vulnerability and will show them how grateful you are of the way they have chosen to love you. This one, sounds straight from the soul!

19. Dammi la tua mano e corriamo uniti per tutta la vita - Give me your hand and we will run together our whole lives.

This phrase is such a beautiful promise it’ll melt her heart in a second. You’re promising her a lifetime of commitment and compassion. She would definitely want more from the relationship after hearing this and you might even be able to take it to the next level and propose her for marriage?

20. Hai dato un senso alla mia vita - you have given sense to my life

And last but definitely not the least is this beautiful little saying in Italian that will just speak to any romantic in an instant. Your significant other will get butterflies in her stomach after hearing this wonderful amalgam of words… it is sweet and humbling, definitely worth memorizing!


Love is a beautiful emotion and its expression makes it so. Being able to share your love and joy with someone special is one of the most heart-warming feelings there are. Share these love quotes with your lover in Italian and you are bound to make them feel loved. You can memorize them for Valentine’s day, your anniversary or simply any date night. Even if you mess up a bit of the pronunciation, I’m sure you’ll get 10 on 10 for effort and creativity!

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