15 Words That Means More Than I Love You - Expressions and Foreign Language

Love him or her more than just "I Love You"? 15 more expression in your vocabulary

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15 Words That Means More Than I Love You - Expressions and Foreign Language

When You Love Him Or Her SO MUCH

Are you familiar with the warm, fuzzy and cuddly feeling that you get when you're in love? The love birds here will understand for sure. You can't really explain the experience but it's one heck of a ride. It's literally sugar, spice and everything nice all mixed together in the bond of two people. From the beginning of a relationship, when there was nervousness, butterflies, always trying to look the best to long term casually sitting in each other's laps, being yourself and just so happy to be with them. That's a journey worth taking.

Some adorable ways you love them:

You might be thinking, in what way do you NOT love them? When you adore every little habit, activity, or the mere existence of that person, then you are so in love and maybe even you can't explain it.

You love the way they smell

When you're with someone for a long time, you get habitual of their particular scent. It might be their signature perfume for sure, but mostly it's their own natural fragrance that keeps you all hooked up. You can smell it everywhere, their clothes, your clothes, your sheets, your pillows. And it's amazing! You can't get enough of it.

You love the way they laugh

Okay so frankly, your girl/guy might not have the prettiest or the most sophisticated laugh BUT it drives you crazy. You would want to capture it, make a video, no matter how embarrassed they are. But it's just weird that they don't get that you actually love it from the core and your heart melts every single time.

You love the way they make you feel

Every relationship is different, you might feel your better half makes you feel like a better person, or you might feel confident around them even though you aren't usually, you might feel you're the most hilarious person ever. Whatever you feel, it's because of your loved one and you love this feeling. That's what you want to be and maybe that's what you're becoming.

You love the way they just exist

Ever get caught in the moment when you're just staring at your boo, not realizing what else is happening around you. And then they snap you out of it. You realise that you're so in love with their mere existence that you want to cherish each moment and just make every moment with them, worth the while.

15 Words - Expressions And Foreign Language That Means More Than "I Love You"

Have you ever seen the look on your boyfriend's/girlfriend's face when you say those three special words out loud? That blush, that instant, and genuine smile. What will you not give to see that smile forever? So what if you knew some other phrases and expressions that mean much deeper and are the cutest. Obviously, saying something over and over can get a little dull too. So add these 15 in your vocabulary and make their day.

1. Je t’aime

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Oh the French, they're so smooth with their language and their kisses and their most romantic places in the world. Even the word 'French' reeks of love and romance, the mere thought of it makes you start imagining the Eiffel Tower and how you'd want to take your lover to the top and kiss them as you mean it. 

You can add this little French note anywhere in a text, a little note on the fridge, maybe with some croissants at breakfast. These words mean much more than you think.

2. Te amo

Spanish people and their traditions go long back. You might think a simple 'Te Amo' is just a replacement to 'I love you' but that's not the case. The meaning runs deep and when you add a red rose to the equation, you bring out the legend of Saint Jordi, who killed a dragon to save a princess and then from where the dragon's blood had spilled, he picked up a rose that had sprouted there. Since then it has been a thing to give roses to women in Spain.

3. Du bist die Liebe meines Lebens

Sure German is one of the toughest ones to learn and speak. Just like this phrase which means “You are the love of my life", holds the position of being the highest level of a declaration of love in German. Just like other fields of life like science and business, Germans are very competent in their love lives. If a guy brings flowers for a girl he wants to take out on a date, then he must bring some for her mother too. This is pure respect and sincerity.

4. 我爱你 (Wo ai ni)

Mandarin Chinese, each word of this language has a deep meaning and a long scroll of history attached to it. They take it very seriously and very romantically as well. they have a saying that Lovers' hearts are linked together and always beat as one. See how magical this is? When you say this expression, you mean you are linked with that person by heart. There's just one problem that phrases as I love you, come a bit too powerful for the Chinese, but for you boo, it's perfect.

5. 愛してる (Aishiteru)

In Japan, this word means I love you, simple. BUT it's not so simple when you follow Japanese culture. here you're only supposed to say this phrase when you're wholeheartedly committed to someone. This one is not to be taken lightly. So when you'll say this to your partner, make sure they know what importance it holds in Japan, and you love them like the Japanese do, unconditionally.

6. 죽을 만큼 사랑해 (Jugeul mankeum saranghae)

Yes, we all love the Koreans, their series, their music and definitely their love. Sometimes only I love you isn't enough so you use this expression which means 'I love you to death'. Wouldn't you want to just hug and squeeze your lover to...death? Borderline creepy but genuine. It has a similar touch to the phrase 'till death do us part'.

7. يا قمر (Ya Amar)

Pronounced as Ya Kamar, this Arabic phrase will refer your lover to the Moon. As the Moon has always been a symbol of beauty and love. So it will be you, calling them 'my most beautiful'.

8. آپ کے لئے میری محبت کو الفاظ بیان نہیں کر سکتے (aap kay liye meri muhabbat ko alfaaz byan nahin kar sakte)

Along with French, Urdu has its own place in being the most romantic language. This phrase translates as "Words can’t describe my love for you." How cute it is to use other languages with your lover because words actually can't describe your love.

9. Θέλω να είμαστε μαζί για πάντα (thelo na imaste mazi gia panda)

Convey your seriousness to your babe in Greek by saying "I want to be together forever." What's more reassuring than this statement?

10. Sei tutto per me

“You are everything to me.” Italians are passionate and they don't leave any opportunity to express it, ever. From their dances to romantic movies, the Italians sure no how to do it. Along with that, flirting is an art in Italy and it can be proven by a number of expressions there are which replace the original 'I love you'. Chivalry is inborne among the Italian men, from opening doors to paying for dates. They know how to get the girl.

11. Ты луч солнца в пасмурный день (ty luch solntsa v pasmurnyy den')

Translation, “You are a ray of sunshine on a rainy day.” Simply sweet, this Russian expression is easy to learn and say.

12. נועדנו להיות יחד (noadnu lihiyot yakhad)

In the Hebrew culture, love is something more than just a feeling or an emotion, it’s an action. This phrase translates to “we were meant to be together.”

13. Nemehotatse

The Cheyenne say ‘I love you’ this way. This group of Native Americans has a saying, “Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture the heart.” So you know who caught your heart, don’t hesitate to tell them.

14. Mahal kita

Tagalog is a language spoken in the Philipines, and Mahal Kita gives an expression of love. You can make this phrase even more intense by simply adding mahal twice or even thrice. ‘Love’ will be conveyed with twice or thrice the intensity.

15. ᓇᒡᓕᒋᕙᒋᑦ (Nagligivaget)

The language is Inuktitut, by the Inuit people. This means I love you, but with the promise that love reaches even the darkest and coldest corners of the Earth.

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It is true that love is a feeling, which cannot really be put into words, but expressions and phrases like these sure touch hearts, especially when they mean so much underneath. These 15 creative ways to convey the usual ‘I love you’ make you realize how different regions and cultures have their very own definitions of love. It truly is magical and extraordinary.


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