25 Signs That Your Husband Is Cheating On You

Do you suspect your husband of cheating? Are all the signs there? Before confronting him, read these 25 signs that your husband is cheating on you.

By B. Nicole
25 Signs That Your Husband Is Cheating On You

25 Signs That Your Husband Is Cheating On You

Cheating can be one of the most devastating blows to any marriage. Having the suspicion that your husband is cheating on you can cause a lot of stress and anxiety in your life, so here is a list of 25 signs that your husband is cheating on you. Take a look, and if your suspicions grow deeper, it may be time to confront your husband and know for sure.

Sign 1) Your Husband Is Away More

Signs and Signals of Cheating.

Suddenly, your husband has been spending more and more time away from the house. He's "out with friends" or "working late" more than usual. He spends more time out then he does at home. This could be a sign that he's cheating.

Sign 2) Your Husband Is Gone On An Emotional Level

Cheating is emotional, too.

If your husband has been withdrawing from you emotionally, it may be a sign that he's cheating on you with someone else. Being intimate emotionally is one of the biggest factors in a marriage, so when he retracts himself on an emotional level, he could be building that emotional connection with someone else.

Sign 3) Your Husband Has Mysterious Phone Calls

One of the most obvious signs of cheating.

If you find your husband taking phone calls in private and hesitates when you as him who was on the line, take this as a sign that something is going on. In marriage it is always good to have boundaries when it comes to privacy, but if private phone calls become frequent, he has someone on the line that he doesn't want you to know about.

Sign 4) He Erases His Text Messages

Cheating 101: Destroy All Evidence.

One of the tell-tale signs of cheating is when your husband erases his text messages or emails. He doesn't want you to see who he's communicating with, and although he thinks he's being sly, he's actually giving himself away. In a healthy marriage, your husband wouldn't care about deleting his messages because he has nothing to hide. If he's deleting, he's cheating.

Sign 5) He Starts Arguments

Maybe you'll end it first.

Every marriage comes with arguments, it's natural for there to be disagreements between two people who share every aspect of their lives together, but when your husband begins picking fights with you just for the sake of arguing, he might be trying to strain the relationship in order to make you unhappy with him. This is called guilt arguing. He feels guilt for cheating on you, so he begins these arguments so that you will feel strained in the relationship. If the arguments are frequent enough, he might be trying to get you to suggest a divorce, that way he will never have to own up to cheating on you.

Sign 6) He Pays More Attention To You

Guilt; one of the tell-tale signs of cheating.

On the contrary to sign 5, instead of starting guilt arguments, he might actually pay MORE attention to you now that he's cheating on you. This is what I call, Guilt Attention. He's feeling guilty for cheating on you, so he's trying to make up for it in his mind by giving you the attention you've always wanted from him. The sudden influx of attention, however, puts up a red flag.

Sign 7) He Buys Gifts, And Not For You

What a beautiful diamond necklace for your... coworker?

Giving gifts is a kind gesture between friends, relatives, and spouses, but when your husband has developed a habit of buying gifts for a "friend" more often then he gives gifts to you, it could mean he's cheating. He may think that he's being sly, because giving gifts is usually no big deal, and can actually make him more attractive to you since he's expressing his thoughtful side, but in fact it is a sure sign that he's cheating when he buys more gifts for another woman than he does for you.

Sign 8) He Has A Sudden Interest In His Looks

He wants to feel sexy... for who?

All the sudden, your husband starts shopping for new clothes and spending more time on his hair before he leaves for work. He never really cared much about his looks, until now. Perhaps he is trying to impress another woman by cleaning up his image.

Sign 9) He's Indifferent About Spending Time

He'd rather be cheating.

Usually when you are in a healthy marriage, your husband can't wait to spend some quality time together. If lately your husband has been feeling indifferent about spending time with you, it might be a sign that he's cheating. Spending time together should be the highlight of your day, and if he's not feeling that way, it could be because he would rather be spending his time with someone else.

Sign 10) A Coworker Is Suddenly Important

Office romances are always a bad idea.

Your husband may be cheating on you if he's taken a sudden interest in one of his coworkers. If he's always "working late on a project with a coworker," or "having drinks with a coworker," or has to "take this call, it's his coworker," there might he a little more to the relationship than work.

Sign 11) Less and Less Sex

Not interested.

If your sex life has dwindled down to an infrequent, non emotional connection, perhaps your husband has lost interest in maintaining a physical connection with you because he is trying to foster that type of connection with someone else.

Sign 12) The Connection Is Lost

No connection here, no connection there, no connection anywhere.

As mentioned in cheating signs 1 and 11, if there is no connection on an emotional or physical level, it could be because your husband is now connecting with someone else in these ways. He is no longer interested in maintaining any sort of meaningful connection with you because he's preoccupied with another woman.

Sign 13) Credit Card Cheating Charges

Because he thought you'd never notice.

If you are suspecting your husband of cheating, do a little detective work and check on his credit card statements. If there are charges that don't make sense, like $150 to a restaurant you've never been to, or a charge for a hotel room, be sure to take note of these strange charges and take it as one of the signs that he's cheating.

Sign 14) More Concerned With Your Schedule

Where will you be at 5 pm three days from now?

If suddenly your husband is more concerned with your schedule and whereabouts, it could be because he's trying to sneak around and make sure that he won't get caught in the act. This is one of the classic signs of cheating, and a reason to be on high alert.

Sign 15) His Smells Like He's Cheating

Oh, but could you be more obvious?

Smelling a perfume on your husbands clothes that doesn't belong to you is one of the biggest indicators of cheating. Why else would your husbands clothes be saturated with the smell of another woman?

Sign 16) He Is More Critical Of You

He has to justify himself somehow, right?

Being critical of you is just his way of letting out some of his guilt and anger towards himself. Cheating on you is not something he's proud of, and it makes him feel defensive. He tries to justify his cheating by criticizing you and making you out to be the bad guy.

Sign 17) Starts Spending Weekends Away

Business trips, fishing trips, cheating trips, what's the difference anyway?

If your husband has suddenly taken a liking to weekend getaways "with the guys" or to "clear his mind," it might he a sign that he's spending those weekends with another woman. Occasional weekend getaways are nice, and sometimes needed when in a healthy marriage, but when these weekend getaways become every other weekend, it's definitely one of the signs he might be cheating on you.

Sign 18) Doesn't Want Your Affection

Don't. Touch. Me.

If your husband rejects your affections, it might be because he's seeing someone else. Cheating is a tricky game to play, and he might feel some guilt accepting your affection when he's been giving all of his affection to another woman.

Sign 19) He Openly Expresses Discontent

He's not happy, and he wants you to know there's nothing you can do about it.

If your husband has been openly expressing discontent in the relationship, but refuses to do anything about it, he might be cheating on you. This is his way of telling you that he's unhappy, however no matter how openly he expresses his discontent, if he isn't trying to work it out, it could be a sign that he's looking for someone else, or has already found her.

Sign 20) He Avoids Talking To You

Um, yeah. Let's just talk later.

One of the signs that your husband is cheating is if he avoids talking to you about certain subjects. He might avoid questions about his whereabouts, he might avoid talking about his friends or coworkers, he might even avoid talking about your relationships as a whole. He's avoiding these certain subjects for a reason.

Sign 21) Your Husband Isn't Jealous


A little bit of jealousy in a relationship is healthy. It's human to be at least a little jealous if someone tries to put the moves on your spouse. If your husband shows no signs of jealousy, no matter what you say to try and evoke in within him, he could be cheating on you. He isn't jealous because his feelings for you aren't as strong and he's preoccupied with another woman.

Sign 22) You Catch Him Lying


If you catch your husband in a lie, it shows that there isn't much respect or trust in the relationship to begin with. If you catch him lying often, there must be a reason behind the lies.

Sign 23) He No Longer Says "I Love You"

"You too..."

When cheating begins, your husband is now torn between two women. Saying "I love you" feels wrong to him. If your husband doesn't say "I love you" anymore, it's one of the most definite signs that he's cheating on you, and has fallen in love with another woman.

Sign 24) He Doesn't Answer Your Phone Calls

Please leave a message after the beep.

When you find yourself having to call your husband multiple times only to get his voicemail, it could be a sign that he's cheating. He doesn't want to answer your call while he's with another woman, so he ignores your call until he can call you back in private.

Sign 25) You Feel Left Behind

Gone with the wind.

If you start feeling left behind in your husbands life, it's one of the signs that he's cheating on you. If he no longer invites you places, no longer includes you in his plans, and no longer considers your feelings, it is clear that he is moving on with someone else, even if he hasn't officially left you yet.

So, What To Do Next?

You deserve to know.

It's never easy to suspect that your spouse is cheating. It causes pain and anxiety in your life, and the only way for the pain to stop is to find out for sure. Although these are 25 signs that your husband is cheating on you, these "red flags" are no solid proof. If you read through these signs and are convinced that your husband is indeed cheating on you, it's time to confront him and get the honesty you deserve.