I Hate My Girlfriend: 10 Reasons to Move On

Hate is a strong word, but sometimes it fits. If you hate your girlfriend, here are ten reasons that you should consider moving on.

By Rose Elementary
I Hate My Girlfriend: 10 Reasons to Move On

So, You Hate Your Girlfriend?

Some people are date-able while some people are hate-able! Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a while to figure out who belongs to which category. If you find yourself in a relationship with a girl you thought you could love but find that you hate, you should end things. Having trouble identifying whether or not your girlfriend is in the hate category? If any of these ten things applies to you, it's time to cut her loose.

1. You Hate Her

It seems simple enough, but sometimes it takes some reminding. If you feel any sort of hate towards your girlfriend, get out and get out fast. It's not love when you hate her and the relationship isn't going to last much longer anyway. You owe it to both of you to end your relationship if you hate your girlfriend. Some signs of hating your girlfriend include dreading seeing her when you come home, avoiding her texts, never texting her, imagining what it would be like to be with anyone but her, and feeling like you don't want to sleep with her anymore. If any of these things ring true when you think about your girlfriend and your relationship, you're better off breaking up with her. Otherwise you may resort to cheating and that would make things a million times worse. Break it off when love turns to hate and you're free to see anyone you want!

2. The Sex Sucks

Sex is an important part of a lot of long-term relationships. If you want to get married and have kids, you're going to be having sex. Chances are your girlfriend wants a healthy sex life, too. If you hate her, you're not having a healthy sex life. Though sometimes angry sex can be awesome sex, when you're in a long term relationship, sex out of love is important, too. Consider your sex life with your girlfriend. Is it as good as it was when you first started to date? Do you think it'll still be good if you stay together forever? Do you ever think about cheating to get better sex? If the answer is no to the good sex and yes to the cheating, you need to leave your girlfriend. Chances are, even if you only hate her a little bit right now, you'll hate her a lot when the sex dries up.

3. You Have Nothing to Talk About

Communication is vital to relationships. If you don't have anything to talk about, you're not going to love your girlfriend. You'll start to hate her more and more over quiet dinners and awkward dates. The conversation may have flowed when you first got together, but it starts to die down as the getting to know you questions wear off and the actual conversation has to start. This is another sign that you're beginning to, or already do, hate your girlfriend. You might resent her or yourself for the problems you're having talking to each other. Leave the relationship behind before either of you regret staying together.

4. You Hate Who You Are With Her

A relationship is a two way street. A sign that you hate your girlfriend is that you hate who you are when you're with her. If you've noticed yourself changing for her or because of her, and you don't know the changes, it may be time to move on. You have to consider what is best for both of you. Hating yourself will make you both miserable in a long term relationship. Sit your girlfriend down and let her know how you feel, in the nicest way possible. She may even feel the same way. Having this conversation will make the break up easier on both of you. If you do leave your girlfriend because you hate her and hate who you've become with her, consider taking some time off before jumping into a relationship with someone new. Get back to being someone you love to be before you try to love someone else.

5. She's Too Clingy

A little bit of clinginess is fine. It's a sign that your girlfriend cares about you when she wants to be around you often. However, it can be too much when she's overwhelming you with being all up in your business and your life. If you start to hate your girlfriend because she won't stop clinging to you like a life raft, let her go. One of the worst signs of an overly clingy girlfriend is when you can't do anything without your girlfriend anymore. A little distance can be healthy in a relationship. If she won't let you even hang out with your family without tagging along? That can be annoying, and the longer it goes on, the more you'll hate her. You'll stop inviting her places which will only make her angry, and her anger will contribute to how much you don't like her. It's in both of your best interests to break things off when you hate her for being clingy.

6. Your Friends/Family Hate Her

One of the biggest tells that you should leave your girlfriend is that your friends or family hate her. Your friends and family know you best, so if they think something is wrong, you should absolutely listen. Your friends are the ones who listen to you complain about every annoying thing your girlfriend does to make you hate her. If they hear you talking about how much you hate your relationship, they're going to tell you that you need to end things. Listen to them. Your friends are an outside source and they're less emotionally invested in the relationship. You may want to stay because you don't want to be alone or you like the sex, but your friends will tell you to leave for the reasons you can't see without a little help. Your family is the one who has to put up with your girlfriend at holidays and special dinners. They'll see her at her best and they probably won't get the same inside look at your relationship as your friends do. This is why you should trust your family if they tell you they hate your girlfriend. If they don't think she's good for you at her best, imagine what they'd think of her at her worst? Use your judgment, but it's safe to say your family knows what they're talking about. If they hate her, you probably do too, and you should end things.

7. Your Girlfriend is Annoying

When you've had a long day at work or you're feeling really stressed, you want to come home and be happy. If your girlfriend is so annoying that you dread coming home, even when all you want is the couch and a beer, then you probably hate her a little bit. You're supposed to want to be with your girlfriend, but when your girlfriend is ridiculously annoying, it's hard to appreciate being around her. If you ever think about going out just to get away from her, or even worse, cheating because you hate being around your girlfriend so much, it's probably best that you break up with her. You're not going to marry someone who annoys you constantly, so the sooner you end it the better.

8. You Don't Care What She's Doing

When your relationship first started, you'd text your girlfriend every once in a while just to find out what she's up to. You weren't obsessive, but you wanted to be involved in her life. You cared what she was doing because you cared about her. Now, though, you could not care less what she's up to. You'd actually rather not know. She might tell you she's hanging out with her ex or with her friends that hate you, going to a club where you know she'll be on every guy's radar, and it won't disgust you. This is a sign that you should break up with your girlfriend. You don't need to know her every last move, but you should care about what your girlfriend is doing with her life. Her life is entwined with yours, so it should matter when she's going out to have a good time. You should ask her what she's doing and offer company when she's feeling down. You shouldn't be ignoring her or wishing you were anywhere but with her. If you find that you don't even want to send a "hey what's up" text, end the relationship for both of your sakes.

9. You Met Someone New

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Cheating is wrong. Unless you're in an open relationship, you shouldn't start seeing someone else when you're still dating your girlfriend. However, if you met someone new, you may want to end things. This doesn't mean you have to start dating the new person right away, or ever, but just the fact that you're considering it means your relationship isn't strong enough to last forever. Consider whether or not you're just lusting after someone new or have real feelings for them before you go and end your relationship. However, if you do feel like you're developing an attracting to someone who isn't your girlfriend, you should let her go. Neither of you want to be in a relationship where you're unhappy, so end things before you end up hating each other completely.

10. When You Think of Your Future, She's Not In It

Close your eyes and imagine your future. Is anyone beside you? Is it your current girlfriend, or someone else? If the person you picture when you think of your future isn't your girlfriend, you should end things. You may not hate her now, but you will hate her if you think she's holding you back from the future you've always pictured. Have a conversation with your girlfriend about what you both want in a relationship. Chances are, things aren't lining up between you and you'll be glad you got it out in the open before you were too far gone.

It's Time to Move On

Coming to the realization that you hate your girlfriend isn't an easy thing to do, but it is better you figure it out now than wait until she's walking down the aisle in a wedding dress. If any of these ten things ring true for you, you should move on from your relationship so that you can both find people that you love and form a lasting relationship with them.