9 Signs that Makes You Question if He Still Loves You

Maybe your intuition is correct about his love for you

By Michele
9 Signs that Makes You Question if He Still Loves You

Does love ever fade away? To be exact, it does change. Love carries strong emotions and feelings that transform with the passage of time. This transition can be difficult for some couples to handle and that does not mean that love has gone missing. Let’s be clear over here. If you love your partner, you will go to any extent to make him/her feel happy. You would not find any sort of excuses.

Your partners’ happiness will be above everything for you. And for that reason, many people will even call you a selfish person. When you are showing so much love, you will also expect your partner to reciprocate. With the passage of time, a couple’s manner of expressing or sharing love can greatly change. The spark diminishes, but the bond intensifies. If you note that you are putting considerable effort but your partner is not showing love back in any manner, then there is something wrong.

It is not easy to see a person not showing care anymore. There are some signs that you need to notice. They will tell you about the intentions of your partner. Here, I am going to discuss 9 Signs that Makes You Question if He Still Loves You. They will help you a lot in understanding the nature of your relationship.

Have a Nagging Feeling about Your Relationship

There are reasons for feeling that way. If you have been in a relationship for a considerable period of time, you become well-aware of your partner's personality and attitude. It is painful to see your partner, not have the same lovey-dovey behavior towards you.

It can all start from any event. At the beginning of any relationship a girl and a guy go ahead of every sort of formalities. They want to make sure that their partner gets the best time of their life. But if you notice after a few years that your partner only drops a happy birthday message, it surely indicates that he is getting bored.

9 Signs That Makes You Questions About His Love for You

There are obvious signs of an impending storm. Look out for them and prepare accordingly. You do not want to become an emotional wreck after all. Let’s have a look at those circumstances that make you question his love for you

1. He Stops Fighting

It is one of the major signs that indicate a change in the emotional climate of any relationship. It is also not good to have a lot of heated arguments. But general disagreement is a natural thing; relationships do have some sort of conflicts. Any sort of diversity in opinion shows that the couple is investing in each other’s growth.But no conflict shows that the couple is no longer interested in each other and quite hopeless about their future together.

2. He Stops Respecting

For any relationship's survival it is important to maintain respect. It is an essential key for a long-lasting and healthy bond. Respect in every matter. If you notice that your partner has engaged himself in inappropriate activities and shows abusive acts, then there is something extremely wrong. You need to break this cycle of disrespect and set a boundary.

3. He Avoids Intimacy

Intimacy shows desire and affection. It is the way through which couples can communicate their feelings. But if there is a lack of any sort of intimacy from his side, it means that he is not comfortable with you anymore. Sex is one of the prime forms of intimacy. And lack of sex demonstrates a poor emotional connection. If he doesn’t get intimate with you anymore or finds excuses then my darling, you have lost a part of him.

4. He Avoids You

If you notice that he does not spend much time with you in spite of being free in the evening, will you just let go off this feeling? You notice that he starts spending more time with family members and friends instead of you. This clearly indicates that his priorities have changed and he loves talking to everyone else but not you. For your emotional safety, you need to find your support too. You can be your best savior trust me

5. He Gets Critical

If he stops fighting and starts criticizing you over petty matters, it means that he is easily irritated by whatever you do. Maybe he is finding reasons to end this relationship. Or maybe he is fed up with your presence around him. In any manner, rough criticism, that surpasses affection, puts holes in a happy relationship. How can he make you feel good when he is constantly working on making you sound like a failure?

6. He Leaves Bad Memories

If your relationship is all about bad or negative memories that overweigh the good ones then it’s certainly not working for you. If his treatment makes you feel poorly, how you can survive the burden of that relationship? Feeling unhappy and unsatisfied for a long period of time can take away the hope of staying happy in the future. Think about where you stand, if he continues to make you feel bad in spite of your active efforts to keep the relationship afloat.

7. He Lives a Different Life

If your lives are not interwoven then what’s the point of that relationship. If you observe that your lifestyle is not intersecting at any point and that makes you unhappy, it’s about time that you evaluate your efforts. As a couple, if you are living your own lives and have a separate path then what’s the bond about? There is no sharing or caring

8. He Shows Attitude

Do not ignore whatever he is trying to communicate through his cold attitude. If he has stopped showing affection and has a bad temperament around you then it means he is trying to convey his unhappy state. Not getting a smile from him now and then and instead of facing an unfriendly disposition will certainly ruin your day. It is a matter of concern.

9. He Makes You Feel Alone

After all this treatment who would not feel alone? If you are really feeling alone then it means that you are not getting love from your partner. He is not willing to lend emotional support to you. And that makes you very unhappy. Instead of getting the feeling that he means everything, you feel insecure and manage through all of your struggles alone. If this is your state then you are certainly facing a tough time.

Quiz about Whether He Still Likes Me or Not

Let’s have a look at some important questions after 9 Signs that Makes You Question if He Still Loves You. They will help you in making a decision that will ensure happiness in the long run.

1. Does he still bring flowers and gifts as a birthday surprise?

2. Does he still take you out for an ice-cream on a freezing night?

3. Does he still cuddle you while sleeping?

4. Does he still remember your favorite color?

5. Does he still respect your opinion?

6. Does he still go out shopping with you?

7. Does he still take you out for dinner date?

8. Does he still take you out to watch his favorite game?

Take this quiz yourself and see where you stand now. If he still loves you, he would be doing everything to keep you in his life.

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After reading this article, if your intuition tells you that he does not love you anymore then you need to take a step that will put an end to your misery. What’s the use of investing your energy and efforts at a place where everything goes in vain? Move on and make your future bright. Do not stay at a place where you do not belong anymore. Understand this.