The Ultimate Guide To Turn Anyone Sexually On Or Off

List of the top 30 turn-ons and turn-offs for both guys and girls

By Diana Nadim
The Ultimate Guide To Turn Anyone Sexually On Or Off

To Know The Turn-on’s, You Need To Know The Turn-offs

Hooking up with an old or new partner can sometimes be overwhelming. There are just so many things to do and so many body parts to touch for you to turn them on. This is even more difficult if you are trying to turn a woman on.

Top 15 Turn-on’s You Can Do

1. The hair

You know how good it feels when someone is playing with your hair. Now imagine this in a sexy scenario. Both guys and girls have the same feeling when their hair is gently pulled when they are kissing or being held. The nerves send stimulation to the rest of their body, and this is a huge turn on.

2. Foreplay

Most people shrug the idea of foreplay because they think it is not necessary. Without foreplay, usually, the woman in the relationship is not satisfied because you have not prepared her for the sex. You need to make her wet before you proceed to avoid even hurting her.

3. Different sex positions

We all love the good old missionary position, but sex gets boring if you stick to the same thing for months or even years, spice things up with some new positions and styles and this will turn the both of you on like you never imagined.

4. Confidence

Often, you will hear someone say that they are usually turned on by someone’s confidence, and you may wonder how that is possible. When you get into bed with your partner, the way you make them feel will give you both a good time. It will make your partner think you know what you are doing even when you are an amateur.

5. Giving all you have

If you are a guy don't just stop at penetration, that is not great sex. When you get into her, remember to pay enough attention to her other parts like the breasts, the kissing, and the constant touching. The same case for ladies, ensure that your man gets to feel some love, play with his penis, continuous touching and kissing will keep him in the game for longer.

6. Being and looking sexy

Keep up your appearance and your physique, say something hot and do something sexy. This will get your partner going for you. When you look sexy for your partner, you will be initiating the tempo.

7. Giving your partner a show

Put on an act and introduce him or her to your play. A sexy and naughty role play will turn on your partner, and before you know it, you will be having a great time.

8. Teasing a little

Kiss and lick your way down to the torso and then stop right before you get to the penis or the vagina. Walk away for a little bit and then come back when only you want to. The anticipation will be more than enough.

9. Full-body Massages

Give each other full-body massages. This can be done by grabbing some oil or lotion and getting to work.

10. Sharing some steamy and sexy fantasy

By letting your partner know what you fantasize about, this stimulates both your minds in new ways which could ultimately lead to great sex.

11. A quickie surprise

Sex without anticipation can tap into a deep reservoir of animal instinct. Just as arousal is mysterious and powerful, the frenzied abandon of quick and lustful sex can make you and your partner climax in no time.

12. Find his P-Spot

This is the space between his balls and butt. Apply a little pressure to stimulate the perineum and it will heighten an amazing orgasm.

13. Use your words

There are so many sexy things you can say to your partner in order to turn him or her on. The dirtier the better.

14. Treat sex like a buffet

Take breaks during intercourse and go back to the foreplay. Do this repeatedly as it will keep your partner turned on for longer.

15. Public display of affection

Hold your partner's hand, steal pecks ad kisses, hold them close you and do all kinds of silly things with them in public. This will show that you are comfortable with them and it might just be a turn on for them.

No one is ever truly an expert in this thing called love, but if you want to win in it, you will have to know the rules. One of the essential things to know is what turns your partner on or off. Knowing this can determine the kind of sexual relationship you will have. It is better to understand what makes your partner get feels whenever you are around. That way, you will be saving a lot of time, and you will know exactly what to do to turn your partner on.

You also need to know what turns off your partner to avoid bedroom mishaps.

The Top 15 Turn Offs That You Should Avoid At All Cost

1. A bad attitude

A good attitude is encouraged in bed, but if you go in with a lot of negative energy, you might turn off the person with you. You can use this on someone you don’t like to keep them off.

2. Being the starfish

This is a girl who does nothing but lies there and wants the guy to do everything. This will push your man away because even men want to feel like you are making love to them.

3. Poor personal hygiene

Personal hygiene is essential for both men and women. If your partner wants to go down on you and you are smelly, they might even too traumatized to get their head beneath the blankets.

4. Controlling sex

If you are the kind of person who wants to have sex your way and no other way, you might end up turning off your partner or making them feel like a tool without feeling for you to consider.

5. Asking too many questions during sex

When you keep asking questions like, “you like that?” you will sound like you don’t know what you’re doing and this might turn your partner off. Pay attention to your partner's body language, and you will see whether he or she likes it or not.

6. Lack of sexual initiation

If you lack sexual initiation, you are pretty much similar to a starfish. It might seem like you are uninterested and will make them a little less interested.

7. Treating the vagina or penis like you are scared of it

When you venture down there, be a little playful. You don’t want your partner feeling like his shaft is just being tickled.

8. Changing positions too frequently and too quickly

As much as you enjoy experimenting and changing positions when you do it after every two minutes, it might get tiring and lose the mojo in the process.

9. Not paying attention

If you keep looking at your phone every five minutes, your partner might think you are uninterested and be turned-off.

10. Bad breath

Having bad breath is an instant turn off. It is an indicator of a lack of proper hygiene.

11. Faking an orgasm

As much as one could go unnoticed, once your partner finds out that you might be faking an orgasm, it could be the end of your sex life with that partner as it is one of the worst turn-offs.

12. Impatience

Even when you are having a quickie, being impatient can be a huge turn-off. Your partner needs to feel that they are important and worth your time. If you are there and all you want is to be done with them, perhaps you are not in the right place and if your partner notices your impatience this might just be the end of a fun sex life between you.

13. Being boring and closed-minded

Not being open to experimentation may lead to the same old styles and positions and once it starts to get boring, your partner may not be turned on and opt to go look for better sex elsewhere.

14. Talking about your ex’s

If you start talking about your past sex life experiences and even start comparing, you will be in big trouble. This will ruin your sex life and even your relationship at large.

15. Being aggressive

Know the difference between wild sex and being aggressive. Being aggressive may make your partner uncomfortable and even turn her off.

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Men and women have different turn-on and turn-offs, but both might experience some similar problems. If you are in a long-term relationship, it is advisable to bring for the issues that are of concern to both of you to avoid any future misunderstandings.



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