8 Sure-Fire Ways to Turn on Your Own Sex Drive

Not reciprocating hints? Increase your sex drive with 8 ways!!

By Fred S.
8 Sure-Fire Ways to Turn on Your Own Sex Drive

Low sex-drive might not be that problematic to your own self, but it sure bothers your partner every once in a while. If their libido levels are any higher than yours, they’re probably tired of hearing the phrase “not right now, babe” from you. It honestly can be a serious mood crusher when your partner dresses especially sexier for you, giving you “the looks” and intentionally brushing themselves against you, only to find out you’re totally uninterested at the moment. It’s not always your fault; it’s your libido at times, but you obviously care enough about this and your relationship to find your way to this article, which is absolutely the correct thing to do! You’ve made it to the right place because, in this article, we’re aiming to discuss the distinction between a high and low sex-drive, and effective steps you can take towards scoring significant improvements.  

Meaning and Definition of a High and Low Sex Drive

To put it into the simplest possible words, a high sex drive is what makes you ‘need’ to make love more often, or touch them in sexually suggestive ways throughout the day - ahem. It’s a pretty desirable quality to have if it’s reciprocated by your partner too, and it can work wonders for a relationship to reach wilder and hotter levels. On the other hand, a low sex drive makes you wonder why the world around you is so obsessed with sex? You see PlayBoy models flaunt their assets in a video and you’re just weirded out; and honestly, that’s not the normal response.  You just don’t want sex as much as the kind of person mentioned above.  

As you could imagine, the real problem arises when both these types of people end up in a relationship with each other. As a low sex drive member of the relationship, you may ask for reasons why you’re wired this way, looking for ways to climb up the libido-ladder. This article will serve you in both of those ways; let’s first look at the reasons why you may have low libido.  

1. Aging Plays a Role

There are biological reasons behind this, but you’re surely not interested in those details. However, your age does matter a lot when it comes to your sex drive. Typically, older men feel a lesser attraction towards sex than say, a 19-year old would. 

2. Psychological Problems

If you take a lot of stress, whether it be financial or work-related, or any type of anxiety, then that’s definitely taking a toll on your libido levels. Depression or insecurities could also make you uninterested in sex.   

3. Medical Issues

High cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity are some medical conditions that have an obvious effect on your sex drive. If you’re taking tons of medicines, especially for hair-loss, don’t be surprised if you feel a decline in your libido.  

4. Hormones

For both, women and men, testosterone is the main hormone of sexual desire. If testosterone levels drop, it usually means that you need to have sex would too (discussed in detail ahead). A high level of prolactin production in the brain can also have a similar effect.  

8 Sure-Fire Ways to Increase Your Own Sex Drive

For Women

1. Hormone treatment

Hormonal imbalances cause all sorts of inconsistencies in the female body, examples of which can be evident at the time your period closes by; bringing mood swings, cramps, and an unusual feeling of frustration with it. Similarly, other types of hormonal imbalance can become an important reason why your libido declines, and a specific type of hormonal therapy may be needed to treat your case.  

Some hormones promote sex drive, while the over-production of others can have a counter effect. Doctors analyze the situation you’re in particularly and design a treatment therapy that corrects whatever’s causing the imbalance, so you should try this one for sure. 

2. Medication

Before prescribing your medicines for boosting libido, your doctor will first review the medications you are already using, for whichever issues. Some of those, usually antidepressants, may have side effects that involve lowering your sex drive, which is an important fact to be aware of before starting your treatment. The expert may switch you over to other substitutes to your medicines that don’t lower your libido, or in some cases even increase it.  

However, don’t just trust sex-drive boosting medicine suggestions from a friend or another satisfied customer of a product; it may not work for you and might be harmful for your condition. Always consult a specialist before going for such enhancers. They’ll tell you whether you can even handle them or not, and give you better suggestions with their experience.  

3. Chocolate and oysters

There are tons of natural blessings to take advantage of when it comes to boosting your sex drive. Even if you don’t want to go the herbal route, simply eating a lot more chocolate can work wonders for you. It symbolizes desire and works as a wonderful tasting, melt-in-your-mouth aphrodisiac. It helps promote serotonin secretion in your body, and that’s a hormone responsible for putting you in a horny mood. The same goes for oysters, and if you choose to have them liberally through the day, you’ll find yourself longing for your man’s touch way more often.  

4. Spice things up in bed

It’s human nature to get bored with repetition, even if it’s something as desirable as sex. Sticking to a singular, specific proper approach to sex initiation can cause female libido to decline too. You naturally lose interest in a boring sex routine, and if you feel like you’re going through this issue, it’s vital to talk it through your partner and look for ways to spice it up. Find different ways to arouse and get aroused, teach them different ways and tips that get you going, because there’s no one that knows you better than yourself. If your partner is concerned with your declining interest in making love, they’d love to take any steps to make the situation better!  

For Men

5. Keep check on testosterone levels

As mentioned above, it’s the essential hormone for development, body strength, and most importantly, sex drive! To be precise with the figures, if a man’s total testosterone falls under 300 to 350 ng/dL (nanogram per deciliter), his libido would be at the risk of plummeting dramatically. There are supplements for this condition if it exists, including medication and other enhancers. But in extreme cases, there’s an option for testosterone replacement therapy to restore the sex drive in males, but it’s unadvisable for people with a cardiovascular disorder, as risks of strokes and blood clots may increase. Consult your doctor about this though, he’ll advise the best way to go for your particular condition.  

6. Treating sleep disorders and stress

While you may think that the only way stress impacts your sexual desires is by distracting you to apparent problems you’re facing, but that’s not the only reason. It has an intrinsic effect too, triggering the cortisol production, which can be thought of as a default alarm in your body. It causes the blood vessels to constrict, putting you at risk of erectile dysfunction, while also causing testosterone to drop. Treatment remedies include well-designed stress management tactics, and in some cases, medication to counter it. Stress is obviously linked to insomnia and other sleep issues, which gives rise to a whole other tree of complexities. Just the fatigue is enough to make you uninterested in sex, so stress is a serious area to look at as a male.  

7. Fighting off depression and anxiety

These conditions go hand-in-hand with low sex-drive problems. Depression could be the cause of low libido, but it may well be its consequence. Psychotherapy is known to be one of the most effective ways of treating depression, along with anti-depressants (make sure they don’t have side effects that lower libido). It’s a tricky situation and must be dealt with by an experienced specialists, so it’s best to go to your doctor if you feel depressed and straying farther away from sex.  

8. Cutting down alcohol and smoking

Your lifestyle always plays a role in impacting your sex drive. Especially when you choose to let loose on things that come with a health hazard warning, such as alcohol and smoking cigarettes. The good thing about these problems is that your libido will show improvement results soon after you quit or cut down on their usage. Smoking, for one, increases the risk of erectile dysfunction directly and tends to impair sexual arousal (source: 2012 University of Texas, Austin study). Alcohol also results in a reduction in the testosterone levels, and by now we know how important this hormone is.  

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Sex is one of the most essential needs that have been hard-wired in our bodies, and losing the desire to indulge in it can be heartbreaking. The worst part about this though is that it doesn’t just affect you, it could seriously harm your relationship and the bond you have with your lover. You’re the only medium that your partner has in order to fulfill his/her sexual needs, and if you refuse to take note of their advances and hints, it can get frustrating for them pretty soon. But every lock has a key, and every problem has solutions to it. This article has gone through 8 sure-fire ways to bring your libido levels from the basement to the rooftop, and we hope they help you tremendously. Good luck!