25 Signs Of Sexual Tension - Is Your Sex Drive Out Of Control?

Wondering if the sexual tension between you two is mutual? Learn to recognize the signs of sexual tension in yourself and others here!

By Dorothy
25 Signs Of Sexual Tension - Is Your Sex Drive Out Of Control?

#1 Intense Eye Contact Leads to Sexual Tension

You can tell immediately if a girl wants to get with you by looking into her eyes. Maintaining eye contact is one of the biggest signs and a clear indication of building sexual tension. It doesn’t matter if it’s a face to face conversation or repeated glances across the room, eye contact is among the first signs of sexual tension. You might find these signs at work or with friends.

#2 Close Body Language is Among the Signs

All people want to get close and physical with their future sexual partners. Watch if the person is trying to mirror your body language or lean into your personal space. Men will often preen and smooth down their shirt or touch their hair in front of people they want to impress.

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#3 Silence with Sexual Tension

There are two types of uncomfortable silences. The first is the awkward silence. The second is one where there is so much sexual tension building up that nobody knows what to say next. The uncomfortable yet sexual silence is one of the clearest signs of tension. You might see these signs of sexual tension with friends or coworkers.

#4 Sexual Arousal Within Someone's Presence

A good way to identify sexual tension can be found in your own body. If you get aroused whenever someone is around, that might be one of the best signs that there is sexual tension building.

#5 Lingering

If a guy or girl always seems to linger in your presence, then it's one of the obvious signs that they are sexually attracted to you. Look for the linger with your mutual friends at work or different coworkers.

#6 Flirting is Natural and One of the Best Signs

Flirting may come extremely naturally if you guys are interested in each other. It doesn’t matter what you guys may be talking about. From politics to school, if your conversations turn into naughty flirting, those are signs that sexual tension is there!

#7 Too Much Touching

Tension can grow from just casual touching. When there’s enough built up you guys will find yourself engaging in physical contact for absolutely no reason at all, which is one of the signs that you two should just get a room already.

#8 Vocal Changes Increase Sexual Tension

Love (and making love) makes people do strange and weird things. Men may try to sound more manly by deepening their voices. Women will increase the pitch of their voices and titter constantly. These are good signs that your partner or coworker wants to initiate something more intimate.

#9 Historic Context with Signs

Recycling naughty jokes can be an indication of repeated sexual interest. It might surprise you as this might be common with your mutual friends of co-workers.

#10 The Couple Comment Is Part of the Signs

One way that people flirt is to make a comment about the future with you. If a co-worker or friend makes comments about how cute you guys would look together, that is definitely a sign something deeper is happening.

#11 Hand Comparisons Increase Sexual Tension

Your future partner will love to build sexual tension by touching your hands. Comparing hand sizes or running your hands over their body is a way to communicate intimacy through touch.

#12 The Wink

This might sound extremely corny and weird, but sometimes winking can be an excellent way to flirt with your partner. If you ever received a wink that didn’t feel cheesy or weird, it might be a flirtatious move. I have received signs of sexual tension from coworkers and friends through winks!

#13 Tightrope Talking

If you find yourself reaching for yet another thing to talk about because you can only think about what you want, then you are feeling sexual tension. You need to balance your feelings and perform while being mentally sound. Increasing sexual tension can be tough! You might feel this way about your friends and coworkers. At work look for signs of sexual tension!

#14 Nostalgic Feelings

Sexual tension can show up in the form of a nostalgic feeling or moment. It makes you feel excited and anxious, like waiting for lunch to happen. Sexual tension can be weird sometimes!

#15 Excuses

If someone is constantly making excuses to be near you or have private moments with you, it is definitely a sign. I’ve heard everything from smoke breaks to bathroom grouping.

#16 Dipping Gaze Is a Sign

Guys and girls who are especially turned on may keep gazing at their partner’s genitals and other sex parts. Eyes can give signs of sexual tension.

#17 Sexual Tension and Memorizing Conversations

If you find yourself memorizing what to say or starting to remember what your friend or coworker does in specific situations, they might mean something more to you.

#18 Suiting Up

While they may not wear an actual suit, sexual tension will make people act crazy. Using clothes to peacock is a good indication of attraction. If a friend or co-worker starts to change their aesthetic in crazy ways, they may just be love drunk. Sexual tension can even be seen in fashion.

#19 Messaging First

If you find yourself constantly messaging first or trying to talk to someone, you are in for a wild ride. That is a sure sign that you want to do the dirty with the person you are constantly trying to contact.

#20 Electric Shock

Your sexual tension may feel physical when you touch the person you want to sleep with.

#21 Eating Together

If you guys are finding that you always have meals together, that is a sign of sexual tension. It may be something a bit more than a feeling! Eating a casual lunch may turn into a wild display of sexual tension!

#22 Teasing with Sexual Tension

Incessant teasing is one way someone can be communicating that they want to sleep with you. If someone is making comments about your physical appearance in a light, teasing manner, they may be trying to increase sexual tension.

#23 Hugs are Signs

People will ask for hugs from the people that they like. If someone asks for hugs, ask yourself if it is due to sexual tension.

#24 Eyes Light Up

Interactions and even small verbal exchanges can completely change how someone’s eyes look. That is a number one sign of attraction.

#25 Stalking is a Sign

Constantly being on someone’s Instagram or social media is a sure sign of sexual tension and interest. Stalking online can be really creepy so make sure that if you are the one increasing the sexual tension there's a chance it's wanted.