Keep Calm and Think about How to Get Revenge Peacefully

Faced with a relationship unjust? Plot your revenge now.

By Fred S.
Keep Calm and Think about How to Get Revenge Peacefully


Revenge isn't a pretty thing, but it isn't supposed to be. On the one hand, taking control of the situation and feeling like you have the upper hand might make you feel good, but in the long run, it may make you feel like you aren't able to let go. Revenge, just like any other emotion, has been a part of human behavior since the start of the world. It is a powerful emotion that leads people to take sudden and unreasonable actions without focusing on the consequences. 

It's fueled by anger, so it makes perfect sense that most of the actions taken by a vengeful person cannot be justified. But, you don't think about reasoning or doing the right thing when 'an eye for an eye' is the only thing on your mind. The emotion is even stronger when someone's loyalty or faith gets betrayed in a romantic relationship because that's when your trust takes the biggest hit. If you've faced a similar unjust in a relationship, and have your ex in the target scope, this article is meant for you! 

Ten Ways To Get Revenge Peacefully:

Get revenge passively:

Most of the time, sitting back and doing nothing is the best way to get revenge on someone who wronged you. Continually keeping that person as a significant part of your life and hurling insults whenever you see them will only make them smug and believe that they're still relevant in your head. Ignoring them and acting like they're dead to you will not only give you inner peace but also make them frustrated. Getting overlooked is not an easy thing to deal with. Don't let their wrongdoings get the best of you. Be the bigger person and move on with your life. Ignoring them will make them feel angry, and that's what we're looking for. 

Let the world know:

Delete all the evidence of your relationship from social media sites. Unfollow and block them. No, do not go around posting stories about how he/she cheated on you and broke your heart. You want to have the upper hand, but this is not how you're going to get it. Be subtle. Unfriend them on Facebook and stop stalking them from a fake account. Remind yourself that you're so much better off without them. And if it calms you down, maybe message their new partner and tell them that their "better half" is a cheater and a liar. Do that if it makes you feel better, but removing them from your life and mind is the best option.

Don't help them when they need it:

In many cases, your cheating ex might come running back to your apartment, asking you to take them back. Don't. They cheated on you once, and they could do it again. Don't provide them any emotional support. If you help them, they will know that you're an easy target. It is much better to shut the door on their face. If they loved you, they wouldn't have cheated in the first place. It is hard to think logically when you're still in love with your ex but telling them that "you're so much better off without them" is the sweetest revenge you could ever take on someone. This will shatter them from the inside.

Do what they love, without them:

You must have heard about people who went to their dream honeymoon location but without their partner. In some cases letting your ex know that you're doing so much better when they are not a part of your life will light a fire of jealousy in them that they won't be able to put out quickly. Go to their favorite football game without them and post pictures of it all over social media. Go to their favorite band's concert and have the time of your life. Let your ex and the world know that you are doing so much better. Everything is better when you know that your jerk of an ex is sitting in his house, wishing that he was you.

Get rid of all your physical memories:

Get rid of all the pictures of you and your ex that you gathered and put on your wall. Burn all the love letters that they gave you, keeping in mind that it was all a lie. Don't spend too much time on this, or you will be stuck with tears or even a sleepless night. Throw all pictures of them in the trash-that is where they belong. Or even better, call them and tell them to take their stuff. When they come to your place, they'll be heartbroken to find out that you've thrown all memories of them away. And trust me; there is nothing better than making your cheating ex feel heartbroken-like who knew they even had a heart.

Take care of yourself emotionally:

Attempting to try and get back at your ex for all the things they put you through can be tough, and if you're not careful, it can take a toll on your mental health and wellbeing. Going through a break up is hard enough; you don't need the extra baggage. It's normal to have feelings of anger and regret, but it is much better to occupy yourself with other things such as a night out with your friends. Catch up on some reading, or watch an episode of your favorite comedy show. We all process grief in different ways, so don't shame yourself if you're taking too long. Remember that it is a process, not a race. Taking care of your mental health is just as important.

Earn that money:

Now that you're single, you don't have to worry about buying expensive stuff for your partner or splitting it at the table. Earn that dollar and spend it on yourself. Get yourself that expensive shirt from your favorite brand and buy some jewelry. Do whatever makes you feel good without being careless about your spending and keeping your budget in mind. Getting a second job will help you get your account off stuff, but it will also make you more productive. Flaunt it on social media without seeming too desperate, and your ex will know that leaving you for someone else was a mistake.

Get a rebound:

Dress up and go to a club with your friends. Wear your best clothes and put high heels on them. Nothing will make you forget your ex like a rebound. Find people you can genuinely have a good time with and enjoy their company. Getting revenge on your ex by going out with another person is the best way to show them that they didn't hurt you one bit. Make sure your ex finds out through one of your mutual friends. This will hurt them even more.

Spill their dirty secrets:

This one is a bit complicated, so you should proceed with caution. Tell everyone embarrassing stuff about your ex or leak an embarrassing picture but remember that this plan can and will backfire. Sending an embarrassing picture of them to their current fling will cause some hurdles in their relationship. But it's best to be the bigger person and not take such petty actions.

Move on for real:

There are unlimited ways to get revenge on your ex, but moving on is the best one. We all want to be relevant to another person, and by moving on, you show your ex that they don't matter to you anymore. Move on for real, and when you're ready, forgive, and forget. Remind yourself that you're happier without them around. Enjoy your single life.

Make sure you find the truest form of self-love in your time of solitude. If you learn to enjoy your own company and feel emotionally independent, then that might be the best gift your cheating ex has ever given you. Become a better version of yourself using all the extra time you now have on your hand. When you feel like you’re ready, get into a serious relationship with a person that’s not below your league. When your ex sees how comfortable you are without them, that’ll be the best revenge.

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No matter what you do to get revenge on your ex, you will look desperate and crazy. So you might as well do it right. Revenge is a dish best served cold, so wait before you do your thing. Let the world and your ex know how better off you are on your own. Your ex might act all happy for you, but deep down, they're going to be wishing that they never left you in the first place. Move on with your life, and remember that it is not necessary to be in a relationship all the time. Give yourself time to heal, and for all that matters, you won't even remember your ex in a few years.


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