Joe Rogan's Wife: 8 Facts About Jessica Ditzel

More about Jessical Ditzel and Her Stand-Up Comedian Husband

By Sylvia Epie
Joe Rogan's Wife: 8 Facts About Jessica Ditzel

Joe Rogan In A Nutshell

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Originally known for his stand-up comedy role, Joseph James Rogan has since evolved into a man of many different talents. His superpowers range from podcast host to martial arts commentator, actor, and host of top shows like Fear Factor.  He’s also a thriving entrepreneur, who owns a supplement, weight lifting and fitness company called Onnit. Joe Rogan is the brain behind the popular podcast ‘’The Joe Rogan Experience’’, with a website that boasts over 1100 podcasts and this number increases every day. Born on August 11th, 1967, this husband and father of three are very family-oriented.

Keeping away from the spotlight, Joe Rogan is a very private person when it comes to his family, especially his kids. His family will always remain a mystery to his fans, though his family is spotted every now and then around the streets of Hollywood, he’s never made any official statement or posted about them on social media. All that can be said on them comes from rare photos by the paparazzi. Joe is often snapped spending time with his family but other than that he shares no information about them outside of his inner circle. His wife Jessica is also very private, she rarely gives the public a glimpse into their private life, this bunch is as secretive as a family of spies, (just saying). Anyway here’s what we’ve managed to gather about this secretive Hollywood family.

Joe Rogan's Wife Jessica Ditzel


A former model, this beauty was born Jessica Sloan Ditzel to a middle-class American family in Sugar Land, Texas, on July 18, 1975. The 44-year-old celeb became famous when she got married to the famous TV host and stand-up comedian  Joe Rogan. They met while she was a cocktail waitress in an L.A bar, dated for a while in 2008 and got married shortly after.  They now live in Bell Canyon, California with their two lovely daughters and a daughter from Jessica’s previous relationship.
Though they like to keep their family low key, there are still a few known facts about this very private bunch.

8 Facts About Jessica Ditzel

Here are a few facts worth knowing about Jessica Ditzel as well as a much-needed clarification on the mix up between her and other Jessica (more later).

 1. Family    

Shortly after Joe and Jessica started dating, there were lots of speculation and rumors that it was just a fling that won’t last. But to everyone’s surprise, they had their first daughter together Lola in 2008, and a year later they tied the knot in a very private wedding ceremony in California. The following year they welcomed their second daughter Rosy Rogan and have been a happy squad ever since. Joe also legally adopted Kayja Rose, Jessica’s daughter from a previous relationship, and they lived happily ever after, so to speak.
Not much is known about Jessica’s parents, except that she has a sibling, an older sister who goes by the name Trinity Ditzel, she too stays away from the spotlight. To say the least, Jessica and her husband have succeeded in the almost impossible feat of keeping their family private in Hollywood. This is what makes this family somewhat mysterious and adds to all the confusion about Jessica’s identity.  

2. Background

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Ditzel attended Doherty High School in Colorado Springs, CO and graduated in 1993. She later went to California State University-Long Beach, where she graduated with a bachelor’s but little is known about her major or what she actually studied. She gave birth to her daughter Kayja Rose when she was 21, and raised her as a single mother until she married Joe in 2008. 

3. Career


After college, Jessica Ditzel worked as a model for EM Model Management, an assistant for Rent-A-Car Enterprise, a product analyst for Volvo Motorsports and as a  cocktail waitress. Over the years she worked for numerous brands and appeared in many campaigns and brand endorsements, but her modeling career never really took off.

Today, she’s evolved into a successful TV producer, she produces a lot of her husband's shows and has made a name for herself in the industry. She also appears on some of Joe’s podcasts and is behind the scenes in most of his movies and shows. She has been credited for being a major force behind many of her husband's shows. Jessica has recently been passionate about her next big project, a documentary called “Hollywood and divine: Beauty secrets revealed”. 

4. Net worth

Though Jessica’s personal net worth is not known, speculations are that she’s worth about $500,000 but there’s no proof. But according to CelebrityNetWorth, Joe Rogan's fortune is estimated to be about $25m. And there’s no doubt that his wife enjoys a chunk of that loot. This can be seen in her lavish lifestyle and designer clothes.   

5. Kayja Rose

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This is Jessica Rogan’s first daughter from a previous relationship with Kevin Connor popularly known as Dino from the music band  “H-Town”. Jessica gave birth to Kayja Rose Connor in 1996 and broke-up with Dino in 1998 amidst cheating rumors. Dino later died in a car crash and Kayja Nichole Connor changed her last name to Rogan when Jessica married Joe. All grown up now, Kayja is an RnB singer in her own right. She often posts pictures of her and her mother on her Instagram, with the two of them looking more like BFFs than mother and daughter. She goes by the handle ggoldencurlss on Instagram and is pretty active as she follows in her biological father's footsteps.

6. Lifestyle

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Jessica is not much of a socialite, she’s not active on social media platforms, does not do interviews or public appearances, you can only get a glimpse of her and her kids on the streets of L.A. as they go about their lives. Unlike her husband and R&B singer daughter who has Instagram pages with hundreds of followers and twitter accounts, she’s MIA on social media. Her daughter sometimes posts pictures of her on her birthday or on Mother's day giving us a sneak peek into their lives and that’s about it. 

7. Profile

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Jessica Rogan is a 44 years old beauty with honey brown hair, she's 5 feet 10 and has three daughters. According to Wikipedia, Jessica and her parents moved to Houston, Texas when she was about 13 years old and lived there until 2002. The former model has a beautiful and sexy physique with curves and weighs about 143 pounds. She's always dressed fashionably and appears to have great taste and an eye for luxury, which is not surprising, giving she has money to spend.

8. The Jessica Ditzel Mystery

There seems to be some confusion on the internet about who Jessica Ditzel truly is, rumor has it that Jessica Rogan and Jessica Lynne Schimmel are the same people. But that’s not quite accurate, a closer look suggests that the two women have practically nothing in common. Jessica Schimmel is the daughter of popular comedian Robert Schimmel. Jessica Schimmel was born in Scottsdale, Arizona, she studied pre-med in college and got married to Benjamin Katz in 2009 the same year Jessica Ditzel married Joe Rogan. The two women couldn’t be more different from each other. 

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The Rogan’s are one of the few families in Hollywood who have managed to keep their public and celebrity life separate from their private and family life. Jessica Ditzel and Joe Rogan enjoy a healthy relationship and keep a tight circle of friends who are as tight-lipped as them when it comes to spilling the beans about their family. But if you're a Joe Rogan fan or have been wondering about Jessica Rogan and her family, now you know a few solid facts about them. 

Joe Rogan is a beloved stand-up artist in the United States, that gathers thousands of people at his performances and earns millions. His wife Jessica Rogan is a celebrity in her own right and these are all the things you need to know about their very secretive family and lifestyle.