15 Ways to Find Out If a Shy Girl Likes You Or Not!

She pretends to read her book but she is actually peeking at you!

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15 Ways to Find Out If a Shy Girl Likes You Or Not!

She Has A Crush On You But Trying Not To Show

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Psychology with crushes is the hardest subject of all. Does she like me? She likes me not? Not even a fortune teller can ease your heart. Picking up hints on the breadcrumbs your crush leaves you is difficult. For a shy girl, there may not even be breadcrumbs for you to pick up because they don’t know how to express themselves.

Find yourself stuck in this situation? Well, even the quietest girl in the world has a tell. You can’t cover up your traits when you have a crush on someone. However subtle, you would be able to tell as long as you know what you’re looking for. Check out these 15 signs to see if your girl likes you back!

15 Signs That A Shy Girl Likes You

1. She signs up for the same classes as you

We all sign up for random classes when we’re in high school or university for the grades. But is she signing up too many classes with you to be a coincidence? Your instinct is right. She is signing up for all those classes because you’re in them. Shy girls don’t just come to you and yell their love at you. Them being with you like that is already quite an obvious way of showing.

2. She doesn’t initiate conversations but will keep it going as long as you text first

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There’re always girls that make you think they are disinterested because they never text first. For a shy girl, texting first is probably harder than taking an exam. The fear of getting blue ticks, and not knowing the right thing to say can be overwhelming.

Whenever you text, she will reply as soon as possible and will try to keep the conversation going. She wants to keep talking to you. She just can’t seem to find a good topic.

3. She blushes and looks down and smiles a lot

A classic shy girl tells. She blushes and looks down and smiles at all your silly jokes. Whatever you say, she always keeps that polite smile on her face and wants you to keep talking. Don’t expect a shy girl to actually laugh out loud at your joke or to react hysterically. They probably don’t even react to things dramatically their whole lives. That doesn’t mean they don’t find you interesting or fun. They’re just more reserved.

4. She avoids eye contact, yet she takes peeks at you

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That’s how everyone does it when they’re shy. They want to check you out but don’t want you to know that they’re interested. So they pretend to not care and avoid eye contact, yet they secretly (or maybe not so secretly if you can tell) check you out. Usually, it’s more obvious when you’re taking the bus together. She takes little peeks of you, of that face, she dreams about every night. 

5. She helps you out every time

It’s more about being kind and spreading joy. There’s more to the story if she helps you out every time. She cares about you and wants the best for you. Whatever you ask for, she wants to be able to give it to you.

6. She makes subtle opporutnities to spend time with you

Do you often find yourself being in the same group as her for a school project? She often volunteers to do the same topic you’re interested in. You may be surprised by how much in common you have with her, but that’s just her trying to impress you and spend time with you. 

7. Her friends often smiles wickedly when they see you come by

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You know that sneaky, semi-evil smile you give to your friends when you see their crush coming? That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Their friends know about her crush on you and that she’s too shy to act on it. So when you walk past, they give that cheeky smile, leaving you half-sure they were talking about you, yet not entirely sure what the matter is about.

8. Her friends often change topics when you join the circle

They seem to be laughing and are very happy. As soon as you walk to them, they change their topic instantly after noticing you. Don’t take it personally, they don’t hate you. They were just talking about you because their shy friend has a crush on you.

9. Her friends try to create opportunities for you two

“It’s poetry night!” “ It’s comic-con!” “Why don’t you two go together?”

Classic wing-girl move. Suggesting an activity you two could go together and just smoothly slip in the “maybe you two should go together”. They’re just creating opportunities for you two to be alone since she is too shy to ask you out herself and you are probably unsure about her feelings for you.

10. She takes interests in your interests

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She starts studying Tesla because that’s all you talk about. She brings her own straw to restaurants because you always say it’s important to be eco-friendly. She is influenced by you. You seem to have a lot of power over her choices and even her opinions on things. Someone taking this much interest in your interests tells a lot. They’re into you, really. Who has the energy to devote their life like this if they aren’t in love?

11. She lays down the whole plan whenever you invite her to something

She may seem overly excited and plans everything down to the tiny details just to make sure the plan will roll out successfully. Caring this plan a lot means she cares about with whom she is doing this plan with. Try inviting her to some events and you can see exactly how much she cares.

12. She is always here when you’re upset

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She refuses to leave until she can be sure you will be okay. She is there to listen to you and offers solutions. Simply, she just wants to be there even if she can’t help out the situation.

13. She makes cookies for you and find an excuse to give them to you

“I’ve got some extra cookies.” “I was trying out a new recipe.”

She blushes when she tells those little lies when she thought no one notices she made those cookies for you. The best way to capture someone’s heart is through their stomach. This statement will always be true.

14. She only flirts with you by texts

The digital world makes her a bit bolder with her actions. She feels more confident in flirting with you over texts than in person. A little awkward and shy in person, yet a different persona over texts is another tell that she’s into you.

15. She stutters a lot when she is with you

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Not hard to guess why shy people are less social, to begin with. They’re not used to around people they aren’t 100% comfortable with. Being with their crush can be stressful and make them stutter. Even normal people are shy around their crush, let alone shy girls. If she doesn’t stutter around her friends but does around you, that’s a clear sign.

Quizzes to check if she likes you

1. Does she like me?

Does She Like Me?

Struggling to see if she likes you? Why don't you take a test designed by a girl? You can only truly see how a girl feels through another girl. This test will let you know if you're just over-analyzing all the signs or if she actually wants you.

2. Does she like me?

Does She Like Me?

You can never be overly sure. You don't know if she is trying to create opportunities to spend time with you or she is just being polite and shy. Shy girls don't just come to you and tell you how much they love you. You kind of has to figure that part out yourself. All the signs are there. Let the test tell you whether you're overthinking and she secretly wants to be with you but doesn't know-how.

What to do next?

Now that you know she likes you, and obviously, you’re interested in her as well, it’s time to take action. With her girls, you can never be too aggressive. You have got to take things slow and let her digest and get ready slowly. Ask her out for a concert, something that will get people to relax and enjoy. And then ask her out to a dinner date and for a drink. Gradually increase the time spent together each time.

The key is to NOT jump to a long-ass activity or anything that’s too aggressive. For example, don’t ask her for a movie marathon at your place, which can be intimidating for her, and don’t suggest to go on a day trip out of town, spending too much time with you in one go can be stressful for a shy girl.

Gradually ease it in, let her know you’re interested as well and let her adjust to being around you and things will go smoothly. Sometimes it’s not that she isn’t into you, just that she isn’t ready if things go too fast. Be patient and understanding, let her take the pace she is comfortable with.

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See, it’s not so hard to tell whether a shy girl likes you or not. The best part about shy girls is that they are usually terrible liars, making it easy for you to tell. Now that you know how she feels, it’s time to act accordingly! What are you still waiting for? We even have got solutions for you!