20 Valentine's Day Romantic Gifts To Get For Your Love

20 romantic gifts to get for your partner on valentine's day

By Diana N.
20 Valentine's Day Romantic Gifts To Get For Your Love

Tips for Choosing Valentine's Gift for Your Partner

Making your Valentine’s Day a day to remember is always a sweet and charming act of romance for that someone special. Instead of just being basic, spice up things with some unique Valentine's gifts. From personalized hidden message gifts to treasure hunts all over the town, surprise the love of your life with an amazing gift they will live to remember.

  1. Think about what your partner likes. It is always nice to have in mind the kind of things that your partner really appreciates. You can try matching the gift to their preferred aesthetic and style.


  1. Always listen to your partner. Make sure you take the time to listen to your partner. Women especially have the tendency of dropping hints to their partners. If this is the case, it will make things so much easier when you are purchasing a gift for them because you’ll have an idea of exactly what they want.


  1. Don’t focus on the money. When it comes to getting a valentines gift for the person you love, you don’t have to rob a bank to get something nice and unique. As long as it is something you know they will love and appreciate and something that comes from the heart, you’ll be good to go.


  1. Consider a personalized gift. It is always nice to gift someone something that is authentic and have great meaning to you both.


  1. Avoid being predictable. If you have been buying something for your partner year in year out, try and spice things up to avoid being predictable and obvious. This will be way more surprising and impressive to your partner.


  1. Ask around. Consider getting ideas from friends and family. Your partner will appreciate the effort you put in just to get them something nice and something they will appreciate.

Best Romantic Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

1. A self-care kit

Get your girlfriend a care package that includes some of her favorite products, small treats like chocolate, a face mask, nice fragrances, make-up, etc. Give her a nice relaxing massage that she could really appreciate if she has been working a lot. 

2. A nice romantic deodorant

Get her a great fragrance that has a luxurious touch to it. She’ll enjoy spritzing the luxury scent on herself every morning. To ensure that you get the right scent, scan her collection of perfumes. This way you will have an idea of what she likes.

3. A frame of something meaningful

This can be an adorable picture that you took on the first date that makes both of you happy or a sentimental poem or letter that you wrote just for her. Whatever the beautiful piece is, you can surprise your girlfriend with it on your Valentine’s Day and be sure she will get the feels out of it.

4. A beautiful watch

A beautiful watch is simply timeless. As much as this gift can be quite a cliché, the love of your life will definitely enjoy this watch since every time she checks the time, she will automatically think of you. You can also go further and get the watch to be custom made and personalized just for her.

5. An embodied gown

Surprise your girlfriend with a romantic embodied gown that she can put on after she steps out of the shower or while she’s doing her make-up.

Best Romantic Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

6. A romantic care package

Surprise your boyfriend with a care package. Customize it to his specific interests and needs. Try including a combination of some sweet treaties and something that has been on his wish list for a long time. This is something great and it will always remind him of you whether he is far or near.

7. A box of love notes

Create a treasure chest of I love you letters for your boyfriend. Simply write small notes and seal them in their corresponding envelopes and present it to your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.

8. Send him signature cologne or your perfume

If you are in a long distance relationship, it is romantic to send your boyfriend something that will immediately jolt his memory. Sending him your perfume or a cozy sweater or blanket sprinted with your perfume along with a small bottle to refresh the scent will always play the trick even after Valentine’s Day.

9. Gift him a pet

To gift him a pet, you need to have first done a background check to find out a couple of things. These include matters like what pet he would prefer keeping and whether he has any allergies. Afterward, you can surprise him with a cute little puppy, kitten, bird, etc. If he is already a pet owner, you can consider getting a personalized gift for his pet. Try a personalized food bowl or a DIY heart leash or bandana.

10. A scavenger hunt

This is a fun activity and one that can be arranged to fit in any type of situation. Simply use DIY trinkets and nice valentine objects as clues to create a fun interactive scavenger hunt. Personalize it by writing lovely notes for him and send him on a journey to his present, date or even you waiting for him at the end if you are in a long distance relationship.

Best Romantic Gift Ideas for Wife

11. A bucket list of your adventures

Get your wife a personalized bucket list journal for all your adventures that you can share with each other on Valentine's Day.

12. A set of nice scented candles

Nothing sets a romantic mood like a couple of nice scented candles in beautiful candle holders. These are perfect for a romantic home cooked dinner and to top it all one of your favorite music such as your wedding song.

13. An “I Love You” jar

This is a very thoughtful gift. Fill a jar with dozens of personalized heartfelt messages. This is a lovely gift because the jar will keep giving even after Valentine’s Day.

14. A nameplate necklace

Get her a unique and personally customized nameplate necklace. This unique statement piece will give her the feels and will automatically be her go to neckpiece.

15. Turn her photo into a painting

This is one of the most beautiful gifts. Even if you are not an artist, the thought of you putting in the effort will really make your wife feel appreciated. The thing about this is that you can use art to highlight her best features and making her imperfections not so imperfect. You can also get an artist to do it for you.

Best Romantic Gift Ideas for Husband

16. A personalized leather wallet

Turn an ordinary gift into something extraordinary by getting a nice wallet and customizing it to something that will surprise him and give him the feels.

17. Guy gift kit

Surprise your husband with a gift hamper that contains items that he loves and enjoys showing how much you love and care for him.

18. Personalized love book

Instead of picking up a love book for him from the stores, give him the gift of your personalized love story that he will enjoy reading again and again.

19. A romantic treasure hunt

As much as this is traditionally done by the male, spice things up and send your husband on a very romantic treasure hunt around the house with sexy clues and a climax at a very romantic dinner date.

20. Sexy underwear

As you are going to get your husband a romantic Valentine’s Day gift, you might as well go all in and gift him a pair of heart-adored underwear. Ensure you get them in great material and he will probably end up wearing them even after Valentine’s Day.

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Finding the perfect gift for the person that you love can be a tasking job. For Valentine’s Day, avoid getting your partner something that will be forgotten after a week. Get them something durable that they can look at years later and still get the feels. Put your mind and your heart and get something that your partner will get value out of instead of getting something that will be left to just collect dust on the shelf. Remember to wrap the gift. Your partner will love to see the gift wrapped.


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