Top 100 Romantic Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Here are a 100 Valentine Day date ideas for you to celebrate this special day with the one you love. Hopefully, you will find one that will suit your need.

By Tanaya Nath
Top 100 Romantic Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Top 100 Romantic Valentine's Day Date Ideas

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Valentine’s is a very special day for all the couples. It is a time that gives you the reason to spend some romantic and quality time with each other. Whenever the Valentine’s Day is around, couples struggle to find a perfect date idea for their loved ones. Most of us get confused about what to do. Many of us get stuck with Netflix at home or end up spending too much and enjoying very little at some pricey restaurant. Well, not anymore. We are here with top 100 perfectly romantic date ideas for you to use and spoil your sweetheart.

Over The Top Romantic Date Ideas For Couple

The Remember When Date Night

This is a very beautiful and romantic way of celebrating Valentine’s Day with your loved one. Take a walk down the lane of your memories. On beautiful sheets, write down some beautiful memories. Put them in a place where they are easy to find and create a trail with them that will lead your beloved to the final destination that you have planned. It will give your date the thrill of teenage. At the destination that you have picked, put a table for two, some candles, some drinks and food and don’t forget to put some lights as well. And then, sit together and talk about all the wonderful times you have spent together. Laugh, cry, be grateful for having each other and enjoy the food and the drink.

Couple Spa Date Night

Spa is a place where you just relax and let the magic of the aroma oils and the expert hands guide you. So, what’s better than enjoying a spa together at some wonderful couple spa? Enjoying the bliss side by side in a candle lit room will not only relax you both but will also ignite the fire in your relationship. On another thought, you can do this at home as well. Convert your room into a spa. Add some aroma candles and diffusers. Put some oils at hand. And give each other relaxing massage. It will connect you both at a different level and you might end up with giving each other more than just spa. What say?

The Romantic Carriage Ride Date

Just imagine you and your beloved, riding in a horse driven carriage like a prince and princess. Feels like teenage, doesn’t it. So, this valentine’s day, hire a carriage. Decorate it tastefully like the one out of a fairy tale. Then, take a ride along the city together. Enjoy little things on the ways like sharing an ice candy or a roadside spicy dish or coconut water. Talk and tell each other what the other means to you. You will never forget this ride and you will find that there is much more romance in this silly little thing that in any pricey place.

Recreate Your First Date

Do you remember your first date, the moment that bound you both to each other? First date is always special. It helps you in knowing if you want to go ahead and be in the relationship with that person. It helps you in knowing the one you love better and it is the first beautiful memory that you both create together as a couple. So, this valentine’s day wouldn’t it be wonderful to relive that moment again? Recreate your first date. Visit the same place, do the same thing and tell each other how were you feeling and what were you thinking at that particular moment. You will be surprised at how much fun it could be and romantic as well. This date will not only reignite your old fire but will also create new romantic memories as well.

The Romantic Rooftop Date

The mere thought of it is very romantic. Although you can arrange this date on your valentine’s day at any rooftop restaurant with live music as most of them will have their decoration themed valentine. But if you want a romantic time alone, away from the crowd and if you have the rooftop, you can arrange the date on your own. Arrange for the favorite dinner and drinks of your beloved, you can also cook. Arrange for some live music if possible or you can also put on some romantic music or instrumental on the speakers but make sure it isn’t too loud. Decorate the rooftop romantically and tastefully. Put some flowers and cake as well. You are all set to give your other half a surprise.

The Five Sense Date Basket

All you have to do is pack a basket with a gift for all his five senses. You can do this in your bedroom as well. For his sense of taste give him what he loves to eat best. For his ears his favorite music or a gadget for hearing music. For his nose, gift him a fragrance that he would love to wear. For his skin, you can gift him an exotic shaving kit or body lotion or anything else you can think of. For his eyes you can gift him his favorite movie or you can watch a naughty movie together or you can show yourself to him wearing a hot lingerie.

On A Budget Date Ideas For Couple

The Ice Cream Tasting Date

If your beloved has a sweet tooth, this date will be memorable for both of you. Do something different and set an ice cream tasting date together. Visit different ice cream parlors, like you did in your teenage and taste their most famous ice creams.

Sunset And Romantic Stroll

A date doesn’t have to have gifts and expensive settings. Remember your teenage? Love was all about walking and talking. This valentine’s day, find a romantic place where you can take a romantic walk together and watch the sunset. Talk about the beautiful moments you have spent together and the memories you want to create.

Breakfast In Bed

Who doesn’t love breakfast in bed? So, surprise your beloved with an exotic breakfast in bed. Have them wake up to your kisses and the smell of fresh flowers. Then sit together and enjoy that breakfast together.

Creating A Masterpiece Night

A date doesn’t have to have gifts and expensive settings. Remember your teenage? Love was all about walking and talking. This valentine’s day, find a romantic place where you can take a romantic walk together and watch the sunset. Talk about the beautiful moments you have spent together and the memories you want to create.

Explore The City; Date Like A Teenage

Take the day off on this Valentine’s Day and together take the tour of your city. Go to the famous places, hit the bars, discos and diners and check out the things they are known for. Have fun.

Create Your Own Love Story

Take an album or some papers, your pictures, cute printable, adorable stickers and it together. Begin from the start and create your love story together with each pictures, printable and stickers, write down in your own words. You will be amazed at how much fun it could be.

Last Minute Date Night Ideas

Cozy Night-In Date

You don’t have to go out on a date at Valentine’s Day. Be a teenage again and plan a cozy night in. Decorate your bedroom with candles and balloons. Arrange for some food, chips and popcorns and a wonderful movie you both love. And don’t forget to get dressed for your loved one.

A Bike Ride

Long drive in a car is good. But having a romantic ride on the bike is incomparable and so teenage like. Take a bike and ride it together on the road that you haven’t explored yet. But make sure it’s safe first.

Stargazing Date Night

Most of us never get to see the stars in the city and in our busy schedule. So, plan a stargazing date night. Pick a place where you can lie down and watch the million stars twinkling in the sky. Take a rug, some snacks and drinks and if you have, a binocular or telescope. Watch the stars and enjoy the food and drinks.

Spoil Your Spouse Date

Valentine is all about love. So, spoil your love. Go shopping; go to movies or a game and dinner. Do whatever your spoil loves doing. The happiness on the face of your spouse will make you happy as well.

Ice Skating Date

If you know ice skating, well and good, but if you are an amateur at it, it's going to be a lot of fun. So, bundle up both of you and go ice skating! Hold each other’s hand and go conquer the world, have fun actually.

Chinese Take Out Or French Picnic

You can pick either. For the Chinese take-out, order Chinese food from the restaurant you both love or arrange for baguette, fine variety of cheeses, grapes, sparkling cider etc. and enjoy the night.

Stay At Home Date Ideas

The Cooking Date

This Valentine, rekindle your love with cooking. You can either cook together a scrumptious meal that you both love or have a fun competition cooking each other’s favorite dish. Cooking could be so romantic and fun and you can get creative in the kitchen as well.

The Cuddle Date

In everyday life most couple couldn’t find time to cuddle and spend some romantic time together. So take this opportunity. Decorate the house with flowers, balloons and candles. Put a love seat and cuddle. Talk and tell how much you love each other.

Game Date Night

The best part about the games is you can place a bet. So, while you play a game or watch it, make bets with each other. Make sure the bets are interesting and thrilling to your beloved. Think romantic, naughty and hot.

The Home Room Service

Give your spouse room service at home. Whatever he or she needs, provide them without any fuss! Cook them their favorite meal, prepare their bath, lay out their clothes etc. and serve them while you are wearing something naughty, if you both live alone that is.

The Chocolate-opoly Date Night

Well, there is nothing that these cocoa beans can’t do. So, indulge yourself and your spouse in this deliciously wonderful game of chocolate-opoly. You can buy it at Amazon and other shopping sites. Have a chocolaty valentine.

Watch A Movie

This is one very common idea and this is something you have done a million times. So, what’s romantic in that? Well. Pick a romantic movie, mute the volume and go impromptu with the dialogues in the scene. Be your own scriptwriter.

The Bedroom Date Ideas

Spin The Bottle Date

You must have played the game of spin the bottle many times. So this Valentine’s, play the game in an interesting manner. Place the bets; ask the questions that will raise the temperature between you too, do dares that will tempt your spouse and will make both of you fall in love all over again.

The Tasting Game Date

This is a very interesting game for rekindling your chemistry. Blindfold your beloved, dress scantily and collect different food items. Feed your spouse those items one by one and ask him or her to name the food. For every right answer, grant one wish and for every wrong ones ask for one.

Body Painting Date Night

Take painting to another level of romance. Buy some brushes and body paint. And then use them for painting each other's body. It will be so much fun and romantic as well and of course a different date altogether.

Lingerie Shopping Date

Women love lingeries and men loves seeing them in the hot lingeries. So, go for lingerie shopping together. It will be a fun experience for both of you and by the time you will get home, you both will be desperate to try those and then the rest will be another story altogether.

Sensual Massage Date

You know all the hot spots of your beloved. So, who is better than you for giving your spouse a sensual massage? Take some aroma oil, decorate the bedroom with aroma candles and give your beloved a sensual massage that will be remembered lifelong. Chances are it might end up being more than just a sensual massage.

Sexy Treasure Hunt Date

You might have been to or must have organized many treasure hunts, but this will be different. Send your spouse to a sexy treasure hunt. Put down suggestive hints or your sexy lingeries attached with notes, it could be in the way that would feel like you have been stripping one cloth at a time on the way. And at the end put in some hot surprise. About the surprise, well you know better.

The Unexpected Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day

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The Dancing Date

Not at the club or a disc. What I mean is take a real dancing class together. Go learn salsa or jive or whatever couple dance form you want to. Or, you could just go to someplace with live music and groove with it.

The Ghost Tour Date

Ghosts give creeps but it would be an altogether different experience visiting a town that is said to be haunted by ghosts. Pick a place from the news and articles about ghost stories and visit a place. Fear and thrill bound people stronger and closer. It would tell you a lot about each other.

Wine Bar Hopping Valentine’s Date

It’s so usual to grab seats in one bar and drink all the wine you want there. This Valentine’s hop to different bars in your city instead. In every bar drink different wine, spend some time and then go hunt for a different bar. You could also wander and search for the bras you haven’t heard or been to.

The Karaoke Date Night

Leave your friends behind and head to a karaoke bar this valentine’s. Pick a couple’s song and sing to it together. Singing a song together will make you feel your chemistry and making it stronger. Plays, you will have fun.

Camping Date For Valentine’s

Why go to restaurant or a club and have parties always? Do something different and go camping this valentine’s. The more time you will spend together away from the busy life of city and people, the closer you will get to each other. This will not only rekindle your romance but will also be a memorable valentine’s date.

Book A Hotel For Valentine’s

You don’t have to go out of town for staying at a hotel. Book a hotel in your own city, away from the routine life and the prying eyes of neighbors. Many hotels offer valentine’s special plans that include decorated rooms, champagne and three course meal. So have fun.

The Brilliant Date Night Ideas For Valentine’s

Scary Movie Night

You must have had a romantic movie date in Valentine’s Day many times but this Valentine’s Day, try to watch a horror, a very scary movie together. It would be fun watching it burying your head in each other’s shoulder and peeking through the gap between the fingers. You will remember it forever.

Date Night Jenga

You can play Jenga on your date night at Valentine's. Add a question on the bricks of Jenga. So, when moves the brick, the person will have to answer that question before placing the brick back in the tower. Have fun.

Freshen Up Your Vows

Retake your oaths, your marriage vows this valentine’s but make them creative and different from what you had taken originally. Make them romantic and fun. And measure up how much you both have lived up to your vows. Take it sportingly and you will find a way of making your relationship better.

Conversation Starters

With clear white pebbles, make conversation starters. Stick some questions on the flat base of the pebbles. Now put all of them in an opaque bag. Pick one pebble at a time turn by turn. You don’t even have to voice the question. Just pass it on and let the other answer them. You will find there’s a lot you still don’t know about each other.

Fortune Cookies Date Night

If you love fortune cookies, you will love this date night idea for your valentine’s. Grab a bag of fortune cookies. Eat them and keep reading the fortune slips aloud. You have no idea how much fun it could be. You can also make these cookies at home with fortune slips and then try to see what fortune you get.

The Scavenger Hunt Date

If you love fun, this is the perfect date idea for you. Each one of you should make a list and give them to each other. Then decide a store and go buy that list. The one who finishes the purchase first, including the billing, wins. Decide the prize in advance. And don’t forget to steal kisses if you cross each other in the store.

Affordable Yet Romantic Valentine’s Date Idea

Planetarium Visit Date

Watching the stars in interesting, peaceful and romantic; so, if you are not willing to go stargazing in someplace open, you can always go to a planetarium. There, even in the crowd, you two will be alone with each other.

The Food Expo Date Night

If you try and look, you will be amazed at how many food expos come to your area. You have to pay just one flat fee and then you have all the night in front of you for tasting and enjoying many different food and cuisine together. Talk, eat and enjoy the night.

Rock Climbing Date

If you love outings and activities such as sports, you will love this date absolutely. This Valentine’s Day, go rock climbing together. And if you have not done this ever, it will be a wonderful experience for you.

Roller Skating

If you are not an ice person and if you are not worried about getting out and hurting yourself a little, go roller skating together; hand in hand! Skate with each other, guide each other, have fun with each other and bond stronger with each other.

A Vineyard Date

If you love wine, go make the wine together in the vineyard itself. The experience they offer is wonderful. Together take in the beauty of the vineyard, know about the grapes that give you the wine that you so love and make the wine yourself.

Picnic At The Nearest Beach

Beaches are always beautiful. This valentine’s pack a picnic basket and go to the beach near you. Set an umbrella, the sheet and the basket at a secluded place. You can enjoy the sun and if you love the water, you can go play as well.

Fun And Creative Date Ideas

Drive-in Date

Well, this needs some advance planning and creativity. But it's worth it nonetheless. And to will be more fun outdoors. Set up a projector facing the large white wall or a large white sheet that will be used as a screen. Pick the favorite movie of your spouse. Put some comfortable seats where you can sit and enjoy the movie and well, snuggle as well. Throw in some popcorn, drinks and foods as well. There you are done.

A Photoshoot Date

This valentine’s hire a professional photographer, get dressed, pick locations and get some beautiful romantic pictures of you clicked. If you have been waiting for the right occasion for getting some pictures clicked, this is your perfect occasion.

The Theatre Date

You must have to movies many times. This time, pick a theatre that’s playing a romantic play. Go together, get lost in the play and find your love again for each other. This will be a different experience for both of you, watching the live play done by professional actors.

The Bonfire Date

Bonfires are always romantic. Especially when it's just the two of you. Get some drinks and something to roast over the bonfire. Talk about the romantic moments you have spent together and the beautiful memories you have made. Enjoy the fire.

A Walk Date

If you have done everything and want to go quiet and simple this valentine’s, just take a walk around the town, the roads you have never been to. Along the way shop, have coffee and breakfast, eat drink, do whatever you want and wherever you want.

Dinner Under The Stars

There couldn’t be anything more romantic and wonderful than dining under the stars. Don’t put too much light around. A few candles on the table and let the stars shine upon you.

Best Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Get Aroused On Your Date

It’s not a bad idea; you and your spouse, together, in a club, which gives shivers to many. With the knockouts on the stage, you are sure to get tingly. By the time you reach home, you will be eager to lay your hands on each other.

A Lavish Party Date

Many clubs hold lavish valentine’s party. Some also hold private parties as well. You can go to one of them. Drink, dine, dance and have a lot of fun together.

Learn To Massage Date

Getting a massage at a spa is good but nothing surpasses the pleasure of the fact that your beloved is getting pleasure out of the massage you are giving. So, take the package, grab your spouse and get that lesson this valentine’s.

Watch A Show, Sexy Show

Valentine’s Day is an occasion when many theatres host sexy shows by professional performers. They are not strippers but something subtle yet arousing. Watch it with your valentine.

A Musical Date

Go to the musical night comprising 70’s soulful songs. Listen to the old heart melting musical. Rediscover you taste in the music, both of you. You will cherish the experience all your life.

The Museum Date

Pick a museum, the one you both want to go. Take your time looking around, hand in hand. Enjoy the moment to the fullest.

Unique Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day

A Date At Distillery

The bar is fine, but just fine how it had been most of your Valentine’s date. So, this Valentine’s go on an adventurous drinking date. Find a distillery that will allow your visit and let you ship a crate of its finest whiskey right from there, if you want it.

Surfing The City In A Helicopter

And why not? They are pricey but equally capable of throwing your date off the balance. It will make your date feel extra special and the feeling will be inexpressible.

Speedboat Ride

If you are an adrenaline junkie, you will love this one. Hire a speedboat and roam around the harbor in it together.

Take A Safari

Safari is not only interesting but also very romantic. You can book a safari at a national park and enjoy the thrill of watching real animals in the wilderness.

Take A Pottery Class

Making pottery could be very romantic, especially when the two people who are taking the class together are very much in love. Book for a pottery class and fall in love all over again.

Hit A Jazz Parlor

Spend the evening of the Valentine’s Day at a place that offers live jazz, wine and dinner. The events that these jazz parlor hosts are really special and hence, yours will become special as well.

The Best Alternative Date Ideas

Visit A Live Comedy Show

Romance is also in laughing together. So, this Valentine’s book yourself to the live comedy show along with your valentine and get your funny bones tickled hard.

Indoor Skydiving

If you are an adrenaline junky but not a big one, this will go well with you. Go indoor skydiving. These are a bit pricey but worth experiencing with the one you love.

Go Bowling

Bowling is fun and if you haven’t tried it yet you will love it for sure. This valentine’s go bowling with your beloved and place the bets. The winner takes it all and more.

Take A Cruise

Cruises are enchanting, with lights, music, dancing, drinks and food. If it’s a package of a few days and nights, it will be even more wonderful. Spend some private time, private romantic time. You know what I mean?

Get A Tattoo

If you haven’t already, then make a tattoo date; both of you get similar tattoos made, or of each other’s name or each of you get the half of one tattoo on you in a way that it can only be completed if you are together.

A Hot Balloon Date

Watching the world under your feet while you soar in the sky is a great feeling and very romantic. Carry a basket of drinks and snacks and find your love high above the ground.

A Bit Different Date Ideas

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Redo A Room Together

You can either change the entire look of a room or just rearrange the furniture and add little touches to it. There is a different fun in doing and accomplishing something together.

Hit The Farmer’s Market

Don’t plan in advance. Just take a trip to the farmer’s market and buy things that you want, on impulse may be or of both of your likings. And then when you are done shopping, look at them and decide the menu.

Check Out A Local Band

Find places that hold concerts of local bands, the upcoming artists and the aspiring bands. You will be amazed at how good they are and then there will not be the mad rush that you often find in the concert of established and known bands.

Discover Your Family Tree

This Valentine’s Day, dig the old photos and find your family tree. Try to go as far as you can, with names and pictures. Know where you have come from, both of you.

Move In The Neighborhood

In the everyday rush, we often miss the time to look around and see our neighborhood. Sometimes, there are interesting people and beautiful view that we often fail to see. Take time to see what you have missed around.

Take Music Lessons

If there is one instrument that you both love and don’t know how to play, join a music class together. This will be your date, learning to play an instrument together.

Sweet Date Ideas

Ice Cream Date

Ice cream is as sweet as love. It doesn’t always have to be the dinner. This valentine’s, take your lover out on an ice cream date after dinner.

Bake A Cake Together

Cake is sensuous and so is baking it together. Take a new recipe that you haven’t tried yet. And try it together. It will fill your life with new found sweetness.

Dessert Hopping

Hop from place to place where the desserts are famous. From the menu, pick the dessert that is famous of that place and try it.

Chocolate Tasting

Even better if there is a chocolate fair, if not, go the chocolate specialty store and taste the variety of chocolates, all kinds, and see if you have similar taste in them or widely different.

Explore The Sweet

If you are conventional and don’t really feel like making changes in your life, then this is the moment of exploration. This Valentine’s, try the kind of sweets that’s unknown to you, something you haven’t heard of or tried before.

Try An Old Recipe Of Sweet

There are many sweets that are age old and exotic and whose recipes are dying. This valentine’s try one of those recipes together and reignite the old romance that has been lost between you.

Some More Date Ideas

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Spend The Night By Fireplace

There is nothing more romantic than flames warming your insides, some drinks, snacks and the one you love by your side. Talk till the flames turn amber and burns out. If you can, sleep by the fireplace, snuggled together.

Click A Lot Of Pictures

No matter what you do, where you go this Valentine’s Day, just document the entire evening. Click as many pictures as you can. You will have a good time.

Go Scuba Diving

Be adventurous and take a trip to scuba diving. Experience the beautiful and mysterious world of underwater together and feel the thrill.

Take Rides In Fairs

Let the child in you take the front seat this valentine’s. If you have a fair in your town, visit that and take all the rides that you used to take in your childhood and teenage days.

Fulfil The Bucket List Of Your Beloved

Everyone has a bucket list; your spouse must be having one as well. So, this Valentine’s help your date fulfilling the bucket list, at least a few of them.

Take A Mini Road Trip

The road trip doesn’t have to be long. Take a trip nearby, the place you haven’t been to and explored yet. And that place should be out of your town.

Additional Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Play A School Game

Remember your teenage years on this date. Order a pizza and some wine and play together the games that you used to play while you were in school, like connect the dots, tic tack toe, the card games etc.

Experiment With Food

Take a usual dish and both of you try to experiment something with it. Create something new individually. The dish with the better taste wins.

Go To The Opera

Operas are interesting. This valentine’s day, go together for an opera. It could change the way you feel about your relationship and will deepen it.

Read An Erotic Novel Together

Take an erotic novel like fifty shades and read it together. You will find things that you are willing to try. It will also charge up the environment around you.

A Surprise Trip

Ask your spouse to get ready for a beach and take them to someplace like Bahamas. You can plan any such surprise trip and make your beloved feel really happy.

Learn A New Language

Languages are beautiful. Pick a language that you both want to learn and the roll in yourself in the class. Then tell your beloved how much you love each other in the newly learnt language.

Plan Your Dream Vacation

You must have had dreamed of a vacation together. Take the chance this Valentine’s Day to fulfill that dream. Plan your dream vacation together and spend your valentine’s day there.

Visit A Botanical Garden

Flowers have always been associated with love and romance. This valentine’s visit a botanical garden with your spouse and enjoy the varieties of flowers that are grown there.

Go Horseback Riding

And no, don’t take two different horses. Ride together on one horse and rekindle the romance and the heat between you.

Play In The Snow Like A Teenage

Take a trip to the snowy town and play in the snow this valentine’s. You can also play snow sports like skiing and have fun together. Hope you have found the kind of date idea you were looking for.


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