Do You Have A Star Child? Check Out 11 of These Signs

Is Your Child Mature Beyond His Or Her Years? Find Out Now

By Sid
Do You Have A Star Child? Check Out 11 of These Signs

Kids are the most precious thing on earth, and there is hardly anything else that is as dear to parents as their children’s existence.

Parents have many responsibilities towards their children; they have to put in every effort when it comes to their upbringing, they have to take care of them and their necessities – from the day they are born till when they are older. It is only kids that can bring a smile to their parents’ faces when they are feeling down. Children just become an extension of their parents, no matter how happy or angry they make them, nothing comes before them, and nothing matters more than them.

What Is A Star Child?

A Star Child is unlike most of us; they are unique since they have special traits and abilities. There are three types of Star Child:

Indigo Children

Indigo children have special qualities when it comes to their energy and attitude. They often feel that they are from another world; they have old souls and can tap into vaults of knowledge within them.

They are often impulsive, self-aware, rebellious, get easily bored with uninteresting tasks; however, they are also empathetic, compassionate, caring, creative, spontaneous, and look for a purpose as they live. They are often diagnosed with ADD or ADHD if they are not encouraged by those around them to express themselves freely.

Crystal Children

Crystal Children have incredible psychic and telepathic abilities. Their purpose of life on earth is to spread spirituality; they also practice healing. They are spontaneous, self-aware, caring, love unconditionally.

Rainbow Children

Rainbow children are incarnated as humans for the first time; this means that they have a clean slate and have no previous karma from their past life; that is why they are so happy and optimistic all the time. They pick a family on their own, before their birth, and go for the ones that are stable and supportive. They are very empathetic, have psychic abilities, and manifest whatever they require in their lives.

Signs That You Have a Star Child

Not all Star Children share the same traits or abilities; however, they do have some shared attributes. It is very easy to recognize a star child due to how different they seem. Here are some of the signs that you have a Star Child:

1. They Experience Past Life Memories

The majority of star children claim that they have lived a life before their current one and often recall their past life experiences. They bring unique attributes, abilities, and lessons with them from their previous life.

Ian Stevenson from the University of Virginia once researched Star Children who claimed that they experience past life memories. Stevenson studied and analyzed each child’s claims and found out the person that the star child had memories of being in their past life; Stevenson was able to verify the dead individual’s history that lined up with the statements reported by the star child.

2. They Are Empathetic

Almost every star child is empathetic and compassionate; they can sense the emotions of those around them and can tell that something is not okay with them as they are sensitive to facial expressions, tones of the voices, and body language; they try their best to help them due to their empathetic abilities; which is not always healthy for them.

3. They Love Unconditionally

Rihanna’s “We Found Love in A Hopeless Place” can be applied to Star Children since they love unconditionally despite the world being filled with misery and frustrations. Star Children love unconditionally and are so compassionate that they will be the first one to hug you when you need it the most. They love people around them, and that is why they don’t hold grudges and are always ready to forgive others. Because of their loving nature, they try to heal those around them.

4. They Can Connect with the Spirit World

Star Children have the powerful ability to connect with the spirit world and communicate with the spirits whenever they wish to.

5. They Feel They Do Not Belong In This World

Star Children often feel that they do not belong on Earth because of how different they are due to their special abilities, which often makes them feel unaccepted and unappreciated.

6. They Are Creative

Star children are super talented and are often gifted when it comes to art, science, music, and other related fields. Many star children try to hide themselves from the spotlight since they don’t want extra attention or exposure. They are often introverts and like being alone yet are very creative, and with some support and encouragement, they can come up with new forms of art, music, and other innovative ideas.

7. They have distinct physical characteristics

Most star children are beautiful with a distinct eye color (green, blue, violet, etc.). Their eyes can be intense and intimidating, and they can see through people’s souls. They can also, in some cases, have prominent birthmarks. Many star children are also diagnosed with allergies related to food and medicines.

8. They Are Mature Beyond Their Age

Many star children are mature and intelligent beyond their age; they feel that the world isn’t as fast as them. One of the main reasons for that is that they might have been incarnated as a person before their current life. It is also a common belief that star children choose their own family before their birth, and they tend to go for the ones that are stable and supportive of their mission.

Maturity doesn’t necessarily mean that a child is a star child since kids can also mature based on their experiences, e.g., tough situations at home, abusive household, school problems, financial problems, and other circumstances that are not in their control.

Following are some of the signs through which you can tell if your child is mature beyond his or her age:

9. They Are Good At Self-Controlling

Despite their young age, they are good at self-controlling and have a lot of control over their emotions. They know what behavior is acceptable and what isn’t, and because of that, they don’t shout when they get mad or throw tantrums as most kids their age do.

10. They Are Responsible

The child concerned is often responsible and understands the responsibilities that they have from a young age; this includes doing their schoolwork on time, cleaning up their room after playing with their toys, taking care of their siblings, and putting the clothes in the laundry instead of scattering them all over the house.

11. They Respect Their Elders

Most mature kids respect and appreciate their elders, especially their parents. They realize how much their parents do for them, and for that, they show appreciation and gratefulness.

Pros and Cons of Being a “Mature Child”

Growing up in a fairly strict household, I feel like I grew up before my age due to the control my parents had over my life and personality; following are some of the pros and cons of being a “Mature Child”:

Pros (as a child)

  • Getting compliments such as “You are so well mannered” and “I wish my kids were more like you.”
  • Always getting praises and compliments from teachers over my behavior.
  • Being able to accompany my parents during their shopping trips, events, and dinners as I would stay quiet and not complain.
  • Not relying on anyone to teach me anything school-related.

Cons (as a child)

  • Feeling like an old soul and growing out of “childish things” such as children’s books/TV shows quickly due to illogical characters/plot.
  • Not having silly and fun childhood memories to look back on.
  • Not having many friends due not being interested in the same things as other children; thus not having enough to talk about.
  • Talking to people older than my age and often being manipulated by them.

In general, kids are adaptable; however, remember that they are young, and no matter how mature they seem, they still need your unconditional love, time, energy, attention, validation, and trust.

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Star children are unlike the majority; they are unique and possess special traits. Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow are the types of Star Children. They have different attributes that distinguish them from the rest of us, such as physical attributes, loving unconditionally, being self-aware, having memories of their past life, and being mature. A mature child generally respects his parents, is responsible and is good at self-controlling.