10 Gorgeous Goddess Tattoo Ideas And Their Meanings

Goddess from all over the world as a tattoo for inspirations

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10 Gorgeous Goddess Tattoo Ideas And Their Meanings

Life is full of ups and downs, and twists and turns. The ability to make the right decision isn’t always with us, especially if we are going through a rough patch of our life. Sometimes we just need that little ray of hope, that tiny speck of light at the end of the tunnel or the motivation to simply push harder. Tattoos can be symbolic of the struggle and challenges a person has faced. They can be a mark of immense strength and motivation for the ones looking for it. Every tattoo has its very own story to tell…

We can draw inspiration from many places. Whenever we need the ideal ink to paint on our body, we find something we can relate with on a personal level. Fortunately, we have many different goddesses and deities to help us get inspired and be a goddess in our own little world. The different mythologies of the world have always had some powerful figures as goddesses. All of these goddesses and deities have important roles in the universe. From sex, love, and childbirth to warfare, death, and reincarnation- the goddesses symbolize a vast spectrum of things. Let’s take a trip down the ancient mythologies of the world and well into the gorgeous goddess tattoos that have been instilling strength and motivation in people for ages.

10 gorgeous goddess tattoo ideas and their meaning

1. Athena

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Who doesn’t know the important and unique Greek goddess Athena? Athena stood for wisdom, peace and immense warfare strategy and strength. The tattoo of Athena, once inscribed onto skin, will not only instill strength and motivation but will truly give a renewed spirit to you. Athena’s tattoo is mostly made as a full sleeve tattoo with the gorgeous goddess holding her shield and a spear while flaunting her crown. The tattoo can be depicted in a traditional Grecian style or there can be a more contemporary rendition. The goddess is a strong statement as a tattoo. An owl is often associated with it to further symbolize her wisdom. Athena stood for her endurance and brilliant strategizing and can be used to seek inspiration during a weak moment in life.

2. Durga

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A part of the Hindu faith and mythology- Durga is the goddess that symbolizes the divine energy and positivity. It is the feminine energy that keeps the world in balance. Navratri is a festival comprising of nine nights’ long celebration- for the nine divine forms of Durga goddess, often called Maa Durga. The divine Shakti or power of Durga is symbolized by many weapons in her many hands. She is shown to have 8 or 10 arms which are to symbolize her protection from all directions of the world for the believer. Durga has three eyes in which her left eye represents desire, her right eye represents action, and knowledge is symbolized by the third eye. Having a tattoo of Durga, sitting on her Lion as a vehicle, on the body will not only give immense strength but will always remind you how good trumps all evil.

3. Isis

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Isis is a goddess of Ancient Egypt. She was the goddess of wisdom, health, and motherhood. She symbolized as the ultimate protector. She had the healing ability in her, as she was the patroness of nature. She could also resurrect people. A tattoo of Isis can be made in many ways. Her chief symbols are spreading wings, Cobras, Scorpions, and the Full moon. She can be assumed to be a symbolic representation of taking charge of unfavorable situations and bringing them under control. A tattoo of Isis is perfect anywhere on the body- as a sleeve or on the forearm or bicep. Isis will not only give you a renewed soul and rejuvenated spirit but will also help you discover your lost will to survive harsh situations in life.

4. Kwan Yin

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Kwan Yin is a part of Buddhist mythology. She symbolizes extreme compassion and kindness. It is also believed that she refused to be in heaven until the last person on Earth entered it. Kwan Yin tattoos are common to symbolize purity and kindness in a person. The tattoo of Kwan Yin is often drawn next to a willow branch, a lotus or a dove. All these are characteristic of soothing purity and kindness.

5. Hathor goddess

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Hathor was an important part of the Ancient Egyptian religion. Hathor was a goddess of the sky. Hathor was a complex goddess that handled all life on Earth. She symbolized fertility, sky, and music. She was the symbolic mother of every Pharaoh or King that ruled Egypt. Hathor is often drawn as a gorgeous woman with Cow horns to symbolize her sustenance of living beings of the Earth. She is also a celebration of sexuality, love, and beauty. A tattoo of Hathor can mean multiple things based on a personalized preference and depending on everybody’s individual journey. She is truly a representation of life.

6. Lakshmi

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Lakshmi is the goddess of fortune, wealth and prosperity in the Hindu religion. She is the wife and divine energy (Shakti) of Lord Vishnu. There are 8 different forms of the goddess that symbolize 8 different types of wealth and prosperity. Lotus flower is also associated with the goddess on which she sits and holds in her hands. Inscribing her on the body will have a positive impact on life and will truly inspire you to achieve more with hard work.

7. Eos

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Symbolized by saffron, chariot, cloak, tiara, and roses- Eos is the Greek goddess of Dawn. She rises every morning from the edge of the world. Her Roman name was Aurora and in the Greco-Roman mythology, she plays an important role as the goddess with an insatiable hunger for young men. Her rosy colored appearance is symbolic of the feminine energy that harbors sunlight by opening the gates of Heaven each morning. Eos’ tattoos are common as they look extremely captivating and instill great inspirational positivity in the person.

8. Inanna

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Inanna is the Sumerian goddess of love, beauty, fertility, and war. She is the ultimate embodiment of femininity and sexual drive. Having her as a tattoo can stand for self-confidence, creativity, and sensual energy. A lion, a horse or a star drawn inside a circle can all be used as her symbols. She will truly inspire you to follow your heart and be an unapologetic version of your best self. Your creativity will thrive and you will indeed feel yourself becoming more and more self-aware by drawing inspiration from this goddess.

9. Freya

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Freya is one of the most popular figures of Norse mythology in the world. Freya means lady and symbolizes love, lust, beauty, sex and bewitching sorcery of captivating men around her. She was also the goddess of gold and death. Freya’s tattoo, worn on the body will inspire you to be the woman you’ve always wanted to be. With the perfect amalgam of loving purity and lust- Freya is the ideal goddess to inspire you to be yourself and take over the world!

10. Venus

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The Roman goddess of love and fertility- Venus is known throughout the world as a symbolic representation of everything feminine. She contained many abilities beyond the capabilities of her Greek counterpart Aphrodite. In mythology, she birthed many children that symbolized terror, fear, harmony, and Concord. Cupid is also her child which is now popularly used to symbolize love. She is often depicted as rising from the Sea on a lotus flower. With flowing gorgeous hair and a breath-taking feminine body- a tattoo of Venus might just be the inspiration you need to pursue your passions and recognize your inner strength and beauty.

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Each person’s tattoo story is different, the same way his life struggles and journey is. Goddess tattoos are an inspiration for everybody but they can mean different to different people. The symbolism that portrays goddesses in a wonderful light can be used to find strength in moments of weakness. Just the way each ink baby is different and holds a separate place in the heart of the person getting it- goddess tattoos are diverse in their meaning and beauty. Finding just the right goddess tattoo for yourself can take up some time, but just truly follow your instinct and pick the goddess that really speaks to you as an inspirational emblem of femininity and valor!