Bone Breathing: Can You Breathe With Your Bones?

The taoist way to breathe with your bones to fortify immunity

By Kimmy
Bone Breathing: Can You Breathe With Your Bones?

What is Bone Breathing?


Bones play a much more important role in our bodies than just holding us up. Bones are "breathing" and they carry blood, oxygen, and nutrition across our body. In bone breathing, it is believed that by allowing your bones to breathe naturally and to facilitate a better bone breathing system, your immunity, health, and psychological states will be improved.

There are plenty of benefits to bone breathing. People have been practicing it for thousands of years. It's supposed to cleanse your body and rejuvenate it with nutrition that pumps up your vital organs with a healthy boost.

Bone breathing is not a physiotherapy type or anything that requires a certificate to practice. Rather, it's like meditation and simple exercise to calm your body and to regulate it. You can easily do it at home or at work, whenever suits you best.

The knowledge from a thousand years ago created bone breathing, something that is thought to be still useful and accurate. Follow the ancient trail and discover the benefits of this simple bone breathing technique and how it makes your body healthy!

Where does it come from

Bone breathing is a legacy of the ancient Taoism. A little history of Taoism, which is a philosophy made famous by the ancient Chinese teacher Lao Tzu. He placed heavy emphasis on keeping the body balanced and finding the harmony from within. Everyone should be familiar with the tai-chi sign with the two black and white dots. Tai-chi is also about finding the inner balance so you can have a healthy body.

Lao Tzu believes harmony comes from within. He taught many skills and methods to keep the body in tune. He believed by having a balanced body, you will be healthy with a strong immune system that keeps you from getting sick easily.

Simplicity can be found in a lot of his writings. He believes the key to finding harmony is not by having anything materialistic. Our body has the ability to self-regulate if you know how to wake up your body.

Bone breathing is one of the most famous legacies Lao Tzu left behind. It teaches how to let your bones to be healthy and in turn, your whole body will be healthier. Bones play a huge role in our body and gets easily dismissed. Whenever someone is sick, they think there's something wrong with this part or that part of the body, they rarely realize maybe it's something wrong with the bones and they can't breathe and send the nutrients needed for a body to function well.

This method has been put forth and practiced by many people worldwide. Not only do they find the health benefits from it, but they also find it to be mentally calming and helps with their mental health by getting their body in tune.

Benefits of Bone Breathing

There are countless benefits to practicing bone breathing. Red blood cells are produced in long bones such as the thigh and arm bones, while white blood cells are produced in flat bones such as the pelvis and skull. If you don't treat your bones well, they will lose the ability to produce those crucial blood cells to sustain a healthy body.

Bones are also important in circulating oxygen and eliminating carbon dioxide. Basically they are getting rid of the bad substances in our body and spreading the good ones. If your bones are weak and don't breathe well, imagine what it will do to your circulation system. Bones are all over our body when they shut down, it would have a detrimental effect on our health.

The different marrows in the bones are also a key player in the system. The red bone marrows are in charge of creating blood cells and the yellow marrows are in charge of making fat that is stored in our body as we age. Fat is undeniably essential to our survival, despite people getting trying to lose as much fat as possible.

By practicing bone breathing, you are pretty much washing your bone marrow and it can achieve the tasks it's assigned for. The importance of bone marrow is often advertised and with simple bone breathing, it can all be improved.

Any health concerns to watch out for

In general, bone breathing is safe to practise for most people as it involves mostly simple meditation and breathing rhythms. However, if consult with your doctors if you are concerned about your physical condition or if you are unsure if you can practise bone breathing.

Bone breathing has been practised by thousands of people around the world. The negative health impact on a regular body is minimal as it involves mostly meditation and regulating your body rhythm. There are no intense or vigorous body movements involved.

However, if you have any kinds of pre-existing health conditions. It's always good to consult with your doctor first before practising anything for your best interest.

Simple Ways to Start Engaging in Bone Breathing

Getting started on bone breathing is rather easy. Find a time and space that you are the most relaxed. Perhaps an afternoon in your living room. Sit down and try to tighten then release your muscles. You can do it with your eyes closed or open. Pay attention to the rhythm and how it feels to have control over your muscles. Notice any spots where it feels uncoordinated.

Start out breathing normally and steadily. As the exercise progresses and as you feel comfortable, start taking more deep breaths and notice how your body changes. Keep visualizing your body into an image. The picture you have to reach your stomach to breathe in air and the more you breathe, the deeper you have to go for more air.

Visualization is a big part of the exercise. You don't have to force yourself to imagine what others are imagining. Use your own creativity. Imagine you are sitting on a meadow field trying to take in as much fresh air as possible. With each breath, you are able to go deeper into the next.

Picture the energy and fresh air each breath brings you. Feel your body rejuvenates with the new source of energy. Feel your bones carrying nutrients to your whole body.

Practicing bone breathing can be easy and something you can do at home. There's not much technique to master it because it's supposed to relax you, not stress you out. It's a perfect exercise to calm your nerves even if you aren't having anybody's issues.

Bones breathing is so popular that sometimes you are able to find classes in your local community taught by masters. If you do want to learn, paying attention to your community center to see what's on might be a good idea as well!

Remember the whole point of the exercise is to regulate your body rhythm and allow it to function at a healthy, full capacity. You should remain calm and stress-free the whole process. There's no need to push your body limit if you can't take more deep breaths. Take a break when you need and go as far as your body allows you to but not push it to go beyond.

This is not a competition. You don't have to be better than anyone. Exercise it and you will feel a lot better and feel your body is now an open gate for nutrients to get to each corner where it's necessary.

Videos to Learn About Bone Breathing

1. Mantak Chia # Bone Marrow Nei Kung in New York # 1.1) Bone Breathing

This master has been travelling around to educate people on the importance of having harmony in your body. In the video, he will start by explaining the benefits of practising bone breathing and subsequently teaches you simple tips on how to start practising it.

Watch the full video on YouTube here.

2. Taoist Alchemy: Bone Breathing

Another great video to get you started on bone breathing. A full, in-depth tutorial and a step-by-step guide on how you can start practicing bone breathing. Follow the tutorial and you will see how simple it is to practice bone breathing at home and do it yourself!

Watch the full video on YouTube here.

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It's amazing and mind-blowing to know that something as simple can have so much impact on our body. Bone breathing is one of the oldest techniques to achieve body balance and harmony. This is so simple that you don't have to invest much in it to achieve the results. Try out bone breathing today and see what positive impacts it has on your body!