Kitchen Witch Doll: Get One to Ward Off Bad Spirits

Never heard of it? Time to get one for good luck and clears bad luck

By Michele
Kitchen Witch Doll: Get One to Ward Off Bad Spirits

Here, we are going to discuss something interesting about a special genre of dolls that are used to ward off any sort of bad spirits from your home. The doll is known as the Kitchen witch doll or a Scandinavian kitchen witch or a cottage witch. 

It can be said that it is actually a very old tradition practiced by several homes, mostly in the European region, to keep bad spirits away and invite good charm. Kitchen Witch Doll: Get One to Ward Off Bad Spirits will help clear your concepts about this ancient practice. 

What are Kitchen Witch Dolls?

Kitchen witch dolls are considered to be a source of good luck and they are often gifted to close family members and friends. All those, who are unfamiliar with the kitchen witch doll need to read this discussion carefully so that they can have a better understanding of the concept behind hanging kitchen witch dolls in a kitchen. 

It is interesting to mention here that Norwegians have placed kitchen witch dolls in their kitchens for several years. According to their observation and experiences, they say that a kitchen witch doll helps a lot with the daily matters of cooking as it prevents: sauces from splitting, vessels from boiling over, and roasts from burning. 

In the same manner, the English people have been using kitchen witch dolls to bring good luck to their cooking and baking matters and avoid any sort of mishaps. There are several ancient accounts of kitchen witch dolls being preserved and admired in English households. 

History of Kitchen Witch Dolls

There is a considerable debate present over the origin of kitchen witch dolls. Most of the claims stress over the fact that these dolls originated hundreds of years ago in Germany or Norway. There is a dispute between the places of its origin. But there is one thing confirmed and that is, the roots of kitchen witch doll stem right from the ancient European traditions.  

But you will be fascinated to know the concept behind witches belonging to the kitchen. Kitchen witch dolls are generally associated with domestic chores. Witches have a strong connection with the German folklore. All those young girls and guys, who didn’t complete their chores, were warned about the witches present in the famous Black Forest. There were good and bad witches both. While only those children would get into trouble, who didn’t complete their household chores. This folklore took different turns and hence interpretations. 

Function of Kitchen Witch Dolls

Kitchen witch dolls are basically good witches that ensure safety and inspire productivity in a kitchen. This is the positive function of these dolls and at the same time, they counteract any sort of negative energy or ill will, which is directed towards the house. In short, we can say that these dolls help in keeping your home safe from any sort of harm intended or brought by external forces.  

I know of a German friend of mine, whom I visited a lot when we were neighbors. I was intrigued by a flying witch hanging in their kitchen right beside the stove. She told me that these special kitchen witch dolls look over food and that means you would not have any burnt cakes or overcooked cookies or any other sort of mishap in the kitchen. All you get is delicious and well-cooked food for your family to stay well-nourished. 

Well, I even experienced that these kitchen witch dolls function in a miraculous manner to bring good luck to your cooking and baking ventures. Whatever my friend did in her kitchen was a hit. There were no accidents and everything that she made turned out to be really good. Was she gifted or it was the effect of the kitchen witch doll. I can’t say much! 

How to Get a Kitchen Witch Doll

I really hope that this read is getting interesting to you. Now what happens with most of the people, who stumble across new stuff, is that they either get interested or shrug off the idea of doing anything about it. The main idea behind putting up this article was to help you have a better understanding of this enthralling ancient practice. There is no harm in trying what people have been doing for a long time. You might experience something new and interesting in your life, you never know. 

Where to buy

So, you are looking forward to bring some luck in your kitchen by hanging a kitchen doll? To be honest there is no harm in trying out this ancient custom. You might get lucky and get better with the kitchen related stuff. It all depends on the intention you carry and the project and the amount of belief you have for any sort of work. Your positive energy actually helps a lot in achieving your targets. 

There are always some external negative energies that can harm your sphere of positivity and for that; you will need a second medium to stay guarded. Maybe that is another reason for buying a kitchen witch doll. Here, I have fished a few – the best – places for buying that lucky doll. 

1.   Etsy | Kitchen Witch Doll

The link that, I have shared above has several interesting handmade kitchen dolls to choose from. The prices are nominal and it is one of the most creative platforms out there. 

2.    Amazon | Kitchen Witches

So, we all know of amazon. Here you can find different kitchen dolls that have been categorized according to their demand and reviews. Do check the customer reviews before buying one for yourself. 

3.    Ebay | Kitchen Witch

Another popular online store through which, you can buy kitchen witch dolls. There are pictures, proper descriptions, and prices with every doll so that you can make a decision easily. 

How to DIY

If you have some free time and want to make your own kitchen witch doll, there are several DIY kits for this reason. Well making your own doll helps in polishing your creative side and have a better connection with the concept of kitchen witch dolls. There is always something special about anything that you do with your own hands. The aura is completely different. I would highly recommend making your very own kitchen witch doll. Let’s see how you can do it! 

1.   DIY Kitchen Witches | Bella Online

The link that I have shared above is about the personal experience of someone, who has made a kitchen witch doll. It is convincing and helpful. 

2.    Kitchen Witch Doll Kits | Etsy

Sharing this link again, as this website also offers DIY kits to those, who are interested in shaping their very own kitchen witch doll. 

I hope that you have fun while knitting your own doll. There are several videos over YouTube and pictures and websites over Pinterest that can help you. Do some homework before making your own kitchen witch doll. The best part is that you would not need a lot of or expensive stuff for your kitchen doll. It will take a few hours and your masterpiece would be ready to bring you good luck. 

And yes one thing more, you will also see some people hanging some sort of note around the neck of a kitchen witch. These notes are basically in praise of the kitchen witch doll that glorifies their significance. You can even make a small note and hang it. That will give a complete look to your kitchen witch doll. 

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The kitchen, without any doubt, is the center of any home. Because it is the place where cooking and baking is done. In ancient times kitchen was the epicenter of every medicinal food prepared for healing the sick. Like teas were brewed and poultices were all made in the kitchen. It was basically an abode of care and love. So it was quite essential to have a blessed kitchen with good witches overseeing them and help look after loved ones. 

I really hope that this article Kitchen Witch Doll: Get One to Ward Off Bad Spirits has helped in making things clear for you. Even if you do not believe in the concept of kitchen witch dolls to protect you from any sort of misadventures in the kitchen, there is no harm in hanging these cute and sweet witches in your kitchen. They definitely will bring joy in your kitchen life and might make the food that you cook taste even better. 

So, get one for your kitchen and see how the helpful witch plays it for you. Let the good things happen! 



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