10 Best Ideal Spiritual Vacations for Singles for Healing

The Best Spiritual Vacation Collated for Your 2019 Vacation List

By Fred S.
10 Best Ideal Spiritual Vacations for Singles for Healing

Everything and everyone around you run on fuel, be it the engine of your cars or your very own body, all forms of existence have certain limitations to their operation. The same is true for your spirit. Every once in a while, your soul is overtaken by fatigue and is marred with blemishes of routines. You feel like you are running out of peace, getting short on empathy and can sense the emptiness taking the shape of evil monsters like depression and anger, which end up causing a great deal of harm to you and to those around you. To help your spirit stay flawless, enjoy an unwavering sense of peacefulness and maintain its vigor, we present to you some of the most effective soul-friendly retreats for your next holiday that are guaranteed to better your health holistically. 

Why You Should Go for A Spiritual Vacation or Retreat

The fast-paced life of the 21st century is the biggest foe of the human soul. Through days and into the nights, you are bound to partake in a hectic goose race to be better than everyone else around you and to be superior in terms of materials and wealth than your peers. This ilk of greed has been the biggest annihilator of your inner peace and has caused you to opt for a lifestyle that does not allow you the time or equip you with the means to maintain the well-being of your soul.

You barely get the time to think about how you feel emotionally and mentally, this leads to the heaping of a plethora of strains on your spirit, causing a drastic drop in your spiritual vitality. The never-ending work to be done, the commitment to fulfill because it is a norm to attend events even if they are damaging you mentally and the anxiety of what might happen in the future have hurt you on the inside and a spiritual getaway is the aptest means of releasing those internal stresses and having some time to reflect on your actual purpose in life.

10 Best Destination in 2019 for Singles to Go for Healing

1. Shambhala Mountain Center - Colorado Rockies

This 600-acre wide stretching healing center is a hot favorite for those single people who wish to find themselves by getting lost amidst the sky-kissing summits, under the whiteness of the clouds and the serenity billowed by an all-natural forest that is home to some of the most exotic animal species. The comfortable arrangement allows you to choose a single room or share it with others of your kind as you stay there to engage collectively in multitude self-healing programs that permit you to delve deeper within yourself to fathom the intricacies of your existence. It has been operational for over four decades now and is affordable enough for you to consider when your next paycheck arrives. 

2. Insight Spiritual Society

Here, you get to choose between a more mechanical retreat center and the natural forest retreat based on what suits you the best. This society was founded with the sole purpose of assisting its disciples on their quest to find the meaning of life and the reason for their being on this planet. Its teachings are derived from Buddhism and are focused on how we all could function more properly as a society, giving you the chance to learn to treat others in a way that is in-line with Buddha’s teachings. The large extent of woods makes sure that you are cut off from the damaging aura of the world outside and are instead engrossed in mending what has been done to your soul. The reinforcement of team-spirit via multiple activities and engaging in group conversations allow you to look at those around you differently than before.  

3. The White Lotus Foundation, Santa Barbara - Yoga Retreat, California

The White Lotus Foundation

Perfect for those who seek to connect with their soul by exerting themselves physically, The White Lotus Foundation excels in providing yoga programs to their pupils who need to silence the noise elicited from their everyday routine. This particular spot has been home to many Indian yoga teachers who wandered the earth to spread awareness about spiritual wellness. The tranquilizing aura of the nearby Pacific Ocean and the sight of the unaltered neighboring islands promise a spiritual retreat like no other. The menu is predominantly vegetarian and a very natural course is followed on-premise to inculcate a feeling of harmony between the participants and everything around them. You are sure to come back as a completely different person, with enhanced physical vigor and a soul that is emancipated from the clutches of anger, hatred, and tedium.  

4. Green Gulch Farm Zen Center

Green Gulch | San Francisco Zen Center

This center is the perfect embodiment of vital Buddhist practices and has added to its attraction by constructing a small Japanese tea house that hosts hundreds of disciples every month to enhance the feeling of togetherness. Located in Marine County, California, this center is popular amongst the general public for its spirit of giving away and motivating non-members to play their part by interacting with that on-premise. Collective meditation and Dharma discussions are sure to help you in attaining closer contact with your soul. The affordable accommodation can be chosen based on your vocation, with separate living areas for students. Enjoy living in the woods for a couple of days as you learn more about the Buddhist philosophy.  

5. Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA

Esalen Institute - Big Sur, California

Located at the Pacific Coastline, this affordable retreat center is very flexible in the sense that it offers packages including different subjects and at different times throughout the year, which vary in duration. You have the liberty to choose the topic and activity together with the joining month that you can manage the best. If you are someone who is an avid reader, then Esalen should be your top priority for a spiritual holiday. Their exquisite baths, functional natural kitchens, rich book stores, barn, and its activities and many other retreat options have made them one of the most popular retreats in CA. 

6. 7 Centers Yoga Arts – AZ

Welcome to 7 Centers Yoga Arts - 7 Centers Yoga Arts

The only con about this amazing program is that it does not offer any on-premise accommodation amenities, otherwise it is perfect for zealous yogis and those who wish to be a part of something that offers a blend of psychology with Buddhist philosophy. Its participants also get the chance to learn about Ayurvedic medicine and its utility in everyday life. The relaxing Ayurvedic massage has been testified to help you get rid of years of tiredness and make you feel as relaxed as someone who was just born. If you are someone who can arrange accommodation in Arizona, then this spiritual program is truly all-encompassing.  

7. Rolling Meadows Spiritual Retreats

Rolling Meadows silent meditation and yoga retreats in Maine

Offering you multiple retreat options based on your needs and budget, this program is everything you need to escape from the blinding night lights of the city and its deafening noise. The experienced leaders of these retreats present to you the perfect fusion of silent meditation and relaxing yoga to help you get rid of the built-up exhaustion and the diseases of the mind. The entire day you spend here is divided conveniently into group activities that alternate with personal time to allow you to re-connect with yourself. A very limited number of seats are available for each retreat, limiting the group sizes, an advantage for those who don’t wish to be with a hundred other people.  

8. Retreat in the Pines

Retreat In The Pines | Weekend Retreat | Yoga, Meditation, Wine, & Nature

A women-only retreat, the Retreat in The Pines is on a two-hour drive away from Dallas and opens its arms to invite in every girl who wishes to get away from the mundanity of everyday life and take refuge in the serenity of yoga, woods, meditation, and some delicious wine. The fact that the participants are only women makes it easier to let go of pent-up frustration in group talks as your fellows understand it better than the opposite sex who do not have to face the same challenges. The best part about this retreat is that you probably don’t have to take an entire week off, a weekend here suffices to make your soul feel renewed. 

9. Miraval Resort & Spa - Tucson, Arizona

Miraval Wellness Resorts and Signature Life in Balance Spas

Located in Santa Catalina Mountains, this wellness center offers to recharge you spiritually via activities that make you value life more than ever and spiritual lectures that are bound to reshape the lens through which you look at the world around you. A dedicated wellness center that is operational throughout the day allows you to tap into yourself while you work to make yourself physically stronger. The wellness meals offered here are cent percent natural with flavors that are not offered any place else. Early morning yoga, group dharma discussions, and hikes are beneficial to stir life in a tired soul. 

10. Yoga Retreat: Lake Shrine Temple – CA

Lake Shrine Temple

If you want to limit your vacation to 5 days and are looking for a center that allows you to join the program at any time of the year without you having to miss on anything, then Lake Shrine Temple is your place to go to allow yourself to have a holistic treatment. The group activities, with unique Houseboat meditation for self-reflection and soul-perfecting tasks, make this a credible retreat center in the States. It also offers a special Spanish session for those of you who wish to experience spiritual wellness with those who share your language, an opportunity that makes you all feel at home away from home. 

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The money that you make, the fame that you garner and the possessions that you continue to accrue are of no use if they do not help your soul to breathe and maintain its peace. Science has also time and again proven how many diseases are actually the ailments of the spirit that have reached an extent that they have started showing up on the surface as physical phenomena. 

Gift yourself a pleasant break from the hustle and bustle of the global village’s corporate life and take time to connect with your inner self. Think about yourself and your life, try to put into a working position a set of beliefs that work for you through every versatile phase of your life. 

Gift yourself a pleasant break from the hustle and bustle of the global village’s corporate life and take time to connect with your inner self. Think about yourself and your life, try to put into a working position a set of beliefs that work for you through every versatile phase of your life.