10 Signs You Are Going Through A Spiritual Transformation

If you think you are going through a spiritual transformation, chances are you may be if you have experienced any of these 10 signs.

By Julie Coleman
10 Signs You Are Going Through A Spiritual Transformation

A Spiritual Transformation Brings About Significant Life Changes

Going through a spiritual transformation is a process that you can encounter at any point in your life, or even multiple times. There is no age when it is bound to happen, if it ever does, and there is no particular circumstance that can lead a person to spark individual stages of this kind of transformation. However, if you are experiencing any of the following signs or symptoms, there is a good chance that you are headed towards this new phase in life. It will impact everything - from your relationships, how you take care of yourself, and more. First, let's examine the definition of spiritual and the definition of transformation. There are two definitions of spiritual: one relating to the human soul, and one relating to non-physical things. Transformation is a change from the normal way of doing things or feeling. So, as we begin talking about spiritual transformation, we will be looking at how you change from deep within. Nothing on the outside will feel the same to you again, and everything on the inside will have much more significance to you in your newly changed life.

Sign #1: You Really Start Listening

Have you ever been listening to someone talk, and all you can think about is what you are about to say next? Or you hear what people are saying, but you just nod in agreement, not taking into considering what you are actually agreeing to? When you go through a spiritual transformation, all of a sudden, the meaning of listening takes on a whole new definition. All of a sudden, you really begin to actively listen. When people are speaking, you really focus on what they are saying and how they are saying it. You really contemplate their words and listen with compassion. Before you nod in agreement, you contemplate whether or not what they are saying really jives with your values. If a statement or opinion does not agree with your principles, you respond in a non-offensive way. All of a sudden, you will begin to hear things you never thought you would ever hear. You pay attention. You feel the words of others really strike a chord, and you are no longer hung up on your own ego and what you want to say next.

Sign #2: Your Spiritual Transformation Brings Out New Passion

I am in the business of helping individuals identify and release the primary fear-based pattern they have incarnated in this lifetime to heal. I use a profoundly deep energetic process to bring through a detailed past life story and cellular level attunement. Once the patterning is cleared, no one is ever the same. That which has limited you, weighed you down, created illness and broken relationships and impeded the revelation of your soul purpose… that which is the one piece connecting all elements of the self is revealed. Imagine a life lived with awareness instead of fear. And as Georgia says, there is nowhere to go but through it. Everything we have ever wanted in life lives on the other side of our fear. #WorldWithoutFear #Fearless #Courage #SpiritualTransformation #georgiaokeefe

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We've all been there. Life just feels...mundane. Every day is exactly the same. You get up, get ready for work, go to work, come home, sit in front of the television, and go to bed, only to wake up and do it all over again. When you are going through a stage of spiritual transformation, you will begin a whole new process of discovering your greatest passions. All of a sudden, work might not seem as gratifying and you may start to question whether or not it's what you actually want to do eight to ten hours out of your day. All of a sudden, passion means something. Work does not have to be trivial. If you are starting to question how you are spending your time, and whether or not your daily activities are making you happy, then you may be developing symptoms of a spiritual transformation. Art, music, crafts, hobbies - they will all begin to take on a deeper meaning. Many times, individuals who are going through this process will begin changing their careers to reflect more of their personal values.

Sign #3: You Start Thinking of Your Friends Differently

Often times we seek #God or the #Universe for a change in our life’s circumstances when what we really want is a changed life. To have courage to go after what we want. To be fearless in our everyday interactions with each other. To live free of the bondage of circumstance. When we truly seek, we find that what we want is to be our true #authentic selves. Not the person we have been conditioned to believe we are. That person who believes they’ve arrived because of the car they drive, or the good lookin’ spouse they have, or whatever. You know what I mean. Getting back to who we really are is going to mean exchanging the knock-off you for the real you. Exchanging the you that is pieced and put together by the conditioning of the media, parents, coaches, preachers, etc. for the you that is authentically made by your own hands, your own thoughts and sentiments. We have to release what we hold tight in our hands (conditioning) to see what was already there, OUR VERY OWN AUTHENTIC HAND. . . . . #peace, #joy, #love, #poetry, #spiritualawakening, #spokenword, #spiritualtransformation, #spiritualascension, #kundalini, #creativity, #water, #flow, #awakeningsymptoms, #universe, #flow, #authenticity, #metamorphosis, #meditation #presence, #inspiration, #creativity, #compassion, #awareness, #curioustheatrecompany,#newlife

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Even if you have had the same friends since childhood, if you are going through a spiritual transformation, your perception on friendships changes, which is a sign you are on a new path. Many times, the phrase "I'd rather have four quarters, rather than 100 pennies," bears truth. You begin to realize it is not the quantity of people that you know, but the quality of people. As you engage with your friends, you may not find their crass jokes as funny. All of a sudden, even though you are lighthearted and feel great, you will not find the same conversations as engaging. You are less likely to participate in gossip. This is okay. There is a darker side to having a spiritual transformation. Before you experience the serenity it brings, you will go through a process of change, which may feel uncomfortable and unnatural. This will eventually pass with the adjustments that you begin to make in life over time. Friendships are spiritual in nature as well, just like your individual person. Transformation is change. So, there will naturally be changes in your friendships as you deepen your spiritual condition. Your engagements will be more enlightening and you will gravitate more towards those friends that share your passions, rather than get you to your day-to-day networking goals.

Sign #4: A Spiritual Transformation Brings You Closer to Nature

How often do you go outside? Better yet, how often do you go outside when it is really cold, windy, or rainy? Nowadays, most people who are not sharp in their spiritual condition stay inside and only enjoy the beauty of nature from their car or home windows, unless they are walking from a vehicle to a building. We appreciate nature from a distance. Nature is one of the most spiritual ways to connect with the universe. When you are going through a spiritual transformation, you actually yearn to be outside in nature. Long walks or hikes, fishing, watching the sunset, swimming at the beach - it all sounds so delightful and you can't get enough. There is a new beauty in nature that you never saw before. It actually looks spiritual, all of it. Even a cloudy day has a bit of poetry behind it. The strength of your love for nature is a great way to measure the signs and degrees of your spiritual transformation. Nature in itself is a transformation, so you can learn your lessons from what you see when you are in it. Change takes time. Everything in nature has a perfect process, and nothing is rushed or wasted. Even if some of the experiences you are having right now do not make you feel a hundred percent, give it time. You will have an opportunity to learn from this experience as each phase passes. Nature is the same way. You go through seasons in your life. Take note of what sparks your attention and the lessons it gives you. These are lessons for a reason.

Sign #5: A Spiritual Transformation Makes You Think More Deeply

We are naturally in a clear state able to see the way life is the reason this becomes compromised has to do with a hypnotic pattern thinking we have to follow others and do what others say rather than honoring ourself and emotions when we experience difficulties, behind fragmentation lies the issue we need to focus on and heal in oder to attain clarity and fullness of our being Tracing back the fragmentation, we will find what has been pushed away and bring light to this and truly heal. When you attain this state you will know the wholeness of your being and know there are no words that can truly capture the beauty of who you really are. Artwork by Sean Allum of Eloh Projects. #goodasspranababy #clear #clarity #cosmic #truth #clearmind #healyourimbalances #cosmicform #cosmiclight #perfectform #trueself #spiritualtransformation

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There is no doubt that many of us are not destined to be Albert Einsteins or Pablo Picassos. We are mostly just average people, living average lives most of the time. We all have particular gifts, but most of the time we do just enough to get by. We don't have a strong passion to self-educate. We barely read more than our Facebook news feed. This is alright - until you start going through a spiritual transformation. All of a sudden, the regular day-to-day knowledge that we obtain needs to fulfill a great purpose. We ask questions. Our curiosity is sparked by unusual things. We start contemplating philosophy and the deeper meanings of it all. The mental and the spiritual are one and the same by many definitions. They have an impact on one another. If you are going through a spiritual transformation, chances are how you think about the world around you is going to start to change.

Sign #6: You Begin To Take On New Hobbies Like Meditation

Fire is pure Divine Goddess energy. The unstoppable creative force. She who will not be tamed. She who will no longer be silenced. The Sacred Feminine who is re-awakened. The inner fire of the Earth as it is the inner fire of Man. The inner fire which is part of all the four elements that are represented in each being and which are needed to create balance within both in man and woman. The snake coiled in the root going up through the chakras. The transformative fire, that which is burning all impurities, turning darkness into pure Light. So it is and so it shall forever be. The time is now. Be blessed. 💖 ~ Pernille Inehi art credit; unknown #spiritualinspiration #spiritualgrowth #spiritual #raisingfrequencies #raisingconsciousness #divinefeminine #sacredfeminine #loveyourself #selflove #embraceyourself #embracelife #personalgrowth #spiritualtransformation #goddess #goddesses #trustyourself #youarefree #innerfreedom #youareunique #respect #respectyourself #selfworth #integrity #personalintegrity #spiritualintegrity #personaltransformation #spiritualawakening

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Sounds cliche, doesn't it? Ask anyone who has gone through a spiritual transformation on whether or not they meditated then or now (or both). Chances are, the answer is going to be yes. There is something about this particular symptom of a spiritual transformation that is a thread that weaves through most individuals' stories. Meditation is being able to control the mind, to clear it, to connect to the universe, and to listen to what it is saying. With the noise of our minds constantly going, taking time to meditate is a classic way of being able to quiet that noise. Throughout the stage of change, the spirit will become connected to the universe. We will become less stressed and anxious. We will be able to focus on things with more attention for longer periods of time. A transformation of the spirit brings a strong transformation of the mind, and the body will follow eventually. Meditation is a great way to lead yourself towards a spiritual transformation, and continued practice of meditation will keep you grounded on a whole new level after each stage in the process. Of course, if meditation is not part of your routine, remember, there is no one single definition or sign that will state whether or not you are truly going through a spiritual transformation.

Sign #7: During a Spiritual Transformation You Take Better Care of Your Body

"In my experience, everyone will say they want to discover the Truth, right up until they realize that the Truth will rob them of their deepest held ideas, beliefs, hopes, and dreams. The freedom of enlightenment means much more than the experience of love and peace. It means discovering a Truth that will turn your view of self and life upside-down. For one who is truly ready, this will be unimaginably liberating. But for one who is still clinging in any way, this will be extremely challenging indeed. How does one know if they are ready? One is ready when they are willing to be absolutely consumed, when they are willing to be fuel for a fire without end." #Adyashanti . And here it begins, the #LoveEvolveAwaken #YTT journey! 💗😊🙏 . 📷 Tuomas Uola

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Just like the mental and spiritual bodies are connected, so is the physical body. When you are going through a spiritual transformation, one of the signs of this change is that you start taking care of your physical body. It becomes a true temple for your spirit. You start exercising more and it feels good. It isn't so much out of vanity and wanting to look good; it is more out of the fact that you want to be healthy. You want to live an extraordinary, long life. Your diet will change as well. It doesn't mean that you will begin eating tofu on day one. However, you will begin contemplating how much food you eat and where it comes from. Meat will be a whole new thought process for you. Fresh foods that come from your garden will become a thought. Medicines will make you feel the same way. You will begin questioning what you are putting into your body. Preventative medicine will become more important than contemporary, synthetic pills. Even foods with preservatives and added chemicals will make you cringe. You will be more aware of the symptoms that your body is giving you if you are going through a spiritual transformation. If you are tired, you are more apt to get rest than to take something with caffeine. If you are depressed, you will go out and get fresh air or call someone. The way that you react to signs of illness will be completely different because you will start questioning what you did before you started this process.

Sign #8: You Become Who You Really Are

Many of us have felt uneasy around other people because we aren't sure whether or not we fit in. You worry about whether you are melding with the status quo. For years, you have added on onion layers of things that don't make up who you really are or want to be. As you start going through the process of spiritual transformation, the opinions of others about yourself don't matter as much. You begin to come to peace with who you are. You strive to be better, but not perfect. You want to be whole. You take your character defects and you learn to work on them in a positive way. It is okay to be who you really are. Sometimes, this takes a while to discover. There is no definition of your perfect self. It may take years of development and discovery to find out who you really are as a person, and what your purpose is. However, you start to take notice of different things about yourself. You get back to the root of your being, the one that existed before years of corruption and acting. You cry when you are sad. You laugh when you are happy. You know what has purpose in your life and you aren't afraid to express it.

Sign #9: Simple Things Inspire You

Each person has something innate in them that is inspired by outside stimuli. When you go through a spiritual transformation, different things will begin to inspire you. They won't only inspire you, they will also drive you towards new passions. It can be something as small as a butterfly or a song you have never heard before. It may be a trait about your mate that you never noticed until now. All of a sudden, many new things will become inspiring and will bring happiness deep into your soul. Each stage of your spiritual transformation will bring you to a new level. A deeper level. Not only will you find new things to be inspiring, you begin to inspire. You will not just inspire through your words and insights, you will also begin inspiring through your actions. Just your essence will be enough to inspire some people, and how you begin living your new life will inspire others. You will write things, create things, and do things differently. People will pick up on the symptoms of your spiritual transformation, and they will inquire about it. Once they inquire and you inspire, they themselves could begin going through a whole new transformation also.

Sign #10: You Share Your Spiritual Transformation With Others

The final stage of spiritual transformation, and the most prominent sign that you are going through one, is that you begin sharing your experiences with other people. When you become more spiritual, it is a very private thing. You will go through a period of time when you are really focusing inward. You won't be able to share a spiritual side of you that you have not yet developed. Just as they say "you can't pour from an empty cup," you can't share a spiritual transformation until you have one. Once you begin this process, it will be difficult to hide. There will be an instant that you and everyone around you realize that something is different. You may not be able to pinpoint it because it is so gradual. However, you can't hide these new symptoms forever. How you relate to others and how you begin to live your life will cause you to question everything and everyone. It isn't that you will be paranoid, it is more that you will become curious. There is a story to your path and what you are going through. It would be selfish not to share that experience with others. Some people are disturbed by going through a spiritual experience because they don't know what they are going through. If you are willing to share your story, you may help others or even inspire them. Some of the most prominent spiritual writers only became great because they shared their personal experience. It isn't that their thoughts were any more profound than yours - they just had the courage to speak them aloud. There are many other signs and symptoms that you are going through a spiritual transformation. Take the time to get to know yourself during this part of your life. You may encounter several signs, and each time, you will become more aware that you are growing. Life is going to change in all aspects, and for most of it, for the better. Be open to the process, and be willing to share what wisdom you have gained with other individuals you encounter.