10 Funny and Flirty Online Truth or Dare Questions to Ask!

Playing truth or dare has never been more exciting online!

By Fred S.
10 Funny and Flirty Online Truth or Dare Questions to Ask!

How to Play

For those of you who haven’t played truth or dare in quite a while, let’s quickly revise the rules. One player has to start the game by asking another player ‘truth or dare?’ – if the player chooses dare, they’re given action or command they need to perform. If they choose ‘truth’ though, they’ll get asked a question which they need to answer with absolute honesty.  

Truth or Dare

No matter which one they pick, truth or dare, fun is guaranteed in a game with your loved ones. It’s a great way to get the entire group involved in a shared real-life game, especially if you hate to see everyone buried into their phones even at gatherings. The group laughs, gets embarrassed, overcomes challenges, and it’s an overall treat to experience it with your friends or family.

However, how much fun you have in the game depends on the quality of the questions or dares being assigned. If the questions are cliché and boring, the game could get repetitive and boring, so it’s best to keep questions a bit unpredictable. Dares should typically challenge the person and get them to do something out of their comfort zone. However, make sure you play it within safe boundaries, and don’t demand dangerous dares that could possibly send people to the jail or ER!

We’ve listed questions and dares for different types of people and situations, such as;

  • Guys
  • Girls
  • Sleepovers
  • Friends
  • Deep questions
  • Texting truth or dare ideas
  • Dirty truth or dare questions

Covering everything from dirty secrets to the crushes of your friends, we’ve made sure the questions are spicy enough! So, keep reading.

What Are Good Dares For Guys?

Guys like to give off confident vibes, but their confidence can be put to the test with some potentially awkward dares. If you could get a guy to do something that he’s bad at, like singing or dancing, the group’s amusement is guaranteed! He’ll be embarrassed enough to wish he chose ‘truth’, and your friends will be laughing their asses off – it’s a win-win! Here are a few ideas;

1. Sing romantically for the person to your right

Tell a guy to serenade the player sitting to his right, and see him get shocked upon hearing it! Tell him to animate it as much as possible; falling to his knees and everything. It’s not easy to find the confidence to pull it off well, especially when the group isn’t all too familiar to him. The awkwardness is what makes it worthwhile for the audience though. But, even if he somehow does it like a true Rockstar, the group cheers him on and gets entertained either way!

2. Talk in an accent for the next 3 rounds

Accents and impersonations are super entertaining to listen to if they’re done well. However, they sound even funnier if the guy doing the dare is terrible at it!

Also, the hard part isn’t doing the accent, but to remember keeping it up for that long. 3 rounds is a long duration, which means the group has a lot of time to impose penalties when the person forgets to talk in an accent!

3. Break dance for a minute

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If they’re good at singing, or you’ve already made him sing, make him dance!  Let him get on the ground and tumble over himself to discover his own breakdancing skills. Remember to remind the person to be careful though!

4. Perform a magic trick

Not everyone knows magic tricks, but it’s even more entertaining if he’s inexperienced. Watch him struggle to please the crowd, while the crowd just can’t stop laughing at him.

5. Cartwheel across the room!

Most rooms are only four to five cartwheels long, but if it’s a hall, the dare gets harder! Though, for the homeowner's sake, make sure there aren’t any delicate objects around which could get damaged along the way.

What Are Good Dares For Girls?

Girls generally care a lot about how they look in front of a group, and not just in terms of their physical appearance. Dares that can put them into a playfully embarrassing situation often brings loads of laughs to the players. After all, the purpose of a dare is to make people do things they normally wouldn’t.

6. Break three eggs on your head

Speaking of doing things that girls normally wouldn’t, you could make her break eggs on her head! Imagine all the effort gone into her hairstyle go to waste and the embarrassment that comes with it. Does that sound a bit too harsh? Well, it’s a game of truth or dare, what else did you eggspect?

7. Mimic a baby being born for 30 seconds straight

There are more ways to put girls into an awkward situation than to mess with her appearance. You could ask her to make weird noises, such as that of a baby being born! Ask the group to be dead-silent while she’s at it to really add fuel to the fire of awkwardness.

8. Dance without music for 30 seconds.

If you’ve got someone in the group who likes performing or being the center of attention, this one’s for them. Let them steal the spotlight to set fire to the stage, all without any music playing. Again, ask the group to be as silent as possible for the dancer to really embrace the embarrassment!

9. Slide 3 ice cubes down your pants

Here’s a classic one, ice cubes. Make sure to tell them to spread them around a bit for maximum coverage, and let the group rejoice!

10. Come up with a 30 second opera performance about someone in the group

Save this dare for the most horrific singer in the group. Let her make up a short opera for a particular person or the whole group, and perform it to the best of her dreadful singing abilities!

Dirty Dares for Texting

Truth or dare isn’t only for laughs and giggles; it can be an incredible tool to get naughty with your partner, even when they’re far! Here are some dirty texting truth or dare ideas.

1. Take off your shirt using nothing but your right thumb, and send me the video.

2. Change into the hottest outfit you have in one minute, and send a pic.

3. Peel a banana using only your teeth.

4. Pick a random book up and read a paragraph in the most seductive way possible on a voice note.

5. Record yourself doing 20 pushups and shout my name with each one.

5 Deep Truth Questions

  • What’s your deepest, darkest, and biggest fear?
  • What is the most awful thing you’ve ever done?
  • Is there a secret no one knows except you? If so, what is it?
  • What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in your life?
  • Are you insecure about anything? If so, what is it?

Good Dares to Ask Through Text

  • Send me the most embarrassing pic of yourself in your gallery
  • Say the names of the last five people you texted out loud
  • Do a hundred squats
  • Keep an ice cube in your mouth until it fully melts
  • Say something naughty to the player to your left
  • Swallow a spoonful of mustard sauce
  • Like the profile picture of your crush on Facebook
  • Blindfold yourself for the next two rounds
  • Send a dirty text to the last person in your contacts

List of Funny Dares to Ask Your Friends

  • Make your orgasm face, and hold it for 10 seconds
  • Eat a banana as seductively as you can
  • Empty out your purse or wallet, showing everyone what’s inside
  • Crawl as sexily as you can
  • Impersonate the player to your right
  • Let one person in the group send out any tweet from your account
  • Pole dance, but with an imaginary pole
  • Get tickled and try not to laugh for 15 seconds

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Truth or dare is a game that has played a special part in all of our lives, in all sorts of social situations. It goes hand in hand with parties, sleepovers, get-togethers with friends or family, and there’s a pretty good chance that you still play it occasionally. You could suggest it to a group of friends or relatives any time, and everyone would be down to play – that’s how enjoyable it is.

In this article, we’ve focused on equipping you with an arsenal of exciting truth or dare ideas. With these in mind, you can be the savior of a dead party, and brighten up the entire game with funny and thrilling questions/dares.