5 Genius Ways To Make Fake Poop For A Prank

If you know how to make fake poop, you can play a big prank on your friend on April Fool's Day. Whether a toddler or an adult, learn how to make it here.

By Emmanuel Onitayo
5 Genius Ways To Make Fake Poop For A Prank

Fake Poop: A Wonderfully Disgusting Prank

It's time for some fun and we shall be helping you learn how to make fake poop to gross out your unsuspecting friends and visitors. It's hard to imagine anything more disgusting than poops, or do you know of any other thing? Even though poops come out as solid undigested or partially digested foods from our large intestines, it's hard to see anyone sits near their poops or adores it. And what's the point? Poops are disgusting!
Just before we swing to our prank, it's good to mention that not passing out poops regularly (at least 3 times a week) can be a big issue to worry about. A constipated individual would experience fewer than 3 times a week bowel movement and even in the few moments the constipated fellow is visiting the restroom, it's going to be a hard time for the stool to come out. It can get so serious that the individual may have to be assisted to pass out the stool.
We become constipated for different reasons as individuals. For some, it's because they don't take enough water while surprisingly, many become constipated as a result of stress, injuries, digestive tract infections and so on. Some others also become constipated due to a muscular problem, spinal cord injuries or cancer. Whatever be the case and cause, constipation makes the passing out of stool quite difficult and it would be good to avoid being constipated because of its attendant side effects.
One way to make sure you pass out those solid wastes regularly with ease is to include in your diet foods rich in fiber. Examples of such include whole grains, rice, beans, fruits, vegetables, and oats. Including them in your diet ensures that the solid wastes move easily in your bowel.

Who Can Make A Fake Poop?

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All lovers of fun whether a toddler or an adult can make artificial poop. It's good to state this because many people would like to see making poop as a thing only toddlers and teens should do; that's not true. Adults can make fake poops too. All that is needed is a person's willingness to try out new things and his or her ability to follow simple instructions.
There are different kinds of poops in real life and these different types can be made artificially too. You can make a puppy or human poop depending on your choice. The prank becomes interesting if you make your puppy poop with edible materials. You can imagine how it would look like making your unsuspecting friends believe you are actually eating a puppy poop!
Better still, you might want to keep the puppy poop on your toilet seat such that when your friends want to make use of the restroom, they can be greeted with the shock of their lives. Who would see a poop on a toilet seat and not feel disgusted? As they call your attention to it, you, knowing what you have done can just go there, pick up the supposed puppy poop with your hand and squeeze it.
You can be sure that for a moment, you would be seen by your friend as being out of this world. As they are still trying to understand your seemingly strange behavior, you can begin to roll the artificial pool on your body. They will surely feel you are insane or something. Then, you can let the cat out of the bag by explaining how you arrived at it.
In the next section below, we shall consider briefly some ingenious ways you can make artificial poop just to play a prank. Hope you are set.

5 Ingenious Ways To Make Artificial Poop

Okay. Let's get instantly into business. Below are some five ways by which you can intelligently make an artificial poop for a prank are 1. Peanut and butter 2. Roll of toilet paper 3. Flour and sugar 4. Poop from borax 5. Unicorn Poop

Using Peanut & Butter To Make Edible Poop

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Edible poops are among the best artificial poops that can get you the most disgusting but funny reactions from your unsuspecting friends. That's because you can eat them. However, you may want to be wary of the kind of people you play this prank on. You can lose your respect or appear insane before certain people who would not just believe it's a fake edible poop you are eating.
This precaution is only applicable to adults though. Toddlers and teens practically have nothing to fear or worry about here. So, let's get to see the materials and ingredients that you need to make an edible poop. Here they are

  1. Two cups of sugar (powdered one)
  2. A half cup of peanut butter (can be of any texture- creamy or chunky)
  3. One and a half tablespoon of milk
  4. A half cup of cocoa powder
  5. A large bowl for mixing and
  6. A plate or any means you want to serve it with
  7. A pestle for mixing (optional)
Method Of Preparation
Since you intend to make this an edible poop, you would need to keep a proper hygiene in the production process. Ensure your bowl is neat and your hands properly washed. There is no specific order for doing that; just follow your discretion. The next step is to mix all these ingredients together preferably with your hand but if you can't, you can use a pestle. But know that in the final shaping, you would still have to use your hand.
As you continue the mixing, if you get the impression that the solid formed would be too thick, you can add a little quantity of milk to it. In the same way, you can adjust its softness by adding more of cocoa powder. Again, in all these additions, how you want the end product to look like should be put in mind. You may want to go for a hard puppy poo or a soft one; the choice is all yours.
The bulk of the work is in the mixing stage as it must be well mixed until a homogenous solid is arrived at. And because of the color of the ingredients, you should arrive at a solid or semi-solid thing that is dark brown in color. This is what you would shape to the poop type you want. You may want to search a magazine to study how a puppy or human poop looks like on the average and shape it in like manner.
There you have it! The artificial but edible poop is now ready and the only thing you are waiting for is for it dry. You can play whatever prank you want to with it. However, it would be nice to use it instantly after drying or at most a day because of its dairy content which can begin to melt. If you don't plan to use it instantly, you can refrigerate to preserve its shape.
You should not consume much of this poop if you are trying to lose weight. Of course, that's obvious. The sugar content is high and loading your system with sugar isn't the best way to lose weight.

How To Make Fake Poop From Toilet Roll

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If you don't have all the ingredients needed to make an edible poop as described above, a toilet paper roll can help and you would achieve an amazing result just as the one described above but you certainly cannot eat it. All you need to make this poop is a toilet paper roll that looks like a cardboard and then a bowl of water. Since the toilet paper is in a circular form, you should open it on one end with a pair of scissors or razor and then dip it inside water. You would have to keep it at the bottom of the water with your hand otherwise it will instantly jump up to the top and won't be properly submerged. So, you have to keep it at the base of the bowl with your hand where it would gain weight and as such, becomes pliable. It's now time to get the toilet roll out of the water. Raise it a bit above the bowl so it can lose some of the water it had earlier absorbed and then you can begin the molding process. Of course, while it was under the water, you might notice that the cardboard was ripping off. Pick up the pieces and add it to the large one. It's now up to you to mold it into the fake poop style you desire. To make it believable, you would have to make it small. Again, this fake poop is best used instantly or some few hours after it is made because the paper would dry off and start falling apart. If you are expecting your friends in an hour's time, you can begin the process now so that when they come, they would just be in time to meet the poop you have created.

Fake Poop From Flour & Sugar

This is another ingenious way of making fake poop. Let's begin by listing out the materials and ingredients needed for this approach and here are they.

  • Flour (2 cups)
  • Water (1cup)
  • Salt (2 cups)
  • Food colorings (red and green )
  • Bowl
  • Waxed paper and
  • Spoon
Method Of Preparation
The key ingredients you are working with here are flour, sugar, and salt. You would have to mix these things together until you arrive a uniform mixture. You would need to add the water in a small quantity so you don't end up with a watery mixture.
When you have arrived at a semi-solid homogenous mixture (dough), add some drops (preferably five) of the colorings to it and continue to mix until you get a uniform color. The green and red colorings will eventually give a brown color if you mix well. You now have a dough that is brownish in color. Place the dough on a waxed paper and begin to roll it making it into whatever poop shape that you want.
Once you have arrived at the desired shape, remove the waxed paper and allow the dough to dry in the open air. This can lead to cracking to some extents. But guess what? that cracking only makes it look more like feces. If you use it for your prank instantly, it would be better. But if not, in order not to lose its originality, consider refrigerating it. That's because the sugar would definitely attract microbes that would carry out its spoilage quickly if not preserved this way.

Using Borax To Make Fake Poop

Although the active ingredient in this method of making fake poop is borax, you need some other things to get your poop done. Here are those things

  • White glue (preferably Elmer's glue)
  • Food coloring or brown paint or chocolate syrup
  • Borax powder (1 teaspoonful) 
  • Warm water ( half a cup)
  • Bowls (2 big ones)
  • Spoon or a suitable mixer
Method Of Preparation
It must be stated before we start that borax in a large quantity can be harmful especially if ingested. It may, therefore, not be a good method for a toddler or even an adult where the risk of a pet eating it is high. That is to say, you should be careful in its handling.
Having said that, it's time to begin the preparation and the first step is to mix your ingredients. For this, you would be making use of your two bowls. In one bowl, you are to mix the borax powder and water until the powder is effectively dissolved and a homogeneous mixture is reached. In the second bowl, you are to mix your white glue and coloring agent (brown paint/chocolate syrup/food coloring).
As soon as you complete this individual mixing, it's now time to combine the two in one bowl while you keep stirring in the process too. You would notice that the mixture is becoming thicker and you can feel the weight in your hand. You need to knead it into a dough before it becomes so thick that you can't handle it any longer. Once you have used your hand to knead it, you can now mold it to the type of feces you want. This is arguably the best regime for making a fake poop as it resembles feces closely both in weight and looks. 

Making A Fake Unicorn Poop

If you are a parent, you can decide to make a unicorn poop for your toddlers and teens. It is pretty edible and delicious, perfectly suitable for children. However, if you are on a weight-losing mission, you don't want to feast too much on this unicorn poop. As usual, let's begin by listing out the ingredients and materials needed.

  • Flour (2 cups)
  • An egg Butter (just a half cup)
  • Softened cream cheese (about 4 tablespoonfuls)
  • Salt (a half tablespoonful)
  • Food colorings sugar (1 cup)
  • Shortening ( half a cup)
  • bowls
Method of Preparation
Your first step is to mix the shortening, butter, and the cream cheese in one bowl. You have to keep beating until you get a uniform mixture. After this, you can then add the salt and sugar including egg while you keep beating until the mixture comes out as one. As soon as you notice that all of these have made a uniform solution, you can then begin to add the flour in bits while you mix.
As you add the flour, the solution thickens and that is a sign you should need it into a dough. Once you have a sizable dough like the size of a ball in your hand, you can divide it into the number of food colorings that you have and then add into each division. The next thing is to extend the tough over those colorings and leave in the refrigerator for an hour to chill.
On the expiration of one hour, remove the dough from the fridge and roll the entire multi-colored dough into the shape of poop you like before baking it to form a roasted cookie. There you have a unicorn poop. Disgusting though it may appear, by the time your children taste it, you'll be sure to prepare another unicorn poop another time.

Final Thoughts

Everyone plays one prank or the other throughout their lifetime and as the world grows older, ideas keep coming up as to how to make ourselves laugh and lighten up. One of such ingenious ways to make even the very reserve individuals laugh out the hearts out is through the making of artificial poops.
There is hardly anyone that cannot relate to it and when done in such a smart way as those discussed in this piece, you can gross out your unsuspecting friends before they get to know the truth.
Since the secret is to take your friends by surprise, the fun cannot be complete until you teach them how you arrived at those wonderfully disgusting things. As you teach them, you not only have more fun but your inter-personal relationship further deepens. We hope you are set to try making your own fake poop now?