How to Handle Things My Girlfriend Do When She's Drunk

When your partner starts to get drunk, here's what to do!

By Sid
How to Handle Things My Girlfriend Do When She's Drunk

What Do People Do When They Are Drunk?

While we do see many people get drunk on tv, when I was younger, I often wondered if that is actually how people acted. It turns out it is; drunk people show poor judgment, often become clumsy, their heart rate slows down, and they can't see properly and often get sleepy after a little while. While it might not sound exciting, seeing someone let go of their inhibitions and becoming a more confident version of themselves is a great laugh.

One of my most uptight friends once got drunk and danced on the countertop all night long, and the videos we have of the moment are to die for. While having poor judgment and being clumsy might not sound like the best thing, it means uptight people will be able to let loose and enjoy a little.

While seeing drunk people is fun, taking care of your drunk partner is not what everybody is prepared for. Is your girlfriend one of those people who go all crazy once they get drunk? If yes, I’m so happy for her to have such a responsible boyfriend who is reading this right now. Keep on reading to be fully equipped next time your girl turns her drunken crazy on!

How To Take Care Of A Drunk Person?

1. Make sure they don't lose their stuff

If you've got a partner who plans on getting wasted, you need to lay low on the drinks and take care of their things. I can't tell you the number of times my friends have lost their wallet or their phone while at a club, and since I was the designated driver for the night, I was the only person who had to look for it afterward. So, if you want to save yourself from that, you should take their important things from them beforehand.

2. Don't leave them alone

A drunk person should not be left alone. In the day and age we live in, we see that crime is ingrained in our society. If you're a crime show addict, you already know how many things can go wrong if you leave an intoxicated person to fend for themselves.

So, make sure that you have an eye on your partner at all times. If they plan on going home ask them to check in with you when they get there.

3. Keep them hydrated

Another way you can help them is by keeping them hydrated. If your partner gets hammered at a party, make sure you keep him/her away from alcohol and make them drink water or anything that doesn't have alcohol or caffeine in it.

Drinking water can help balance the electrolytes in the body, and that can help a great deal.

4. Stop them from overstepping their line

Another thing that you are in charge of is making sure they don't cross a limit or break a line. So, make sure they don't end up making out with a stranger or dancing on the countertop.

Know that it won't be easy because drunk people don't often listen to logic, so you might have to step up your game and show them who's in control.

5. Help them get home

If you have a drunk girlfriend/ friend, always help them get home. Whether you drop them home in your car or get them a cab is your choice. Never let your partner drive if you think they may be under the influence.

6. Go with them to the bathroom


It isn't new information that drunk people often feel sick afterward; it is practically in every movie ever made in Hollywood about college. However, one thing you should know by now is that when your partner feels sick, you should go with them to the bathroom, hold their hair back and pat them on the back as they come back to their senses.

Letting a drunk person go to the bathroom without help is just like asking for trouble. There are chances for them to either fall and hurt themselves or bump into something.

How Do You Treat A Drunk Person?

Drunk people should be treated like children, with love, but you have to be stern about it; I found this out the hard way. Never presume that they will listen to you because you said the logical thing; they need adult supervision. So, get them in a car, take them to a safe place, and make sure you put them to bed before you go away.

How To Cure A Hangover?

I can't stress how big of difference water can make if you are hungover. Alcohol dehydrates your body, and that leads to several different side effects that can be somewhat damaged if you drink water.

Drinking too much can leave you sluggish and tired; that is because your blood sugar has plummeted, so you need to bring that back up. For that, you should have some carbs; while it definitely won't soak up the alcohol, it can bring your blood sugar level back to normal. This can help with nausea and headaches.

Once you've filled your stomach, you should just take an aspirin and go to sleep. Remember not to go for Tylenol as it can put an extra burden on your liver that is already trying to figure out what to do with the excess alcohol.

Tips on Making a Hangover Drink

Add lemon juice

While sucking on a lemon after shots are customary, you need a lot more to get rid of a hangover. So, add the juice of two lemons to the hangover drink if you want to function properly throughout the day.

Use tomato juice

While lemon juice does work, adding tomato juice will help you expel the toxins from your body in no time. Granted that it won't taste good at all, having a glass of tomato juice will make you so alert you can go for an interview without a second thought.

Add sugar, salt, and pepper to the drink

If you're too lazy and simply can’t get out of bed, you should add salt, pepper, and sugar to a glass of water and chug it down. Have at least two glasses in the morning, and your body will go back to normal in no time.

Add an apple

You can also add apples to your drink if you want to get rid of the hangover puffiness under your eyes. Slice an apple and blend it with water along with salt and sugar, and keep drinking it throughout the day. Not only will it help curb nausea, but it will also help you stay attentive.

What Meals To Prepare For A Drunk Person?


When you have a drunk person on your hands, you won't have time to make something special, so you need to know the little things that can make a great difference. The best thing you can go for is ramen. Not only are they easy to make, but they are also available everywhere and probably the only thing in your room if you're a college student.

So, put your friend on the couch, open a packet of ramen, add a little vinegar, soy sauce, and spices and you're all set to go.


Another thing that you can go for is a nice hearty sandwich. Just take two slices of bread and make a sandwich with whatever you have at hand; it doesn't matter whether it's simple peanut butter and jelly or a grilled cheese sandwich; the main goal is to get them to eat something.

Order in

If you've got nothing lying around but leftover pizza, you can just order in. whether it's McDonald's or Chinese doesn't matter. I do suggest going for something greasy as it will help with the hangover in the morning and help them fall asleep. However, before giving them anything, you should keep a dust bin nearby; you never know when a drunk person is going to throw up.

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Now that you’ve learned all the necessary hangover tips, you are ready to go party. Just remember that you should always be safe, know your limit, and never let anyone push you beyond it. If you've got a drunk girlfriend on your hands, use the hangover cure mentioned above and put her to bed, she'll be thankful in the morning. Who knows, you might even get lucky!