26 Ways to Remove Your Bad Luck and Negativity

Feeling Down on Luck? Cleanse Yourself and Remove Any Curses

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26 Ways to Remove Your Bad Luck and Negativity

What are Curses?

Curses are meant to harm another individual – to bring them bad luck, negativity, injury, damage to physical/mental health, or even death. Some people curse out of habit, some out of negative thinking, some feel that you have truly wronged them, some do it out of envy, some might have misunderstood your intentions and cursed you, and some even curse due to anger issues. It depends on the perception and mindset of the individual who curses.

Are Curses Real?

There are many ways through which curses can work, and there are many reasons for it – jealousy, anger, hatred, revenge... Many people do not believe in curses saying, “This can’t happen it’s not real!” but in ancient times, it was real, and the surprising thing is that even in modern times, it exists. Curses, blessings, and miracles are all real.

What Are the Types of Curses?

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There are numerous types of curses and each one of them works differently than the other:

Reflection Curse

This type of curse is like karma, and that is why many people don’t really consider it a real curse; since you are getting what you are sending. In this type of curse, the victim faces every negative intention they think, speak, or act upon.


A jinx brings you bad luck. In this type of curse, the person doesn’t necessarily face any physical pain or injury, but the jinx does pose as a hurdle in some activity they're trying to carry out. 

Evil Eye

Evil Eye is the ability to curse someone just with a look of envy, disgust, jealousy, or any other ill intention; most people call it a form of jealousy or begrudging behavior. Many cultures and religions believe in the evil eye and that it can bring personal misfortune.

Many people use the “Evil Eye Symbol”, which symbolizes protection and is said to protect an individual from bad luck, bad energy, negativity, and evil. It is very common in the Middle East.


Hexing means directing a collection of negative energy, bad luck, and other forms of evils towards someone or something so that the person/thing suffering from it faces undesirable effects on their lives.

To determine whether you have been hexed, you need to meditate; if you feel the same bad energy or thoughts, and hear noises around you or feel that some wicked force is around you, know that it is likely that you have been hexed.

26 Ways To Cleanse Yourself And Remove Any Curses:

Reflection Curse

You can’t exactly get rid of karma since what goes around comes around. It is like a meal that you have consumed; if the food is good, it’ll make you feel good; but if the food has gone bad, it can make you nauseous, but you can’t do anything, all you can do is go through it. However, there are many ways to lessen karmic effects.

1. Make yourself feel deep regret at your words/actions and try to resolve them and not repeat them. That way, the resentment can be lightened to some extent. For example, if karma was going to get you injured badly, you might instead bang your knee and feel pain for a day or two.

2. Meditation works.

3. Do some charity.

4. Determine not to repeat the same mistakes.

5. Improve yourself and your personality and be the person you have always wanted to be.


First of all, identify what bad luck you are facing and then identify where it came from; after that, cleanse yourself; people have different ideas of cleansing. Following are the ways through which you can get rid of the darker energy that is bothering you:

6. Use scented incenses like jasmine and sandalwood. Light them up and waft the smoke in every room to eliminate negative energy and bad luck.

7. Donate with good intentions; helping people helps to get rid of bad luck.

8. Monitor your thoughts since they can become your words, which can later become your deeds, and the deeds can change into habits.

9. Rare gems can help in removing bad luck by channeling positive energy.

10. Get some closure by writing the awful things about your past on a piece of paper and then tear/burn it.

11. Write all the things you regret on a piece of paper and bury them or throw them into water or through it from a high place.

12. Writing things on pieces of your body and then washing them with soap and water helps.

Evil Eye

Following are some of the ways through which you can cleanse yourself of the evil eye:


13. Carrying a labradorite stone is said to keep your aura free of any negativity, which means no negativity will surround you and won’t affect you that easily.

14. Many people wear reflective jewelry; it can deflect the evil eye and send the evil eye back to the person.

15. Many people resort to a “return-to-sender spell”; for this, you will require a piece of paper, in which you will have to write down exactly what is happening in detail; you can then fold the paper and put it in an envelope and write “return to sender” on it. You can then either burn it or sit in front of the fire while it burns. If you are using the latter method, make sure that you rip up the envelope after the fire has burned out and disposed of it.

16. Many people find wearing jewelry made of black stones like an onyx, jet, and obsidian absorb negative energy.

17. Flicking black salt on the ground in the direction that the evil eye came from stops it.

18. Familiarize yourself with energy work! If someone throws negative energy your way, transform it into positive energy.

The methods of removing the evil eye also depend on each individual’s beliefs and culture.


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19. Many people in every community/culture claim that they can break hexes; thus, a professional can be contacted to cleanse a person of the hex.

20. Make sure to conduct your research; it is better not to play with things you are not familiar with; since you might make the mistake of opening the doors of hell by calling unknown and unprofessional people into your home.

21. Cleanse your home of things such as Ouija boards, pictures, tarot cards, idols, etc.

22. If the suspected person has given something to take home with you, get rid of it, and don’t bring anything from the said person's home.

23. Take a bath with Epsom salt and hex-breaking herbs such as fennel, bay leaves, and jasmine.

24. Do not visit the suspected person’s house or let them in as it can expose your clothes, nails, hair, or sanitary pads to them and all of them contain your DNA.

25. Clean your house with water infused with hex-breaking herbs. Mop the floors, wash the doors and windows, clean the walls, and throw the mop water in the end.

26. Many people believe that to get rid of mean spirits and negative energy, sprinkling saltwater everywhere works.

Is There A Possibility That Curses Might Not Be Real?

Definitely! Many people believe that curses are real but by coincidence. Every human has done something wrong, and we feel guilty about it, and it is often impossible to get rid of that guilt.

For example, if your relationship has been rocky and you find out that your partner cheated on you, so you whisper to yourself that you wish they were dead. The same day, you find out that the object of your wish died in an accident. Your wish did not cause this event, but you feel guilty about it and think you caused it. Thus, superstition + guilt = belief in curses-come-true.

In the end, remember that we are human beings; we all make mistakes, and we learn from them. We are like yin yang – both the good and the bad exist in us.

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Curses are meant to harm another individual – to bring them bad luck, negativity, injury, physical or mental health damage, or even death. There are many types of curses, including hex, karma, evil eye, and jinx. There are several ways to cleanse yourself of them, including, meditation, authentic stones, consulting a professional, getting rid of demonic items like Ouija boards, tarot cards, etc.