5 Simple Spells For Good Luck

Are you tired of suffering because of the bad luck curse? Turn your life around and learn these five simple spells for good luck!

By Neko Yama
5 Simple Spells For Good Luck

Do You Have An Unlucky Life?

We are all probably going to agree that life is very unfair. While there are people whose lives are great and perfect all the time, there are also those whose lives are like a comical theatrical play for others and our enemy to laugh at—well, it may seem amusing to them but if you are the unlucky actor/actress who gets to play the worst roles in life, it could become tiring and even depressing. Bad luck is the worst enemy. It is difficult to be cursed by bad luck. When you are an unlucky person, you can just predict that your everyday life will tumble down the failure drain and you’re going to get it right. No matter how you try hard, bad luck is just there watching you to make things worse. Imagine these—you just won the lottery and now owned tons of money but the day after, the organization that held the lottery got robbed; You just got promoted to work but got told that your company went bankrupt and will be closing up for good soon; You were dressed clean and properly when a car passing by splashed muddy water on your clothes; etc. Just reading about them already probably made you frustrated but believe it or not, there are people who go through such occurrences. And if you belong to the Bad Luck Club, you know the difficulty. It is as if an enemy cast a spell on us to be unfortunate for the rest of our lives.

However, do not fret because you can still turn your life around. You do not have to suffer everyday! You have the right to experience good things too. Have you ever considered trying to resort to casting magic spells for your benefit? Because we have here some good luck spells for you to try! And they are very simple spells too that even a beginner can cast them easily.

Keep In Mind!

You have to remember though—it is not always guaranteed that magic spells actually work. It really depends on your faith on whatever magic spell you're using. But there are people who strongly believe that these spells have an effect to their lives ever since they started casting it. But anyway, whether they are real or not, they are just simple spells that would not be harmful so there is nothing to lose much if we'll try! So, here are the 5 good luck spells!

Good Luck Spell Of The Triple Gem Stone

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Are you tired of having constant bad days? It is frustrating when everything just really goes from bad to worse no matter how hard or how carefully we do things throughout the day. If the natural way won’t work, let’s try this simple good luck spell to attract positive energy for a change. If you are a beginner though, you have to pay attention to the details since there are a lot of steps to follow in this good luck spell. Here are the ingredients you will need for the spell: A wooden box with a cover or lid Three gem stones (you can use anything but aventurine, amethyst and peridot are recommended and will more likely make the spell happen) A piece of paper Green ball pen 1 green candle

Here are the steps to cast the good luck spell: NOTE: Cast this good luck spell when the moon is bigger. 1. Prepare your altar and cast a circle 2. Sit at your altar and meditate for a few minutes 3. Place your hands on top of the wooden box and chant this spell:

By the powers of the Earth, By the powers of the Air By the powers of the Fire By the powers of the Water, I empower this spellbox. This will assist me in my spells So mote it be.

4. Light the green candle and the incense 5. On the paper, write about a happy occurrence in your life. 6. Roll up the piece of paper and put it in the box 7. Focus on the happy event that you wrote and visualize it 8. Hold the gemstones one by one and chant the spell:

Powers and Energies Send good luck my way

9. Place the gemstones in the wooden box and blow out the candle 10. Repeat steps 4-11 for 7 days. After the 7th day, open the wooden box for 1 hour to release the positive energy you have built up inside 11. You can carry the gemstones with you everywhere you go to attract good luck

Good Luck Spell Of The Penny

This is probably the oldest good luck spell you can find out there! Not only it is simple, but you would not need so many ingredients for it too. All you need is a penny and you are set! You’re good to go to cast this good luck spell anywhere you go. So how would you cast this good luck spell? When you feel that you need some good luck along the way, here are the simple steps to cast the spell: 1. Hold the penny in either of your hand and put it towards your heart as this gesture will help capture the positive energy you desire. 2. Hold the penny to your forehead (between the eyes) and say the spell out loud as you can:

Penny for luck!

3. Kiss the hand that is holding the penny and leave it behind anywhere. 4. Walk away and do not look back. Do you want to know what’s even better with this good luck spell? The benefit is not only for you. With this spell, you can pass your luck to anyone! Even to your enemy—if he/she’s the next lucky one to pick up the coin you left behind. It’s an easy good luck spell, right? If you are a beginner in casting spells and a little bit cautious, you can always resort to this specific magic spell if you are really afraid of the harmful effects of some spells. So go right ahead and always bring a penny with you to attract positive energy to enjoy your day!

Good Luck Spell Of The Wicca

Wicca is a pagan religion where its members are known to do spells and rituals so you can just expect that they resort to casting magic spells to live their everyday life. And we are going to learn one of their spells when Wiccan people want to have a bit of a good luck. In this good luck spell, the ingredients you will need are: 3 gold or orange candles Incense A pen Piece of paper

The steps to cast the good luck spell: 1. Draw a circle and light the incense 2. Place the 3 candles in a triangle shaped around the circle but do not light them just yet 3. Chant the spell:

God and Goddess, Spirits and Guides. Thank you for all that I have. I ask you now for good luck (or replace with what you really want—money, reconciliation with your enemy, happiness, etc.). Aid me as I work to achieve it. Please bring it to me when the time is right. So mote it be.

4. Focus clearly on what you want to attain, be it happiness, wealth or money, or love and imagine those feelings inside your heart. 5. As your mind is focused on these feelings, a symbol or a specific image will eventually come to your mind. Draw this symbol on the paper. 6. Place the paper inside the triangle of candles 7. As you light each of the three candles, chant the spell:

Fire, ignite my dreams, for the highest good.

8. Sit around the candles and visualize good luck in your life 9. Finally, bury the paper while chanting the spell:

Earth, seal my dream, for the highest good.

The Full Moon Good Luck Spell

When we use good luck spells, or any spells for that matter, one of the things that our spells usually depend on is the moon. A lot of people say that the moon has a big effect on the spells we cast and it will likely make the spell more guaranteed to happen. So, in this specific good luck spell, we won’t need any ingredients. We just need the full moon and we can easily cast the spell. The only disadvantage of it however, is that you won’t get to use the spell every time. Anyway, during the full moon, chant the words:

Lady of luck come out of your hidden course, bless your light upon me as the light of the moon shines above and in the light luck will be bless I, when the moon is next to be full.

Basic Good Luck Spell

Now, this last good luck spell is the basic of all the basics and it is perfect for beginners who are still somewhat cautious in trying out more complicated spells. You would not even need any ingredients for it; you just need some memorizing as the spell is a bit long. These are the steps on casting the good luck spell: 1. Be somewhere where you feel the most comfortable 2. You can say the spell inside your head or out loud:

By thee gods and goddesses of luck, I summon thee to cast upon thee. I wish for luck, I wish for fortune, so let mote be. I call upon thee gods and goddesses of luck, to cast fortune upon thee. So mote it be.

You can chant these words until you feel more lucky than usual. Remember though that the spell only lasts for a day. However, you can always cast the spell again when you feel like you need some good luck.

The Spell Of Your Attitude In Handling Bad Luck

Being jinxed is not real fun as it will frustrate you more each day as every occurrence in your life ends up tumbling down. Bad luck can make one person lose the will to thrive so the word, simple and comical as it sounds, is somewhat a handicap especially if it’s constant. These good luck spells are provided to help you overcome your problems with anything—be it happiness, money, love, promotion to work, etc. But know that they are not really that necessary to counter attack your bad luck. There are easier ways. Do you know that being negative attracts bad luck more? So if you have the attitude of a pessimist, it’s time for you to change that and always look on the brighter side even when things are going wrong. Have some sense of humor and laugh at your downfalls. You’ll be surprised at how fast you’ll be able to turn your life around. You could also push bad luck away by telling yourself some positive affirmations every morning you wake up. Instead of the usual “another day of failures”, look in the mirror and say “you’re going to have a great day today! You’ll be happy, you’ll achieve something, and something of worth awaits you!” Last but definitely not least is the good karma. When you are nice to other people, you are more likely attracting positive energy from them and around you. When you give money to the less fortunate, expect that the money you gave will come back to you twice as much. If you give time and attention to those who need it, the people will be your shoulder in times of your downfalls in return of your gesture. We don’t really need to resort to magic spells and wonder if they’re guaranteed or not. The key to a successful and happy life is positivity. That is what one person needs.