Does Spells Work? 9 Ways to Check If Your Spell Worked

Casting spells recently and unsure if there are improvements?

By Kimmy
Does Spells Work? 9 Ways to Check If Your Spell Worked

DIY Spell Casting

Being a witch doesn't mean you will get burnt on a stick anymore. It's intriguing to think you can cast a spell. Modern-day witches are very self-sufficient. You can cast your spells with everyday life items.

There are many different spells you can use to cater to different needs. You can attract a new soulmate, make some friends or even love yourself by casting these spells. Sound fancy, right? Indeed, casting spells have its own charm. It seems like you can achieve anything. But, how do you know if your spell has worked? What are some of the signs?

Casting a spell is not a magic trick that teleports you to the end destination. A lot of times, it offers options for you to choose. By opening a new door, you choose your own fate. If you cast a spell to meet new friends, you might be invited to a party with your colleagues. In the end, you have to be the one to make the conscious decision to go or not. New friends don't just rain from the sky.

So, whether a spell is working or not may not be so obvious. Read about these signs to see if your spell is working wonders!

How Do I Know that The Spell I Casted Is Working?

Signs that The Spell is Not Working

1. You are not experiencing an influx of emotions

With every spell cast, you should be able to feel something. That's where the magic lies. You should feel you are overwhelmed by emotions and have a feeling that something is about to change. If you don't feel anything, probably the spell you cast is not right for you.

Spells don't necessarily work on everyone. You have to find a spell that works for you. Sometimes, that takes several to dozens of tries. Casting the wrong spell means either you won't get the result you want or it will achieve very little.

2. Nothing happened

Well, that clears it up. If you are wishing for something like making a new friend, the result should be quite immediate and you shouldn't wait for days and months for an opportunity to come. Waiting for an extended period of time often means your spell isn't working and it's time to do it again.

3. Nightmares

Sometimes, the spell can come back to haunt you if you cast it incorrectly or without enough experience. The magic kicks back and brings a nightmare to your dream. A good spell should not come back to haunt you like this. Nightmares are a great sign that you probably have calculated the number of ingredients wrong or you have put something in that didn't belong there. Either way, you should find remedies for it and fix it before the nightmares eat you up!

Signs That The Spell is Working

4. Seeing repetitive numbers

Was it 10 pm when you cast the spell? Have you been seeing the number 10 everywhere since then? Repetitive numbers are a sign that the spell is working. Witches love marking their spell with the same number so when people see it, they know the magic is here.

Repetitive numbers have been said to be the portal to open the gate to the other realm. In the magic world, it's a sign from the universe that someone magical is going on there. So, look out for repetitive numbers once you've cast the spell and see if it's working!

5. Dreams

You should be dreaming, not having nightmares. Dreaming is a sign that your spell is telling you how it's going. Perhaps your dreams are even predictive in nature. You are able to see future scenarios that will soon happen in real life.

Dreaming is pretty much part of the magic spell bond that allows you to take a glimpse into the wonders you have created.

6. Coincidences

Coincidences are a big sign that your spell is working. You will find yourself running into your crush frequently if you have cast a love spell. All those times you run into him, you somehow are looking your best and are able to find topics to talk about.

Things are not always so obvious. Some coincidences don't have to do with the actual spell itself. You may find yourself ordering the same latte as your colleague at the next table several days in a row. Or you may find the neighbor's dog constantly sitting in your backyard which is something unusual. All these are telling you that your magic is underway!

The reason why coincidences are seemingly random is that some spells take time to work. When the magic is still brewing, you can't get an instant clue. But the spell will let you know it's working its way out by giving you coincidences in life so you know something different is happening.

7. Smell

This is especially common for love spells. After you cast the spell, you will start smelling the cologne or the smell of your crush at random places, like in the shower, at school, on the metro, etc. You get hit with the strong smell that he is around or next to you.

Everyone has a distinct smell. You may not recall the smell on spot. But your subconscious mind will tell you whose smell it is when there's a tint of it in the air. The smell may come and go within seconds or linger on for hours and hours. There appears to be no pattern but it could be a sign that you are about to run into your crush. Next time you smell him, see if you are about to run into him in real life!

8. Sudden contact from an old friend

You may suddenly get a call or a text from an old friend you haven't spoken to in years. The old friend is reaching out to reconnect and wants to hang out. You start wondering why someone is making contact again all of a sudden. This is the spell telling you that some changes are about to happen.

Relationships change. The estranged friend reaching out is telling you that it is time to build relationships, however hard it may seem. It can be difficult to reach out to an old friend. It can be awkward. But there are many benefits to rekindle some old friendships, which could later turn into a relationship.

Don't hesitate to accept the kindness of an old friend!

9. You hear voices saying a name

Excluding the possibility of this being a mental health issue, this is a sign that the spell is working! Hearing voices saying the name of your crush is telling you that you are about to have a chance to grab his heart! You may feel anxious about the situation. Things seem uncertain as you want to impress him so badly. Then you hear a soft voice saying his name that calms your nerves. You know you are about to meet him and will impress him with your awesome personality.

But, do make sure first the voices aren't a result of a mental health issue. Seek help at once if it's medical-related.

Visiting a "Witch" for Consultation

There are many witches offering consultation to DIY spells cater to your needs. Since COVID, many of these witches are doing online consultation. It's safer and you can access it from anywhere in the country. The witch will first access your needs and wants to understand what you want to get out of the spell. Then she will ask questions about your life and your past to decide which spell works great for you.

The best part of visiting a witch is how well she will be able to make a spell that speaks to your needs. You might need specific spells to bring out the desired outcome. The witch will tell you if your expectations are realistic and what you would get from it. Some hold an unrealistic view of what witches can do and get disappointed in the end. A consultation sets the goals straight and you will leave the meeting feeling fresh and wonderful for your upcoming changes!

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Yes, modern-day witches are a thing! DIY spells are a great way to improve one's life quality, whether it is simply psychological or has real effects. Regardless of your stance on spells, it's always fun to DIY something and believes it's enchanted!

With all the DIY recipes, you'd surely want to know if the spell is working. Now you have 9 signs to tell you how well your spell is doing. Bookmark this and make sure to crosscheck the list once you have cast a spell to see if it's going as well as you hope!