Top 10 Powerful White Magic Spells For Beginners

There are a lot of white magic spells available. But since a fair share of them are too complicated for beginners, here are the 10 easiest spells for newbies.

By Auntrone89
Top 10 Powerful White Magic Spells For Beginners

Easy white magic spells for newbies

Unlike black magic, white magic is the kind of magic that is practiced with nothing but good intentions. For instance, you might want to cast a white magic spell that will result in you having a lot of money, more love, or good health. It is the kind of magic that can only be achieved through sending positive vibrations into the universe. Some white magic spells can have instant effects while others will take time before having the desired effects. Either way, you will be required to stay focused and have the right state of mind, because that’s the only way to achieve anything your heart desires. As a beginner, you’ll discover that some white magic spells, either meant for protection against the negative effects of sin or simply for prosperity, are far too complicated for you. If this happens to be the case, then you’ll need to take your sweet time and practice more, while being as patient as you possibly can. Finding a mentor who’ll give you the proper training as far as white magic spell casting is concerned is also something you’ll need to take into consideration. That’s the only way you’ll gradually become the revered white magic spell casting guru you’ve always wanted to be. Also, different spells require different sets of ingredients. You should learn how to collect these ingredients, arranging them in the right order before embarking on your spell casting. This is important because it will help the invocation ritual run as smoothly and as fast as possible sans any interruptions. The purity of the ingredients is also a very important aspect of magic, particularly when using body fluids and the like. Thankfully, consistent research and practice should, without a doubt, make you good at preparing for your spell casting rituals. The good thing about most white magic spells is that their ingredients are readily available. Some of these readily available ingredients include photographs, candles, money, cinnamon, water, and so on. Apart from getting the ingredients right, gathered, and ready, another thing you’ll be required to get right is your chanting. Chanting is important because it sends the right kind of energy and vibrations into the universe. Without further ado, here are the top 10 easiest but most powerful white magic spells that beginners can use.

1. Imagining wealth white magic spell

Most beginners fail to grasp the fact that all spells, including black and white magic spells, require them to be in the right state of mind. As all gurus know, the spell caster’s mind is the most important tool when it comes to bringing desired spells to life in the universe. This means if your desire is having tons of money in your bank account and therefore living like a king, then you’ll have to change your perception or end up with nothing at all. White magic spells don’t work for selfish people consumed with vanity. You’ll also need to stop worrying about being broke, even if broke is everything you seem to be at that moment. Switch up the constant worrying with imagining yourself, as well as everyone else, driving fancy cars and living in big, beautiful mansions. Your positive, generous thoughts will play a crucial role in attracting everything your heart desires. “Be careful what you wish for because it might just come true.” Ever heard of that saying? I bet you have. As is the case with all dictums, this one has a spiritual connotation to it. Unlike spells for protection against sin, most white magic money spells for beginners don’t take effect instantly, but they work nonetheless. Just make sure you are sending out the right vibes, and the universe will align itself to give you exactly what you’ve been wishing for. A little chanting, in this case, can go a long way in boosting the power of your white magic spell.

2. Your true desires white magic spell

The true desires white magic spell is also another incredibly powerful spell that relies entirely on the power of the mind. The good thing about this spell is you don’t have to collect any ingredients. Also, you can cast it from anywhere, which makes it every beginner’s personal favorite. Just like the case with white magic money spells, you’ll need to tap into your innermost desires while wishing others well. For instance, if you really want a beautiful woman as your wife or girlfriend, all you need to do is focus on her perfect mental image while picturing it all happening right in front of your face. Your true desire white magic spell can happen instantly. It all depends on the power of your mind. Don’t let the fact that you are a beginner dampen your spirits. Another good thing about this particular spell is that you don’t need a mentor to guide you. You already know just how badly you need something, and that desire is all you need to cast this spell. We all have that one goal that we pray for, day in day out. It might be a girl, money, good grades, good health, and the list goes on and on. Learn how to focus on your heart’s desire and it will be given to you, either instantaneously or in due course.

3. The good luck white magic spell

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Apart from seeking protection against sin or seeking prosperity for yourself and others, you might be that one person who is just sick and tired of being unlucky. Sending positive vibrations to others and wishing them the best will result in the same happening to you. If you ever wondered where the proverb, “What you give is what you get," emanated from, well, there is your answer. You can also send positive vibes to your friends, family, or people who are having a difficult time in their lives. And always remember to be thankful for whatever you already have. This is because gratitude plays an important role when it comes to getting rid of negative emotions that will hinder the effectiveness of any white magic spell. To reinforce your spell, you’ll be required to have a candle and the pictures of people you’d like to send the positive vibes and therefore good luck to. But these are only required when you’d want to amplify the power of your white magic spell. This means you can decide to go ahead and do it since the power of the mind is all you truly need for this spell. You can also chant so as to make your white magic spell stronger. Last but not least, always make a habit of clearing your mind before spellcasting in order to make it work effectively. A dirty mind, together with having ill intentions, will block your spells from coming full circle. Take care to always remember that!

4. The outside white magic money spell

Just like the name of the spell suggests, you’ll be required to perform it outside and at a specific time of the month. This is because, at such a time, the forces of nature are strongest which will, in turn, make your heart's desires come true instantaneously. You don’t have to worry about the blunders of being a beginner since the only thing you need is having the right state of mind. But that doesn’t mean carrying out this money magic spell should be taken lightly either. Remember to always take any kind of spells with a pinch of salt because if you don’t, you're going to watch it backfire right in your face. And that’s exactly what we are trying very hard to avoid with this article. The ingredients for this incredibly easy white magic spell include a pen, a candle, a piece of paper, and a figure you’d want to acquire within a specific period of time. Most white magic spells such as those meant for protection against the effects of sin don’t have a specific timing. But this particular white magic money spell is only to be carried out at the beginning of a new month. This is because the new month symbolizes a fresh start. Also, make sure the amount you’ve scribbled on the piece of paper is realistic because you don’t want to come off as greedy. And for the umpteenth time, always remember that your state of mind is everything! When everything is set up perfectly, light the candle and let it burn under the moonlight while chanting as loud as you can, “New king, a new moon, do not dine or wine until I have this amount of money!” Then kick back with a smile on your face and watch your luck change right before your eyes!

5. The seven days white magic spell money ritual

This also happens to be another easy white magic spell that any beginner can use to attract money into their lives. Despite not having instantaneous effects, the spell has been proven to work like a charm beyond reasonable doubt. All you’ll need to do is couple hard work with the required state of mind, and everything will work in your favor when all is said and done. As it is the norm, you’ll be required to collect specific ingredients before jumping into the spell casting ritual. Thankfully, all the ingredients required for this white magic spell are readily available. At this point, it would be a good idea for you to shake off that beginner's notion that you are too inexperienced to attract money. Just learn the art of being patient in everything that you do. Do this, and in the end, you’ll attract good fortune and money into your life. You’ll need an empty bowl and some money. You’ll also need some candles which are used for strengthening the magic in your spells. (This also explains why you need candles when casting protection spells against harm or sin.) Once you have the candles, arrange them on either side of the bowl before lighting them up. As the candle flames flicker on either side of the empty bowl, imagine money overflowing from it while slowly putting money in it. And while putting money in the bowl, make sure you are doing so in a clockwise manner while chanting. Your chant should be something close to, “Great money flows, it comes in abundance and multiplies every day.” Repeat it seven times for your spell to be strong. You’ll be required to do this for seven days, believing and sending the same positive vibes each time you cast this easy money spell. You’ll also be required to drop a coin inside the bowl every single time you walk past the bowl. You then empty it the following day by repeating the same ritual until your seven days are officially up.

6. The green candle white magic spell

For the millionth time, casting a spell for the sake of monetary gain will require you to focus is your state of mind first. Any negative thinking will always block your magic because, well, this happens to be white magic and not black magic. The same kind of thinking also applies to white magic spells aimed at protection against sin or ill-minded people. But if your choices aren’t selfish and your mind is in the right place, then it means you are ready for this white magic spell, even as a beginner. First things first, collect three green candles, and some money – both coins and notes. Always remember that although carrying out this particular spell might seem easy, it doesn’t make it any less powerful. Light up the three green candles and imagine a lot of money streaming in from all sorts of channels. These channels may include pay raises, million-dollar deals, winning the lottery, etc. In other words, don’t limit yourself as to where you want money to come from. Let your mind be as imaginative as possible and believe in every positive thought that pops up in your head. Remember to carry out this incantation during a full moon because the lunar energy will make it much stronger. Then when you’re done thinking about receiving more money than your mind can conceive, go ahead and put the money in the window. This will allow the lunar energy from the moon to complete the charm. Depending on the power of your mind, this white magic spell can either take effect instantly or take a little longer. And just like with protection from sin or ill-will, you’ll be required to keep a positive mind, and all will definitely be well.

7. The full moon white magic spell for wealth

All spells, including those meant for protection, those cast to purify sin or shun people with ill-will, require the lunar rays from a full moon to make them stronger. As already stated above, lunar energy is powerful as it has a strong spiritual connection which makes spells more likely to take effect. Therefore, if you ever find yourself in need of more money streaming into your life, then you’ll have to wait for the full moon to kick in before you do your thing. Once the full moon is up, carry out the full moon white magic spell for wealth with the right kind of thoughts and witness your situation changing instantly. The requirements for this spell include some water in a pot, a silver coin and needless to say, a bright full moon. Just like a protection charm, follow the instructions carefully. Start by putting the silver coin at the bottom of the pot of water. The coin has to be strategically placed so as to reflect the moonlight. Then proceed to ask the full moon to fill your hands and wallet with so much silver to the point that it overflows. Again, make sure that your mind and your chanting are in line or else all the effort will be for nothing. Repeat the ritual three times before spilling the water all over a flower. From there, all you can do is trust in the vibrations you sent out to the universe, hoping it will come back to you. As you must have noticed, this ritual is very easy and can be carried out by any beginner as long as he or she is willing to try it out.

8. The good luck white magic spell

Whether you just want to be a lucky human being or are seeking protection from the harsher consequences of sin, you can never go wrong with carrying out this good luck white magic spell. This particular white magic spell is very easy to cast which is why I highly recommend it for beginners. Its effects also happen to be instant. Assume the right state of mind and have confidence that it’ll work out in the end. For this spell, you’ll need some money- most preferably in the form of coins. Empty all your pockets, secret stashes, and piggy banks and collect as many coins as you possibly can. Once you’ve done so, you’ll be required to collect them all in one box. From here, you’ll rely entirely on lunar energy to complete your good luck white magic spell. This means you can only carry out this powerful ritual when there is a full moon. Try focusing on having that incredible feeling of having all your money problems disappearing, before, during, and after performing this ritual. Focus on being happy and living a comfortable life while holding your box full of lucky coins. Once you’ve carried out your spell to completion, it’ll be the right time to kick back and let the positive vibes that you so generously sent out to the universe find their way back to you. But if you aren’t ready to focus on what you are doing and therefore believing in the universe, then there is no point in trying because your failure is guaranteed.

9. The attraction white magic spell

As a beginner, you must understand that using magic to force someone to love you back is a sin. That said, if you are planning to use the attraction white magic spell to accomplish just that, then you’ll see all your efforts hitting a brick wall. Therefore, it is important for you to analyze your reasons for casting the attraction white magic spell before you can proceed. Once you have confirmed that your intentions are crystal clear, then you can proceed with all the confidence you can muster. Develop a mental image of your partner and how much you love him or her. And to reinforce this incredibly arousing feeling, you’ll need to have your partner’s photo stationed right in front of you. This way, looking at the photo will leave you overwhelmed with nothing but pure love. You’ll also need to wait for the full moon to come up before carrying out the attraction spell. The full moon will make the attraction between you and your lover stronger. You can also use this attraction spell to attract money as a beginner because it is easy to cast. Don’t forget to wish your friends and others the same kind of strong love and affection that you’re trying to accomplish with this spell. If you are the kind of person who wants love and happiness but wishes ill to befall other people, then you have no business casting the attraction white magic spell. Again, learn to give exactly what you want to receive and witness all of your white magic spells coming full circle.

10. The homage white magic spell casting

In order to either receive protection, have your sins forgiven, attract a ton of money, or be loved unconditionally by your partner, you’ll need to pay homage to the gods. And for you to fully understand the power of paying homage to the respective gods and goddesses, you’ll need to carry out a lot of research. For instance, if you want to strengthen love in your relationship, you’ll have to pay homage to Venus, the goddess of love. Doing so will make your homage spell work like the charm it’s supposed to be. And as you are chanting, stand behind each and every single word say and don’t flinch! Then finish your ritual by giving consent and allowing the forces of nature to work on whatever you’ve humbly requested. A simple ‘so be it’ or ‘so mote it’ should do the trick. Contrary to popular beliefs, casting white magic spells isn’t as complicated TV has made it look like. A few of these spells might be a little complex but with enough experience, you can perform them with your hands tied behind your back, metaphorically speaking. But as far as beginner spells are concerned, they’re all supposed to be easy, if not very easy. Armed with a positive attitude, the right skill set as well as ingredients, you’ll always beseech the gods and successfully bend the power of the universe to your will. And that’s why carrying out extensive research about the deities associated with love, money, strength, and protection is always encouraged especially for beginners. Thankfully, the internet has all the information that you’ll need and therefore should be the focal point of your research. Always show respect to the divinities by having pure intentions when powerful white magic spells. That’s the only way you’ll expect them to honor their side of the bargain. Before casting any spells, you’ll also need to be prepared. And with that said, here are the preparations you ought to make before casting white magic spells:

Be psychologically prepared for white magic spells

Train yourself to have the required state of mind before casting any spell of some sort. This is because the vibrations come from your thoughts, which means absolutely no cheating. And since cheating the spirit world is out of the question, learning how to discipline your emotions should become your number one priority as a beginner. This is the only way for you to possess the kind of positive thoughts that are parallel to whatever it is you are trying to achieve with your white magic spell. Once you do that, then you’ll be considered fit to cast whatever spell you want. Just remember to maintain the same kind of positive thoughts before, during, and after your rituals. As earlier stated, chanting is what will reinforce the vibrations you are trying so hard to channel into the universe. Therefore, even the slightest shift in your train of thought and desires are bound to affect the outcome of your spell in a very big way. You should learn how to focus on the spell completely. It will help you a great deal. This also means you shouldn’t cast a white magic spell with any feelings of negativity because it will only end up affecting the spell. Instead, you can choose to focus on your moods and only embark on spell casting when your spirits are high. In other words, never compromise yourself at any given moment. Unfortunately, this seems to be a very common rookie mistake.

Collect all the white magic spell requirements

As earlier mentioned, it is crucial for you to always collect the necessary ingredients first before commencing with white magic spell rituals. Also, make time to find ingredients that might be hard to come by before proceeding. Thankfully, most white magic spell ingredients are readily available. If you ever find yourself in need of the full moon as a key ingredient for casting your spells, then you’ll have no other choice but to wait for the right time of the month. The convenience of casting a white magic spell on a full moon is that the lunar energy will make it much stronger. As for the complicated white magic spells, you’ll have no other option but to practice until you become a guru. The good news is that there are a good number of simple spells you can cast, including the ones mentioned in this article. Feel free to come up with your own white magic spells, especially if you are feeling a little creative. The advantage with customized white magic spells is that the only thing you need is the right state of mind and nothing more.

Learn all about the rituals

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Before casting any white magic spells, you will be required to master every aspect of the rituals. You can start with training your mind to stay positive and therefore channeling the right kind of energy into the universe every time you cast a spell. Also, take care to learn all the words before you start chanting. Learning these words by heart will allow you to nail the rituals with outstanding confidence. Needless to say, confidence is an important aspect of white magic spell casting. Therefore, dedicate your time to memorizing the chants as well as the procedures of each ritual. That way, you’ll be able to nail any kind of spell you attempt to cast. For the umpteenth time, research is a key aspect of any white magic spell. Therefore, don’t limit yourself to the easy spells just because you are a beginner and they are easy to carry out. Feel free to venture out and find out what the fascinating world of magic has to offer. The more you research about white magic spells, the better and more confident you’ll eventually become. Don’t forget to practice the chants you’ve already learned because practice makes perfect. The more you sharpen your skills, the better you’ll become.

The best white magic spells for beginners

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As earlier stated, there are countless white magic spells you can comfortably practice as a beginner. It is important for you to start with the easiest ones and graduate to much harder spells as your experience grows. Some of these spells might have instantaneous results while others might take a while to have any effect. Therefore, patience is a key component when casting any of these white magic spells. Also, it may be a good idea for you to find a good mentor especially if you aren’t confident in your abilities as a beginner. You’ll learn that it’s much easier to learn from a person with a world of experience instead of doing it on your own. Also, as I have mentioned, there are different kinds of white magic spells. Some are for good luck while others are for protection. Regardless of what they are about, you’ll be required to take some time to learn what they are for and how to chant and cast them properly. This is the only way you’ll become good at this without the fear of second-guessing yourself, especially during these sensitive incantations. Other white magic spells are for protection against the consequences of sin. It is important for you to learn how to detect the symptoms of evil working to make your life a living hell. Once you do that, you’ll know the right white magic spells to cast for your full-circle protection. Your state of mind is also very important in spellcasting because it’s responsible for sends vibrations into the universe. That means if you are harbor evil thoughts while casting a white magic spell, then expect your spell to be useless or even backfire on you.