Sleeping With a Bra On: Is It Harmful or Not?

For other girls, wearing a bra to sleep isn’t that uncomfortable

By Melissa L.
Sleeping With a Bra On: Is It Harmful or Not?

Is it okay to wear a bra while sleeping?

Perhaps one of the first things we heard when we hit puberty and started wearing a bra was, “make sure you don’t sleep with a bra on!”. However, times have changed and science has had a lot of breakthroughs and advancements, and the information our moms and grandmothers had before isn’t the same as we have now. Scientists and doctors’ stance on wearing a bra to bed has definitely changed in the latest years. Keep reading to learn more about their most recent findings!

Why should you take your bra off at night?

The first reason why most women take off their bras at night is simple: it’s uncomfortable! A lot of women dislike wearing bras during the day for a variety of reasons: they don’t fit well, they’re not the right size, they’re too tight or too loose, and they’re just plain uncomfortable. That’s why, as soon as they come home at night, the bra comes off! The number one reason why you should be sleeping with your bra off is because you’ll probably won’t be able to rest well if you’re feeling uncomfortable. And nothing is as important as getting a good night’s rest, to ensure your body recovers from the day to day.


A lot of women suffer from uncomfortable bra-wearing experiences, and this is something that should definitely be addressed: make sure you get the right size and type of bra for your body type, and remember you don’t need to wear the same type of bra every day. Also, just like it’s better to wear loose fitting clothes to bed, it’s also a good idea to let your chest breathe and allow your body to recover while you sleep. This helps the blood flow and it’s definitely a healthy practice, but don’t worry: if you don’t like taking your bra off to sleep, that doesn’t mean it’s going to necessarily harm you, either. Some women choose to wear bras to sleep throughout their lifetime and never develop any type of health issues.

Bras to Wear to Sleep

The best bras to wear to bed are definitely those that are on the looser side. While some women definitely feel completely comfortable wearing their underwired and push up bras to bed, the majority of women will prefer something a little less constricting. A go-to for many women who choose to sleep with a bra is a sports bra: these are usually pretty stretchy, are made from a breathable material like cotton, and also give good support. Some women choose to wear a size larger than they usually are, just to make sure it fits loosely and comfortably. Seamless bras are also becoming really popular lately, and for good reason: they don’t have any type of seams or uncomfortable cups or wires, and they’re usually very stretchy and easy to wear with any type of clothes. They’re another good option to wear to bed.


If you’re looking for something a little sexier, another good option is a bralette. Bralettes are loved by many because they’re elegant and classy, as well as really comfortable. They are usually made of silk, lace and other fabrics, and don’t have any type of underwire or cup. This makes them especially comfortable for bed, because you get very light support without squeezing of any kind. If your chest is small, you can also opt for training bras from the girls’ underwear section at the department store. These are much cheaper than normal bras, lighter and more delicate than sports bras, and also made from cotton or some other breathable, lightweight fabric

Do we get saggy breasts when we wear bras?

This is a long-standing myth and one of the biggest concerns among teens and adult women. Decades ago, it was thought that wearing a bra helped keep the breasts firm and perky, and so, also because of the fashion requirements at the time, it became a widely accepted practice. However, in recent years, there have been some studies and findings that imply that wearing a bra might cause breasts to sag. This means, we would be getting the end result of what we’re hoping for by wearing them. However, exactly how true is this statement?


While it is a fact that some scientists have held the theory that wearing a bra could possibly weaken your chest muscles, and therefore make your breasts more saggy, the truth is there is not conclusive evidence on this subject just yet. There are equally as many studies that say bras don’t affect the strength of chest muscles in any way.

It’s a lot more likely that you’ll eventually get saggy breasts from life changes like aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or sudden weight gain and loss. In fact, some doctors even say it’s a fact that we will all get saggy breasts at some point, so we really shouldn’t stress too much about it. Daily personal habits like your diet, whether or not you drink or smoke, and how often you exercise are also important factors when it comes to the appearance of your breasts, so if you’re worried about them sagging, you can start by becoming a healthier person overall.

What happens if one doesn’t wear a bra?

If you’re the kind of woman who never understood why a bra was necessary, don’t worry, you’re not alone! Every day more and more women decide to go natural and stop putting their breasts through the ordeal of being inside a bra day in and day out, and it is a completely valid choice. Choosing not to wear a bra is a completely personal decision, and the effects it will have on you depend on your daily activities and the type of body you have.


If your breasts are on the larger side, the lack of support of a bra might result in some pain while you walk, climb stairs or run. If you have a very active lifestyle or are prone to being in contact with a lot of people, not wearing a bra might also negatively impact your daily life, because like any type of underwear, bras help protect your body from the outside world. However, wearing or not wearing a bra will not impact your breast health or whether or not they sag as time goes by, so don’t worry about this. Choosing to wear one or not is up to you, and up to whatever makes you feel more comfortable.

Effects of Wearing a Bra to Sleep

The first and most noticeable effect of wearing a bra to bed is that, the next morning, you’ll probably notice that you have marks on your body from squeezing the bra against the bed. If the bra is too tight, it might also negatively influence your body’s blood flow. Remember, skin recovery and correct blood circulation are key to maintaining your body’s health, so if your bra is getting in the way of that, you might want to reconsider wearing it while you sleep. 


On the other side, if wearing a bra to bed actually makes you feel more comfortable, you might probably be able to sleep better and more soundly. If you prefer to wear a bra while you sleep, the best choice is to go for a seamless bra, sports bra or bralette. Try to stray away from bras with underwires and cups, for those are the ones that will probably get in the way of your chest area getting a proper blood flow and recovery as you sleep.

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There is a sort of myth surrounding the use of bras to bed, with some people saying that it helps breasts stay perkier for longer, and others saying that it hurts the breasts and could lead to diseases and tumors later on. The truth is, there is not enough proven scientific evidence at the time to dispute or agree with any of these affirmations. Science and medicine are still evolving and we’re sure to get a definitive answer in the coming years or decades. 


For now, we must focus on what’s most important: ourselves, our health, our bodies and being comfortable in our own skin. We must remember that wearing a bra shouldn’t be a painful and uncomfortable experience, and if it is, then there could be something wrong with it: perhaps you got the wrong size, or that type of bra simply doesn’t suit your body. Whether or not you wear a bra to bed is up to you and whatever you feel like your body needs. Stay connected to your inner self, and you’re sure to find the right answer!