17 Ways to Engage with Your Friends Remotely

Keep in touch with your bffs and inner circle with technology

By Sameet
17 Ways to Engage with Your Friends Remotely

Social Distancing Affecting the Real Social Life?

It’s alright to feel down and disconnected from your friends during a social distancing period. But you have two choices here, either sulk in your room all day overthinking all the negative thoughts in your head OR use the resources you have to make a new virtual social life out of it. So make use of your phone and wifi, learn new things with friends and family, with a distance of course and we are here to help you out.

17 Ways to Remotely Connect With your Friends

Here are some fun activities you can opt to have a great time and still follow the rules of social distancing:

1. Gaming

There are tons of ideas you can follow to fool around and have an amazing time with your friends. Gaming creates another world for you where you forget your worries for a little while. Nowadays, the gaming experience is so realistic and innovative, you can’t get bored soon. Here are some of the most popular games for squads:

  • Pubg
  • Minecraft
  • Call of Duty
  • Fortnite
  • Best fiends Stars
  • Pokemon Go
  • 8 Ball Pool

2. Mini campfire

Source: museumhack.com

virtual team building activities » tiny campfire 🔥

If you’re missing out on a nice campfire night with your buddies, why not make your own at home? Of course, it will be safer and less fire-y but it sure will be fun and innovative. All the essentials of a campfire session will be there, the ghost stories, some competitions, and singing too. All you need will be a bunch of tiny campfire accessories and you’re good to go. Check this link out for more details:

3. Netflix Party

Did you know about this amazing feature from Netflix? You and your friends can watch any Netflix show or movie together through Netflix Party extension. So there are no more lonely movie sessions, gather your squad up, and start watching.

4. Draw together

It’s a fact that out of your friends, there are some really talented ones but some are just happy when they hold the pencil right. So why not start a little drawing competition of your own? Do your best to make the best drawing or painting. You can also start a picture story where each of you has to draw something in response to one drawing to make a whole story.

5. Remote Bingo

Source: giphy.com

You must have already seen Bingos on Instagram where you have to tick the boxes you’ve already done. So make a Bingo yourself where you can write silly activities and some bold dares. Also, you can add questions related to friends to see how much you know each other.

6. Online Idol

So what if you can’t go to karaoke with your friends or have random singing sessions together? Do it all online. You can have a session through Skype or FaceTime, or you can challenge your friends up for a singing contest.

7. Friends who work out together, stay together

We know working out together is a bummer and no one actually finds the motivation for it too. But what if you have your friends to back you up? You can all download an app that keeps giving you goals every day and you can set up your laptop or phone and video call your group. It’s going to be fun and productive.

8. Learn the NATO alphabet together

Source: giphy.com

No way can this get boring. You already might have nicknames for your friends but are they as cool as the NATO alphabet? Learn these 26 code words and always feel like you’re in a survival game (which pretty much is what social distancing feels like):

Alfa, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel, India, Juliett, Kilo, Lima, Mike, November, Oscar, Papa, Quebec, Romeo, Sierra, Tango, Uniform, Victor, Whiskey, X-ray, Yankee, Zulu.

9. Make or Join an quarantine book club

Reading can be an amazing activity to start at any point in life and what’s a better time than quarantine? You can start an online book club with your friends and share a good book with them. It always motivates you when you have to match the reading speed of one of your reader friends.

10. Make and name plant pets

Growing tiny succulents at your work desk or growing some vegetables and herbs in your backyard, you can do both by coordinating with your friends. Keep sharing tips and tricks with them and when you grow something nice, maybe send them around your neighborhood.

11. Never have I ever

Source: giphy.com

This classic game is best for every occasion. And yes that includes during social distancing video calls too. But instead of NSFW topics and alcohol, you can try things that would get you guys to know each other better. The organizer should write those down and instead of drinking, you can put one finger down for each point you lose. When you lose all fingers, you lose.

12. Have a virtual dinner together

Every week you can plan a dinner date with friends. You can make something amazing, dress up real nice and then just eat on a video chat. It’s that simple but it will be like the regular times when you used to hang out and eat.

13. Chalk art with neighbor friends

Take a bunch of colorful chalks and write random nice things about your neighbors on their driveway. Doodle up a cute compliment, or just a simple bless you or have a nice day. This will definitely make their day and get you closer.

14. Spreadsheet Pixel art

Source: museumhack.com

You’re all familiar with the usual Spreadsheet that is used for work purposes and boring data mostly. But did you know you can create art with it too? Color random boxes in the sheet and you can make a canvas out of this boring as heck grid.

15. Guess the emoji

Source: giphy.com

Here’s another way to tell how much you know about your friends. Now that everyone communicates a lot through fun and quirky emojis, you can make a guessing game out of it. Make a list of all the friends and set them in your group chat. Now each person has 5 minutes to guess the top five emojis that person uses. Then a simple screenshot will reveal it. Frequently used emojis have a lot to tell and make inside jokes in the group too.

16. Pancakes vs Waffles

This game will go on and on during a video chat session with a friend. The game starts with a simple choice between the two e.g. Pancakes vs Waffles. Then the chosen one (with the majority) gets to go on, the other is left out. For example, everyone chose pancakes, now it will be Pancakes vs Kittens and then Kittens vs Puppies and so on. Later on, the game gets intense.

17. Virtual Dance party Or Happy hour

We all are already having long work hours and study sessions online so why not take a break and have a friends-only happy hour? You can use this happy hour in any way you want. Have a dance party, a quick joke session, or just talking your heart out to your buddies. The only rule is to have a stress-free happy hour.

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Pandemic or no pandemic, never let social distancing get in the way of your time with friends. There is so much you can do remotely that you won’t be missing going out very soon.