7 Insecurities Of A Tall Girl That You Didn't Know

Envy that waif model types girls? 7 insecurities that she secretly has.

By Caren M
7 Insecurities Of A Tall Girl That You Didn't Know

Tall Girls Vs Short Girls: Who’s More Insecure

To all the tall girls out there reading this that feel less than, you are beautiful and your height is just perfect baby girl.

As a subscriber of the short girl squad, I’ve always been a little envious of the tall girl squad and all the things they seemed capable of.

First off, they got gorgeous legs for days and I don’t know why they have bikini-ready bodies all year-long; even when they have been stuffing their faces with all the unhealthy foods you can think of.

And we’ve all seen cute pictures of those almost same height couples and face kissing is such an easy task because the lips are right there, or the nose for those super cute Eskimo kisses. My boyfriend and I kissing are a little like a giraffe coming down to meet the rest of the world. Awkward and frustrating at times.

As a short girl, I have always been made painfully aware of my lack in stature, it is seen at some point as some form of disability, and we accept these forms of social bashing with words of affirmation like ‘at least I’m cute’ or ‘I can wear heels’ or ‘I’m not too tall’

So tall girls have all these advantages and I was honestly thinking that nothing puts them down, because, right. But I was wrong, in fact, I was very wrong. Tall girls have insecurities just as much as short girls do that go deep into their childhood. And our aim in pointing them out is not to put anyone down but to show all girls that we have our own personal trials that we go through and we should be happy with what we’ve got, short or tall; curvy or less so.

7 Insecurities That She Secretly Has

It may not be too obvious but tall girls go through some insecurities based on their height too. While we were looking for stories that tall girls have told of the things they feel most insecure about, we came up with some concrete insecurities.

1. She was made fun of at a younger age

One of the most consistent things tall girls all agree on is how they were made fun of or bullied when they were younger. Tall girls are gangly from a young age and we all know that middle school kids can be a mean bunch. Girls are made fun of because of their height and it doesn’t just end with the kids. Some girls reported having adults speak ill of their height too, claiming them too tall and unnatural.

As an impressionable young person growing up around this kind of mental bullying, her self-esteem is shot to dust and she tries to find ways of compensating by slouching while she walks which then makes her the weirdo with the funny walk. Sad.

2. Always assumed to be an athlete or a model

Taylor Swift is a country/pop musician and stands at 5'10: @taylorswift/Instagram

Have you ever just seen a really tall guy and think that they play basketball, and when you find out they don’t, get disappointed by the fact that they are not utilizing their God-given gifts well? The same happens with tall girls.

Most people with this gait often choose a career path in either athletics or modeling and them to excel at it. But not every tall girl wants to represent the country in the upcoming Olympics or be a Prada model. Some just want a simple life doing what they love doing.

But everyone kind of expects tall girls to choose one of these career paths and when they don’t they are called a waste of space (in terms of height)

Some tall girls join these worlds not because they want to but because society expects it of them. Talk about pressure!

3. Can’t find a man to love

Let’s be honest, most tall guys we see out here be walking around with some short girls and that leaves the tall girls mostly alone. There are couples that consist of both tall people but most tall girls have this insecurity of finding someone as tall as them. There’s this girl that said that when she was younger, she had male friends but dating was an issue because they all thought she was really cute but too tall to date.

Of course, this is not the case and any girl can date whoever she wants but tall girls feel like their options are limited to boys much taller than them and that is a sore point for them because they feel like their dating pool is much, much shallower.

4. They have to shop in the extra-large section and alter

Adriana Lima model 5'10": @adrianalima/Instagram

One thing you notice when you have a tall friend (like I do) is that they can never find anything that fits until they hit the extra-large section, for clothes and shoes. It’s frustrating when they have to go shopping with their much shorter friends and they find stuff and she has to keep looking around to find clothes that don’t look like they were borrowed from a younger sibling.

Even if she found the extra-large section, she is too slim and the clothes do not fit. In the end, she has to alter to get to her body type.

5. Devil wears Prada, tall girls wear flats

We wear heels to add a little more height to our little frame (me) and also because they make us a little more feminine boss, you don’t mess with a woman in heels.

When a tall girl wears heels, her height increases exponentially and that makes some of them a little uncomfortable because they draw more attention to themselves so they always feel just a tad uncomfortable wearing heels and adding to their already tall frame.

6.  They are always compared to the male gender

Being tall is mostly associated with the male gender. They are the ones made out to be tall or so it is believed and tall girls are made to subscribe to this mentality. One nurse who stands at 6’5 walked into a restroom and all the ladies just stopped and stared but later found out that the reason for their staring was because they thought she was a man in the wrong place.

Most tall girls grow with this comparison and it makes them even more insecure about their height.

7. How is the weather up there?

Ann, 6’5 was queuing at the shops when a man, not 3 inches shorter than her, looked up and asked at her face how the weather was up there. She ignored him but he proceeded to explain the butt of his joke, he was wondering what the forecast was.

Tall girls aren’t just made fun off when they are young but also in their adult life and it’s not fun sometimes and they fell skittish about it sometimes.

Advantages of being a tall girl

Tall girls are not just filled with insecurities about their height though. Most of them get over their childhood insecurities and grow into their height. And when you think about it tall girls have quite a number of advantages.

a) They don’t need to get on their tiptoes

They are tall and they don’t even need to get on their tiptoes to reach the bowls at the top drawer without any help and change their own bulbs, thank you very much.

b) They look gorgeous in bikinis

Like the models in your favorite magazine, tall girls look absolutely gorgeous in bikinis. They got legs for days and their bodies are killer so you know they’ll make you popular when you hang out at the beach.

c) You can spot them easily in a room

You don’t have to keep looking around when you need to find them in a room full of people because they’ll be the tallest person around or one of the tallest. And in case you need to be found they’ll easily spot you too, so sit pretty and wait.

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Short girls always wish they could be just a bit taller but you don’t know the struggles tall girls go through. A lot of tall girls actually go through body shaming and it’s something they have to deal with or work through. So in case you’re there wondering what you’re dealing with when it comes to a tall girl, then there you have your list of at least what you’re dealing with.