60 Couple Name Tattoo Designs & Ideas That'll Make Your Love Strong

Need tattoo ideas? These husband and wife couple tattoos will have you feeling in love times infinity. And they’re more creative than just your partner’s name.

By Chelsey Erwin
60 Couple Name Tattoo Designs & Ideas That'll Make Your Love Strong

60 Couple Name Tattoo Designs & Ideas That'll Make Your Love Strong

Tattoos. Everyone has them, but not every couple does. Some say it’s superstitious, but once you’re husband and wife, aren’t vows just as permanent? Who knows, perhaps matching tattoos shows an even deeper commitment to each other. You endure pain for me; I endure pain for you. 

Today there’s creativity in more than just a name. Infinity signs, initials, quotes, whatever symbolizes love most is what couples choose. The designs are truly limitless. And if you’re one of the many couples in the market for a matching tattoo, read below for 60 couple name tattoo designs and ideas that’ll make your love strong.

The Couple Classic

Finger tattoos come in all different shapes and sizes. The perks: they’re subtle, sitting quietly on the finger, taking up little space, allowing you to maintain professionalism. If that’s the look, you need. They’re also equally as symbolic as rings, hence tattooing the ring finger. You can’t go wrong, but you can choose from several designs.

1. Rings

No one ever said that had to be plain. The new classic ring tattoos may be too classic for some, but they come in so many variations, you have to love the idea.

2. Initials

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Shorter than a name, but just as sweet. This tattoo will give you that constant reminder of your special one, with their initial to remind you. 

3. Infinity

The infinity sign is always a good tattoo choice. It is simple, yet has a significant meaning; infinite.

4. Special Date

Sometimes it’s all about when it happened. First date? Engagement? The day you became husband and wife? The Roman numerals in this design make it even more unique.

5. Ocean Babes

This one symbolizes love and all the good vibes. The sky really is the limit with ring tattoos. Whatever symbolizes your love is whatever it can be. 

The Other Finger... No Not That One

You’re not just husband and wife; you’re the cool husband and wife. So maybe the ring finger tattoo is too cliche for you, but that doesn’t mean other fingers or parts of the hand aren’t. These leave the ring finger for your ring, but still permanently display your affection. We admire the creativity of placement, and they’re still subtle enough if that’s what you’re going for with your unique ink .

6. The Name

Or maybe you do choose that finger - regardless there’s nothing more personal than a name. It declares you absolutely belong to that person.

7. Avocado Lot of Love for You

You both love each other, and you love avocados? What could be more perfect than that? Plus, various hand placements look adorable holding hands. Thumb's up to this tattoo. It’s cute and trendy.

8. Lock & Key

Nothing says love like a lock and key. Most of us keep our hearts locked up until we find that special someone right? 

9. The Birdcage

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Another creative non-ring tattoo. We especially like that the bird is flying into the cage. Creative, yes?

10. Puzzle

And sometimes it only makes sense when you’re together. This tattoo has love in all the right places. 

11. Mismatch

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Maybe you disagree on the placement a little. The one thing you don’t disagree on is your love.

12. Love Never Dies

Even if you’re not a Nightmare follower, we can name 100 couples who would love this. Get the tattoo of your dreams - or your nightmares.

13. Royals

Love should make you feel like a king and queen, so why not? 

14. Love Languages

For a second we almost forgot about the artsy Japanese lettering. Still just as unique. Show your love in every language. 

15. Super Love

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Every Batman needs a Batgirl. Now that's true commitment.

Wrist & Forearm Tattoos

Tattoos on the wrist and forearm are gaining popularity quickly. There’s more space to work with than just a finger, and it looks great when you’re holding hands. This trend is still unique enough to call yours without feeling like a basic couple. The creativity in these photos will inspire you.

16. Simply Royal

You can’t go wrong with this royal theme, but the simplicity makes it that much cuter.

17. Majestic

Because lions are still majestic even when they’re space lions? The animal version of kings and queens. Let your love be the king of them all.

18. It Fits

Not only are you each other’s other half, but you’re the better half, right? This design is beautiful, and we heart that it is shared between partners - shows how perfectly you fit together.

19. Inifinty is Real

You cannot go wrong with the infinity design. It suits any love young or old and can be placed just about anywhere on the body.

20. Nautical love

This theme never goes out of style. Give a little more meaning to your love with unique phrases such as these, and you’ll be anchored to your partner forever. 

21. Pinky Promise

It doesn’t get any cuter than this. We love the placement and creativity of this tattoo.  

22. The Cross

Many will tell you that He himself gave us love to be shared. Love each other and love Him.

23. Dancers

Your tattoo should be as unique as your love. And who doesn’t love to dance? 

24. A Fairytale

Subtle hints to the classic fairytale? We’d say so. The tattoo itself shows love and appreciation for each other. The details, the color, the design. We are in love with this one of a kind way to show your love.

25. Artistic

We love color! If your love is bold, try one of these beautiful, and bold, colored tattoos.

26. Force of Nature

Because what could be more permanent than these forces of nature. State your love to the heavens. We love how simply adorable these designs are, plus they are in a discreet place. 

27. The Funny

Because when you know you know. True love is having a good sense of humor. Especially one you can share together. 

28. In the Details

L & A

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We love this compass/ arrow combination because it is so unique and beautiful. There is something to say about love always leading you in the right direction. 

29. The Conversation Starter

Let your love be the topic of conversation. We aren’t sure what these are, but we love that they’re completely one of a kind. Maybe you wanted people to ask about it all along so that you can talk about your partner 24/7.

30. Foodies

Name a better match made in heaven; I’ll wait.

Body Art Tattoos

When you’re proclaiming your love for your partner by getting a tattoo, you may want a bigger working space. The leg, calf, shoulder, or back allow more space for detail and a larger piece of artwork. The bigger, the better right? Here are some various couple tattoos all over the body that we approve.

31. Yin and Yang

Five stars for all the creativity. Did you see the Yin and Yang, or feathers first? Whichever you saw, there’s no doubt that this tattoo means you balance and complete each other as a couple. Aww.

32. Adventurers

When you see the world together, together becomes the world. Maybe there’s a special place you and your partner treasure together. Let your tattoo be a constant reminder of that special place.

33. Heartbeats

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The cross and the heart intertwined with the heartbeat are just too cute. 

34. Symbols of Love

The date in Roman numerals plus the unique rose and geometric shapes create such a beautiful piece. Use multiple symbols of love in your tattoo to make it extra special.

35. Simple & Unique

We love that this tattoo is simply sweet with a little edge. That heart compliments any style.

36. Heats on Hearts

You can never have enough hearts when it comes to love. This simple design is kept in a quiet, discrete place. But is still the ultimate meaning of love, it lasts forever.

37. Cartoon Cute

Because squirrel love is true love. But seriously, cute and creative? He - she’s a keeper. 

38. Cartoon Cuter

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This one is one fairytale that is just tough enough for the guys, but sweet enough for the ladies. A true love that tells a "tale as old as time."

39. Heart Melter

When you combine food, cartoons, and a play on words - you get one totally adorable couple tattoo.

40. The Perfect Pair

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Make an iconic couple tattoo your own, by adding a unique design.

41. Repeat

You know it’s a good design when it can go anywhere on the body. This love story is as unique as they come just like yours. 

42. Your Honeybee

There’s something sweet about a honeybee. We love this tattoo 10 out of 10 for creativity and uniqueness. 

43. Anchored Down

They may not seem the most romantic at first, but anchors are a great symbol of love. When you are anchored to your partner, the strongest tides can never pull you apart. We love the pops of color and detail here. 

44. The Spark

Nothing compares to that first spark. How cute are these little color-coordinated flames to tell you so?

45. Astrological

If you’re lucky, you’ll find a love that’s written in the stars. And maybe they’ll even tell you that you’re compatible. These astrological signs show that your love is over the moon.

46. Pretty in Nature

This matching buck and deer tattoos plus the watercolor accents and “always,” are naturally perfect to show your love.

47. Rebel or Nah?

These designs will remain famous forever, just like your love. Clearly you share the same love for two things. 

48. Paper Planes

We are just swooning over the simplicity of these tattoos. Completely adorable. May your love always drift back to one another. 

49. Dark, but True

A little more dark and delicious than we’ve seen, but the message is the same. A love that lasts till death why not mark it with a tattoo that will last til death too?

50. A Love like the Movies

Admit it; you’ve had your screen crush and character crush. The only love that’s better is the one that’s real, yours.

More Than a Name

Words say perfectly what we feel in our hearts. These next designs go beyond your typical name tattoo to say something a little sweeter. 

51.Infinity & Beyond

These words have so much meaning to infinity and beyond. 

52. First Kiss

These words give an added touch to the royalty design. It’s like a little reminder of your vows. We love it. 

53. Honor Your Culture

Loving your culture and sharing it with the one you love, is just as important as anything else.

54. Love in Every Language

We love that this saying is only complete when they are side by side. 

55. Love is Spelled in Many Ways

Say your love out loud and the show it out loud. We love couples who are proud to show off their tattoos.

56. Tale as Old as Time

This theme has so many variations; it never gets old.

57. Dark, but Sweet

This phrase paired with the design is a bit dark, but the message is still the same. 

58. Until the End

As they say, til death do us part.

59. Geek Love

If you know where this saying is from, then you’re meant to be together. We think it’s the absolute cutest! 

60. I love you

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As simple as it gets. As real as it gets. There is no such thing as a bad tattoo when it’s with the one you love.