What To Know When Dressing Your Husband In Women’s Clothes

Here's your ultimate guide in dressing up your beloved husband!

By Sylvia Epie
What To Know When Dressing Your Husband In Women’s Clothes

What Are The Societal Standards And Attitudes Towards Men Wearing Women’s Clothes?

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For thousands of years society’s idea of a sexy man has always been a mix of ruggedness, virility, and strength. Anything less was unacceptable, but today the concept is shifting, sexiness now means so many different things to different people. The concept of a man wearing female clothes is much more common today than any other time in history, however, it's still not widely accepted as ‘’normal’’ or politically correct per societal standards. Many people still see it as a form of perversion, making those who indulge in feel unnecessary shame. Men who wear women’s clothes are called cross-dressers and they typically do it for self-expression or sexual pleasure.

It should be emphasized that a cross-dresser is different from a transgender, most cross-dressers are men who identify as heterosexual, they usually have wives and girlfriends whom they love and have ‘’normal’’ relationships. The average crossdresser has no desire of becoming a woman permanently or changing their gender, they simply derive pleasure from wearing clothes, makeup, and accessories culturally associated with women. 

The extent to which men cross-dress varies according to every individual, some just put on women's underwear beneath their everyday clothes or wear sexy lingerie during foreplay while others kick things up a notch and put on everything from dresses to heels, makeup, wigs, and all accessories. This concept could be seen as strange and deviant to some people but there are lots of women out there who would give everything to have their husbands dress up in women’s clothes. If you’re one such woman; here are a few things you need to know.

What Are Some Clothing Tips When Dressing My Husband In Women’s Clothes?    

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  • Before dressing your husband in female clothes, do a little research to find out which female body type is closest to his body shape, then shop for clothes accordingly. The same way you’d style a woman.
  • When wearing strapless clothes, make sure he has a wrap, or jacket to cover his shoulders. This is because men have broader shoulders than women, which is a dead giveaway when a man wants to appear feminine.
  • When it comes to makeup, go for the essentials like foundation, lipstick, eye shadow, and a good wig to craft a complete look. 
  • A good cross-dressing bra is an essential piece; to create the illusion of a female body when you move, you'll need an eye-catching bosom. This can also be achieved with a well-stuffed bra but a good padded cross-dressing bra is a better option.
  • With regards to the sizing, you can always take your husband's measurements and send them to the seller when buying clothes online. This way you’re not just guessing his size but getting the right fit.

What Are Some Fashion Tips When Dressing My Husband In Women’s Clothes?

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  • Darker colors are better than light and bold ones, your husband will most certainly look better in a black dress than a pink or pastel dress. Darker colors conceal the masculine elements of his body better than light colors.
  • Form-fitting clothes are always better, the same way baggy clothes are not flattering for female silhouettes, neither are they for masculine body types. Fitting clothes are always your best bet, go for clothes that outline the natural contours of his body without being too tight nor too loose.
  • Invest in padded bras to create boobs as well as butt pads to create a round and voluptuous booty. 
  • Another indispensable item worth considering is underwear, there are special retailers online who offer a variety of sexy lingerie, lacy briefs, and boy shorts that will conceal his male attributes. Opt for whatever feels the most comfortable.
  •  Relaxed styles are the way to go, be it dresses, skirts or tops, always choose relaxed styles, it creates a better illusion than tight spandex or crop to ever will.

What Are Some Clothing Precautions When Dressing My Husband In Women’s Clothes?

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  • Bold colors should be worn with caution because they attract more attention than darker colors and too much attention might not be what he wants at this time. So, you should bear that in mind when buying clothes.
  • Take precautions when wearing thin-strapped dresses and tops because men have broader shoulders than women and female clothes are made with narrower shoulders in mind. If you do not take extra care your shoulders can easily rip such clothes.
  • Make sure your husband conceals his male attributes, the last thing he needs in public is to have something protruding at the front of his dress or skirt.

How Do I Get To Make My Husband Wear Women’s Clothes?    

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You want your husband to wear a dress or lingerie but you don’t know how to get him to fulfill this fantasy of yours? Here are a few tried and tested methods you can use to convince your significant other to embark on this adventure with you.

1. The Direct approach:

They say honesty is the best and this is one situation where the statement applies, after all, if you can’t open up to your better half without fear of judgment who will you talk to? Pick the right time and talk to your husband open-heartedly, pitch your desire with respect and sincerity, you might be surprised at how well he responds.

2. Betting trick

Another way to go about it is to cleverly get your husband to participate in a betting game you’re sure to win, with the wager being him wearing one of your dresses. Make the game fun so he’ll want to play, it can be a dare or a bet, he’ll most likely go with it because he knows it’s just for fun. Be sure to choose a game you’ll win so he’ll have no choice but to follow the rules you set.

3. Use the power of sex

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For centuries women have used sex as an ultimate tool to get a man to do what they want, so why shouldn't you? When you know how to wield it, sex can be quite powerful. Be playful about it, make it part of your foreplay most men wouldn’t say no to a little harmless adventure as long as it’s under the sheets. When he’s turned on suggest a little bit of roleplay spice things up a bit, promise to make it worth his while, and keep to your promise. You’ll never have to ask twice again.

4. Don't be selfish

​Being considerate goes a long way in relationships, the more you give your partner is inclined to do the same. Fulfill some of his fantasies before asking him to do the same, he’ll gladly return the favor. Try to not come off as being selfish with your demands, be kind, supportive, and realistic with your demands, at least consider his mood, beliefs, and personality before asking him to adorn a lacy G-string and 15-inch pumps.

5. Avoid taking things too seriously

If you don’t want to ruin any chance of your husband agreeing to fulfill this desire of yours, play it cool, bring up your request in a light mood, tease him with it and be playful about it. In case your husband says no or is reluctant, don't be angry or feel rejected, let it slide, and find another opportunity to bring it up again in a playful manner.

Why Might My Husband Still Not Agree To Wear Women’s Clothes?

Considering how society still looks at cross-dressing, it’s not strange that your husband could be hesitant. He might not be open to wearing women’s clothes because of preconceived beliefs he has about the practice. ​He might be the judgmental type who hates trying new things or going out of his comfort zone. Listen to his reasoning and try to understand where he’s coming from. At this point communication is key, so you have to understand and respect the reasons for his refusal. If you can’t get him to change his mind after several attempts, it’s best to let it go. 

Another thing that could be standing in the way of your desire to see your significant other in a dress is your method of approach. The manner in which you formulate the request, the timing and the overall environment plays an important role in deciding whether things will turn out in your favor or not. Women and men communicate differently, so make sure you understand your partner’s love language and use it to get him to say yes to your request.  

There’s also the possibility that your partner might not know much about cross-dressing, like many people he could think it’s gay and unmanly, in which case it’s up to you to educate him on the subject. Find articles, research, videos, and forums on cross-dressing let him get more information on it before deciding on whether to try it or not.

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It is recommended to try to become informed when you or your partner is into cross-dressing, the more you know about it the better your chances are of successfully pulling off a stylish cross-dressing look. Regardless of whether you are looking to dress up in the privacy of your bedroom or out in public. Regardless of whether you are looking to make your husband wear a dress or he’s naturally inclined to cross-dressing, it’s important you try to understand him as well as show him unconditional love and consideration.